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Cab driver robbed, shot in southeast Raleigh

Posted May 27, 2009

— Police are investigating the robbery and shooting of a cab driver outside a southeast Raleigh apartment complex Wednesday morning.

Juan Rayo-Reyes, 27, a driver for Taxi Fiesta, was shot twice outside Birch Ridge Apartments, at 1224 Angelus Drive, around 5 a.m., Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Police seek clues in cabbie shooting Police seek clues in cabbie shooting

He was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. He was listed in stable condition Wednesday afternoon.

Sughrue said Rayo-Reyes told investigators that three men dressed in black had approached him, robbed him and then shot him. Police do not know what exactly was taken.

The shooting comes on the heels of a homicide that happened about a mile away, on Haywood Street, Monday night. Rodriquez D’Shay Burrell, 18, was shot multiple times, police said. He died at WakeMed.

Investigators have not identified suspects in either case but said Wednesday that they do not believe the two are related.

Police ask that anyone with any information about either case to call the department's Detective Division at 919-996-3555 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME.

Burrell's shooting has prompted community leaders to organize a prayer vigil and rally at noon on Saturday at the corner of South Haywood and East Cabarrus streets to talk about the recent violence and how to keep it from happening.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU May 28, 2009

    The more people there are, the more violence there will be...even on a percentage basis. Crime percentages directly correlate with the desinity of the population. More people? More, increased % of crime. (2 rats in a cage, no prob. 20 rats in the same cage, melee)

    Crisp, I hope you're wrong about the neighbors knowing all the bad guys. That would be quite depressing. I have noticed that there is increased litter in poor, troubled neighborhoods. They must have no pride or value in themselves. I mean, everyone can make their area not look like a trash dump, right?

  • ambidextrous cat May 28, 2009

    SE Raleigh isn't that bad of a place to live. I live there and I've never felt threatened or been harmed by anyone. I'd like to get rid of some of the renters in the neighbourhood ,but other than that we're fine. It's funny how crimes commited in other areas don't lead people to consider them to be "cesspits". There are some expensive houses around Enloe where professionals live; I don't think that they or I would be pleased to here people insult our neighbourhood.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH May 27, 2009

    Thanks, MEME1180! I come and go...sometimes on for several weeks and then I take a break to save myself from a heart attack over the stupidity that exists in some people!!!
    Nice to meet you as well!

  • Nancy May 27, 2009

    "Work with the police and you can stop it anytime you want."

    Naw, that would be snitching and that's just not acceptable. It's always somebody else that has to figure it out, no help for the po-po.

  • MEME1180 May 27, 2009

    Youcanthandlethetruth- Im not sure if youre new to GOLO, but Hello :) and Nice meeting you.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH May 27, 2009

    "Thank you WCPSS for busing my children to the worst neighborhoods in city and possibly the entire state.
    Z Man"

    Z Man---Enloe is a magnet school. They do not HAVE to go there. So, if you don't like the area, move your kids to another magnet, assuming they can get in. They do have a choice and are not forced into the "worst neighborhood in the city". You obviously haven't been out much if you think that area could be the worst in the state---have you been to parts of Durham and Charlotte? I graduated from Enloe in '98. It has not become worse over there; it is simply reported more. The news reports what it chooses, when it chooses, depending on who is being benefitted the most.

  • MEME1180 May 27, 2009

    ZMAN- You spewed your business on this blog earlier today.

  • Z Man May 27, 2009

    MEME1180 - just exactly what bad choices have I made? You don't know. You don't have a clue. Have you ever dealt with WCPSS? So keep your opinions (about me) to yourself.

  • panthers254 May 27, 2009

    many criminals are just looking for the right opportunity.
    the right victim at the right time. "what is my chances of getting the money and not getting caught (or shot)." really now, if you allow yourself a minute to think like a criminal...... you see a female, age 25, honda accord with some peace stickers on the bumper and stop war and some rainbows and tolerance and all that good stuff. whats the chances that she is going to have the means to defend herself.
    25/75 maybe. next potential victim: dude in a big four wheel drive with some armed forces stickers on the back and maybe a few nra stickers, pretty good chance i am not going to take a chance on robbing this dude. criminals are looking for the right opportunity, sometimes avoiding crime is dependent upon knowing how criminals think. after 19 yrs of being locked up with them, i have become pretty educated in their frame of mind.

  • MEME1180 May 27, 2009

    ccs1920 - Sorry, cant say that I do, but regardless of where your from be it Miami or Chicago, the downtown portion of the city reportedly has more crime the the northern part. Just sounded like someone trying to get something started, I guess it was just true ignorance. SORRY