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Elementary school employee accused of sex with student

Posted April 29, 2009
Updated April 30, 2009

— Gina Marie Watring, a teacher’s assistant at Creekside Elementary in Durham, is charged with two counts of first degree sex offense with a child, the Durham County sheriff’s office said Wednesday.

Watring, 40, of 106 Cricket Ground in Durham, is accused of having sex with a student on April 10 and April 21, according to the arrest warrant.

The sheriff’s office would not say how old the student was or where the alleged incidents occurred.

Watring's neighbor told WRAL News that the charges were "ludicrous" and that Watring is "a wonderful person."

Watring was being held at the Durham County Jail under a $100,000 bond Wednesday evening. She is due in court Thursday morning.

Watring worked for the school system from Nov. 15, 2006 until Tuesday, Durham Public Schools spokesman Michael Yarborough said. He would not comment about Watring's charges or the investigation.

Watring taught dance and drama at the school, located at 5321 Ephesus Church Road, according to the school’s Web site.


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  • Adelinthe Apr 30, 2009

    5 o'clock news said there's evidence of explicit sex text messages between this woman and the boy.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Apr 30, 2009

    "If this would have been a guy, the comments would be much different."

    I disagree.

    The comments here seem to be very candid and unbiased.

    God bless.


  • TheAdmiral Apr 30, 2009

    Another pedophile who believes it is their right to have that sexual preference or orientation.


  • oldfirehorse Apr 30, 2009

    Wow, 10 years old! In the absence of very convincing hard evidence, or a confession, we probably never will know the truth. These are very difficult cases, and most difficult, of course, for the children. Once the case workers, and police, and lawyers get done with a 10 year old, they hardly know their own name. Unfortunately, the damage is done to the child whether something happened or not. As for the alleged pedophile, if guilty, she should be hung from her toes and allowed to starve to death. If innocent, well, unfortunately again, the damage is done. Terrible situation all the way round.

  • tooblessed Apr 30, 2009

    My first thought was as so many others;howver, let's find out if she is really guilty. My grandson and her son are best friends and I have been around the family on several occasions and never would have suspected anything. My prayers goes to the 3 children because it is something they will have to live with as well. I also pray for the alleged victim and his family.

  • Stephinnc Apr 30, 2009

    I read it in the comments and I believe it, there are so few male teachers now because they can be accused so easily. Male teacher hate to even tell female students they are not within dress code because they are scared they will be accused of something. PARENTS please monitor YOUR children and their CLOTHING. Teachers have enough to do with just teaching education and not having to parent them also. TEACH them to RESPECT themselves and OTHERS.

  • anneonymousone Apr 30, 2009

    Tbajr, I understand where you're coming from when you write, "I do not think anyone who has been charged with a crime should have their picture or name put all over the so called news until proven guilty. It is deplorable in any free society."

    My limited knowledge of history tells me that the names of those arrested are made public precisely because this IS a free society, in which people can not legally be arrested and imprisoned in secret, without knowledge of the charges against them.

    For good and for ill, the public record is the public record, and those who are found innocent receive far less coverage when they are acquitted than when they are arrested and on trial.

  • djcnty8 Apr 30, 2009

    First, I have to agree with Eduardo1. If this would have been a guy, the comments would be much different.

  • oldfirehorse Apr 30, 2009

    I love the way WRAL reports this stuff. All the stuff about age of the victim, etc. etc. is public record. Dig a little WRAL. You might not be able to get a minor's name, but most everything else is accessible. Anyway, like everyone else, with so little detail given, I'll speculate too. What if it's an older "child"? The article just says she's a teacher-assistant, it didn't say the victim was at her school. Yea, that's it, and maybe the older child drugged her with one of those date rape drugs. Yea, and she doesn't remember a thing. Oh, well, I guess we'll have to wait until they actually have something to report.

  • Sidekick Apr 30, 2009

    It doesn't matter to the media if you are innocent. Look at the Duke lacrosse case. They trive on sensationalism to bolster readership, that equates to selling ads. They use words like alleged, possible, or potential which are not words used to identify fact. They continue and if the person is proven innocent, well, never mind.