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Some Wake teachers get letters asking for resignation

Posted May 14, 2009

— About 60 retired teachers still teaching for the Wake County Public School System have received letters asking for their resignations.

The school system recently mailed letters and an accompanying resignation letter to the employees, telling them to sign the letter and return it to the school system by next Wednesday.

Year-Round Schools Generic Teachers asked by mail to resign

District spokesman Michael Evans said the school system cannot renew their contracts, which expire at the end of the school year, because of decreased funding from the county and the state.

"As a courtesy, we thought it was the ethical thing to do to notify these employees," Evans said. "They know their contract may not be renewed at the end of June, so therefore, we ask them to resign. That makes a clean break."

If teachers choose not to sign the resignation letter, Evans said the school system will put a notification in their personnel file, indicating their contract was not renewed. A non-renewal status can prevent a teacher from getting hired in another school system.

The affected teachers are retired educators back in the classroom under a law that allows them to continue teaching without losing their retirement benefits. That legislation expires in October, the school system told them.


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  • Nonewsisgoodnews May 15, 2009

    Well, its Friday. At least the principle had the decency to come and tell me today that my contract wasn't being renewed because an already tenured teacher needed a classroom to teach in. Not that I wasn't basically told two months ago when they said teachers on terminating contract were possibly not being renewed.

  • nursevb8 May 15, 2009

    clarissaneal2--I agree, the commercial says the NC Lottery raised several millions last year, but yet they build more schools and lay off teachers. The more you do, they more they'll expect you to do. Kind of like the water rate increase because we did such a good job conserving. Next time, I'll run my water at night.

  • nursevb8 May 15, 2009

    But if they sing this letter and resign, will this mess up their unemployment until they may find another teaching job? It seems just like quitting a job even though you were going to be let go anyway but yet you quit!

  • awomnsptofview May 15, 2009

    ty..jimmycrackcorn...btw...wasnt that an old folk song we all learned in school? Jimmy crack corn and I dont care, la la la..
    lol? what was that song? :)

  • jimmycrackcorn May 15, 2009

    I apologize to you if I seemed testy. I am asking an honest question. Not trying to rile anyone up.
    I have no affiliations to any teachers other than people I know who have taught or teachers I have had.
    I can't believe I am defending teachers. I had a terrible time in school and barely got out with a passing average.
    But now that i am older and have a child in the system, I understand what they were trying to do. I wa a latchkey kid and didn't have much guidance in the way of getting a good education. I vowed I would guide my own child to make good decisions in these matters.

  • awomnsptofview May 15, 2009

    jimmycrackcorn... that was a little testy. I was not assaulting anyone in any way. No one expects anyone to teach for free. That was a ridiculous remark. Yes, people retire and work part time jobs all the time. I just think they should not work at a place that also pays their retirement. It has nothing to do with their abilities. I try to listen and read all comments with an open mind and tender heart. No need to be so sarcastic. If my comments offended you, then I apologize.

  • CrewMax May 15, 2009

    These are skilled and well-experienced educators and they do our children a service helping out. They aren't sitting in the lounge.
    Some teach the special programs that help special needs children or the gifted programs. It will hurt the educational program for them to leave. A principal of a school wouldn't hire them back if they were proven results-oriented educators. (I am not a teacher or married to an active teacher, but have seen the work they have done with my children).

  • jimmycrackcorn May 15, 2009

    "Isnt this about "retired teachers" that are teaching AND drawing their pensions? That hardly seems fair."

    First of all, is this legal and are there any rules against this?
    Just because you retire from a job after 20 years and get a pension does not mean you can't go out and get another job and collect a paycheck.
    Should they teach for free?

  • HSMOM May 15, 2009

    tarheelsdontlikeedwards - You wrote: "the bulk of teachers are teaching because they can't get a higher paid job somewhere else" - Are you serious? Teachers are college educated and professionals - why wouldn't they be able to get a higher paying job anywhere else? With statements like that, I'm starting to believe you may be in need of some education yourself! It seems really ridiculous to me that you are expending so much energy in bashing teachers. They are a tremendous asset in this world and what you are doing is absurd!

  • awomnsptofview May 15, 2009

    Isnt this about "retired teachers" that are teaching AND drawing their pensions? That hardly seems fair.