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Police: School prank led to wreck that injured teen

Posted May 29, 2009
Updated May 30, 2009

— Leesville Road High School seniors and graduates packed into a pickup truck were trying to pull off a school prank early Friday when the truck overturned, critically injuring one teen and leading to DWI charges against the driver, Raleigh police said.

Teen injured in wreck during school prank, police say Police: Teen injured in wreck during school prank

The students were parking a boat with a school logo, mascots and "Class of '09" painted on it in the Leesville High School parking lot around 2 a.m., said Wake County public schools spokesman Michael Evans. Students said the vessel was a sailboat.

The police report on the wreck says that Alec William Esoda, 18, of 12408 Tappersefield Court, accelerated quickly to 25 mph while backing out of the parking lot onto O'Neal Road. Esoda attempted to turn around when the 2005 Ford rolled over and came to rest on its roof, according to the wreck report. Students riding in the bed of the truck were ejected.

Police said that Taylor Rodman Bucklin, 18, and Ian Anthony Bunn, 17, both of Raleigh, who were in the truck bed, were taken to Rex Hospital. Bunn was seriously injured and listed in critical condition in intensive care Saturday. Bucklin was not seriously injured.

EMS workers treated Zachary Mitchel Blalock, 19, of Raleigh, at the scene. Esoda and two passengers in the cab – Daniel Carl Walser, 18, and Charles Walter Blalock, 18, both of Raleigh – weren't injured.

Police suspect that there was a delay in reporting the wreck. The first call to 911 came, not from the scene, but from Rex security.

Esoda did not appear impaired at the scene, but a test revealed he had a 0.08 blood alcohol content level, according to the wreck report.

Police charged Esoda with DWI, provisional DWI, reckless driving and felony serious injury by vehicle. Provisional DWI is a charge issued against drivers under age 21 who are suspected of driving after drinking alcohol.

Esoda had his first court appearance Friday morning and was released from jail on bond. His next court appearance was set for Thursday, June 18.

Zachary Blalock graduated from Leesville last year, and all the others are seniors at Leesville, Evans said.

Students described Esoda, Bunn and others involved in the wreck as good kids.

"I know a lot of the people who were involved personally, and they normally would not get involved in that sort of thing," a senior named Robert said, adding that he was glad nothing worse happened.

Leesville High Principal Scott Lyons said that disciplinary action was being considered.

Parent Brashant Shah, who lives near the high school, said he is concerned about students driving erratically and making lots of noise.

"I call police so many times. They stop them, but they keep on going," Shah said.


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  • gastongrly0821 Jun 1, 2009

    um, im not seeing why any of you are blaming the kid's parents. i know some of the parents whose children were involved and had they known that someone (or some people, although there is no evidence to supopset anyone other then Alec had been drinking) was drunk, there children wouldn't have been involved, you think the parents made him drink the alcohol? gave him the car keys? forced him to make the decisions he did? i dont think so.

    moving the boat had nothing to do with the accident, it could have very easily happened at any given time. i don't agree with the decisions that Alec made nor am i condoning any decisions made that, but i don't understand why all of you are being so judgemental of the poor decisions made by Alec or any of the other boys, because i bet 95% of you can't sit here and honestly tell me that you did EVERYTHING your parents asked of you 100% of the time.

  • Lit May 29, 2009

    "Police charged Esoda with DWI, provisional DWI, reckless driving and felony serious injury by vehicle." -article

    Lock him up!

  • anastasia May 29, 2009

    For those who do not, what where you doing at our age?

    Let's see, when I was a senior, I was watching boys this age get drafted and shot in Vietnam. Kids were worried about their lottery draft number, not knowing where they might be six months from now. Why is it teens always think they are living through the most trying, stressful of times, much worse than any generations before them? This kid was drinking and driving, PERIOD, end of thought. You do the crime you pay the time. That's life, get used to it.

  • Unaffiliated Patriot May 29, 2009

    One kid is in critical condition an another student "Robert Whoever" makes the statement that at least nothing worse happened? Wasn't this bad enough to make it a tragedy? What's in the water these kids are drinking, or maybe...what are they smoking? This much is clear. Parents, schools and communities have totally lost control of way too many kids. The inmates are running the asylum.

  • iluvoranges150 May 29, 2009

    i have heard from friends that ian is in stable condition. most of the kids involved last night were not even the kids who put the boat there in the first place.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH May 29, 2009

    retroconsultant---great post! I couldn't have said it better myself!

  • 5Rs May 29, 2009

    elkeasler, what you may not realize is in many cases one mistake DOES define a life. Think Michael Phelps, a druggie. Think John Edwards. Think Bill Clinton. Think all the teenagers who are dead from their "one mistake". There should be severe consequences from this. If you haven't been taught well, please learn from this experience.

  • vedcox May 29, 2009

    NC Law prohibits riding in the back of a pickup by ANYONE in WAKE COUNTY.

    Not just Wake, but every urban county.

    Riding in the back is reserved for farm workers in less populated rural counties.

  • momeeee May 29, 2009

    JAT - please re-read my posts - My kids know that if I catch them under the influence of anything they will be in huge trouble- I tell them to call me if their DRIVER has had something to drink. I do not condone any type of illegal activity.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH May 29, 2009

    Bryce---not only is your ignorance of youth oh too obvious, so is your ignorance of proper grammar. When you get that worked out, then start telling the adults how a teen's life is so much to go through and how we should support him despite his wrong doing. The problem with teens like you is that you fail to take REAL responsibility for anything and think "everyone" does it or did it, so it is okay! Your little world will come crashing down and real life will hit you hard one day and then (not THAN, as you continuously say) you can speak about what really should happen as consequences. Feeling bad doesn't make up for stupidity and will not keep juvenile junk like this from happening again. As I must say repeatedly to my high school students, it doesn't matter what I say to you, because you do afterall know it all! My bad!