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Woman shot to death in Franklin County

Posted April 19, 2009
Updated April 21, 2009

— A 19-year-old woman died after being shot in the head at a Franklin County home early Sunday, Sheriff Pat Green said.

David Bishop, 24, pulled out a gun and began firing in a house at 609 Fox Ridge Road in Fox Ridge Farms subdivision, south of Louisburg, Green said. He then aimed at Gabrielle Reece, of Abercrombie Road in Wake Forest, and fired, the sheriff said.

Deputies probe fatal shooting of Wake Forest woman Deputies probe fatal shooting of woman

Another woman managed to flee from the house and called 911.

When deputies arrived, they found two men putting Reece's body in a trash bag in an attempt to dispose of it, Green said. They had also set fire to the chair she was sitting in.

Bishop fled the scene, but deputies followed him to a wooded area near the home, Green said. He was still on the run Sunday evening.

Bishop was Reece's boyfriend, deputies said. He was on probation following a March arrest for carrying a concealed weapon. He was arrested again last month for causing damage to personal property, but was released on bond, deputies said.

Deputies took Christopher Rose, 21, of 1704 S. Main St. in Wake Forest, into custody and were questioning him Sunday evening. Deputies said Rose and Bishop were friends.

Investigators recovered a handgun at the scene. Green could not say if alcohol or drugs were involved.

No charges have been filed yet in the case.


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  • Adelinthe Apr 20, 2009

    I don't care who a person runs with.

    They don't deserve this.

    Praying for her TRUE loved ones, cause the beast that pulled the trigger sure wasn't one of them.

    And that he killed her dog angers me too.

    Just let me at him. No mercy!!!

    God bless.


  • computer trainer Apr 20, 2009

    Oh my, the news tonight about this is even scarier. The killer is still loose. AND, he told the other guy that he was going to have to go and find the other girl and kill her, since she is a witness. I pray that the sheriff's department has her in protective custody. She must be scared half to death!!

  • stndup4vctms Apr 20, 2009

    This young lady is my daughter's cousin. Besides that, she is a daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend and a beautiful person. Instead of everyone pointing fingers at her and the choices she made in friend's why not point the finger at the perpertrator. This is and was his decision to pull the trigger. Instead of talking about what should have been done, why not step up as human beings and do your part in making sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. Everyday an innocent, yes innocent, life is taking by someone in an act of violence. Until we as a society recognize that is a problem and do something to stop it, it will continue. She didn't get a choice in the end but we have a choice to stand by and let domestic violence continue to take lives or step up for the cause and help stop it. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  • G-man Apr 20, 2009

    Seems like all you hear is, "they got involved with the wrong crowd". Nobody ever wants to admit that just maybe, "they are the wrong crowd".

  • Raleigh Pioneer Apr 20, 2009

    "ambicat...are you jealous.Gosh,someone can't even say the young woman was pretty?"

    ambicat doesn't have to be jealous to think it's ridiculous that some thinks it's any more heinous of a crime just bc someone was pretty! Of course the victim was attractive... anyone can see that.

  • girlwonders Apr 20, 2009

    I think the whole episode is just sad. These folks are making excuses already, I know some of the people who were at that party, and the first thing I asked them is, "why were you hanging around with those kinds of people." The story is getting out that it was an accident... You don't hide the body in a trash bag if it is an accident, you call 911. This girl had so much to look forward to, now she is gone, and someone should pay, and hopefully, other people who were at that party will learn from this and make some lifestyle changes. Bless that poor girl's family.

  • slick rick da troll whisperer Apr 20, 2009

    ya know...many (it seems like most) women tend to be attracted to the bad boy type. the thing they don't realize, many of the bad boys are "really" bad boys. i feel very sorry for this girl. i really do. but, girls need to wake up and realize that the guys that seem to be appealling may not really be what they are looking for.

  • wcumom Apr 20, 2009

    ambicat...are you jealous.Gosh,someone can't even say the young woman was pretty?

  • Milkman Apr 20, 2009

    To the people who think the criminal justice system didn't play a role in this girl's murder:

    If you are on probation, and you are arrested for another crime, then your probation is supposed to be revoked, and you are supposed to be returned to jail. If you are in jail you'd have a lot harder time killing this poor girl.

    Hence, the judge who let him go free should also be culpable in her death.

  • ambidextrous cat Apr 20, 2009

    Who cares if she is a "pretty girl". No innocent men or women deserve to be shot!