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N.C. State to fix Bell Tower before graduation

Posted May 7, 2009

— It's almost time for graduation, and North Carolina State University is rushing to repair a campus landmark damaged by lightning before the weekend ceremonies.

Lightning knocked a 1,500-pound chunk of granite loose from the tower Tuesday night. Much of the stone was left teetering atop the tower, but N.C. State student Kyle Rogers found a small piece about 115 feet from the tower's southeast corner after the strike.

A piece of the N.C. State Bell Tower. NCSU Bell Tower repairs begin

Rogers said he thought he could keep it as a souvenir, but when campus police tracked him down and told him otherwise, he returned the stone to university officials on Thursday. N.C. State plans to have a crew repair the tower before the commencement ceremony.

The lightning strike also stopped the tower's clock, but crews have already repaired that and have checked the system that chimes every hour for any damage.


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  • protestthis May 7, 2009

    I want you to know .. I live in a prominent neighborhood here in NC.. and since this appears to be such a big issue - if my home/property is damaged by a storm (and it looks like we're gonna have our fill of them this week) - I'm just gonna leave it .. I will have no budget to fix it. If it's an eyesore or a hazard - eh who cares.

    I especially love the comment about just get a come-along and slap a little mortar in there!!! Ya go team. I really want a 5000 pound chunk of building 115 feet in the air -- bubble gum/rubber band/and toothpick fixed. What a _________..... (fill in the blank)

    I guess the entire state has defaulted on the insurance policies now.

  • oldfirehorse May 7, 2009

    Might not know everything, but I do know it's highly unlikely that a 1500 lb piece of granite is going to hop off that tower onto somebody's Mercedes (which they have taped off to a safe distance). Oh, and if you want to reread my posts, I didn't say to not fix it. I am thinking that in their haste to move in giant equipment, where a less expensive fix would do the job, they're wasting money. And, having the campus police running around looking for somebody with a stolen rock? Come on, even you can see there might be more important things to do with tax dollars? Rushing around and spending more than necessary is ridiculous to make sure somebody's photo op at graduation isn't blemished!

  • angora2 May 7, 2009

    oldfirehorse, you are awesome. You know EVERYTHING and must run for public office before everything falls completely apart. With you in charge, that piece of concrete could sit right where it is and when it crashes on someone's Mercedes, the car's owner will never, ever sue NCSU.

  • angora2 May 7, 2009

    "State fans have been stuck back in time for a while now."

    Aaaah, so futuristic engineering and computer science make one "stuck back in time," do they?

  • thnkb4uspk May 7, 2009

    Ah...some things never change: death, taxes, and the attitudes of those UGLY UGLY Tarheels. However, even I was a bit taken aback last fall (when we drove your faces into the dirt in Kenan Stadium)to see your "fans" leaving in droves! That spoke volumes about the true Tarheel spirit. We had the place to ourselves for much of the afternoon. Although I am a devoted NCSU mom, I was embarrassed for the boys in blue on the field. What kind of fans are THAT arrogant and unsupportive?

    Now, back to the bell tower. We love it just as much as you love yours, and we will be sure to get repairs made. What a good use of my tax dollars! I will gladly give another portion of my teaching salary if Bev needs it and am certain that the brilliant young people in our engineering school will help out if necessary, too.

    Anyhoooo, looking forward to another wonderful meeting in the fall. Bring those good attitudes with you; we absolutely love it when you pout and leave! Your team must be so proud.

  • oldfirehorse May 7, 2009

    Laugh all you want to, they'll spend 10 times what the job is worth to fix that official symbol. And it's state property, get back to us on how much private insurance is going to pay on that?

  • ncsudan May 7, 2009

    LOL, the Belltower is the 'offical' symbol of this school. Used in the logo, etc. The piece that is currently 'hanging' on is not only an eyesore, but DANGEROUS and potentially deadly. For that reason alone it must be fixed. But the 'brain' trust that posts here would rather do nothing. Let me ask, if your house was hit by lightning, would you not fix it? And also, the University is insured you know.

  • salemprez2b May 7, 2009

    This repair will be the most expedient thing to occur on State's campus in a long while, including on the field and court.

  • Space Mountain May 7, 2009

    Must be a very slow news day.

  • nandud May 7, 2009

    Would the comments here be any different if lightning had struck Duke Chapel and damaged it? The Bell Tower is a landmark built to honor the World War 1 dead. Fix it.