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Policy changes how off-duty Raleigh officers are paid

Posted April 14, 2009
Updated April 15, 2009

— A new policy taking effect on Wednesday changes the way Raleigh police officers are paid for off-duty jobs.

Currently, they are treated as independent contractors. Under the policy, businesses must treat them as employees.

Officers will be paid $35 an hour for new off-duty jobs. The amount is $10 more an hour than what off-duty officers get paid working at the RBC Center.

“I think that it is a fair and reasonable rate of pay for the highly, trained professional that they are,” Police Chief Harry Dolan said.

The rate of pay for current off-duty jobs may continue until Jan. 1, 2012. Those jobs will be grandfathered into the new policy.

police Off-duty pay changes for Raleigh officers

There will be a minimum of three hours of pay for all new off-duty jobs and officers are barred from working off-duty in the six hours prior to their patrol shifts.

“It is reasonable. We want you to have some amount of rest before you come to work,” Dolan said.

Businesses that hire off-duty officers will have to pay $25 per 12-hour shift to have a marked police cruiser at their location. Dolan said that amount covers the cost of gas and wear and tear on the vehicle.

The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association is concerned about the new policy. Executive director John Midgette said the group is upset about a section requiring officers to notify their secondary employment coordinator of any real estate they own or have financial interest in other than their primary residence.

Midgette said the group is also concerned about a section requiring businesses to have liability insurance in $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. The businesses must also be able to provide $500,000 worker's compensation coverage.

Midgette said the insurance requirements are an added expense that may hinder the opportunities for off-duty officers. A PBA lawyer is reviewing both sections.

Downtown restaurant and bar Hi-5 is one of many businesses in the area that hires off-duty officers to work security.

“People walk in, they see an off-duty officer and they know they are not going to act up,” Hi-5 general manager Alan Marks said.

About 80 percent of the officers in the department work off-duty jobs. In 2005, a double-dipping probe found problems with officers working off-duty jobs while they were still supposed to be on patrol.

In May 2006, a routine internal police department audit of work records since January 2005 showed 104 officers compiled 150 violations, almost half of which involved working more than 14 combined hours a day on and off duty.

The department disciplined more than 100 officers for violating off-duty work policies, and six cases were turned over to the Wake County District Attorney's Office for review.

Sgt. David Murphy, a 27-year veteran of the Raleigh Police Department who retired in August 2006, was one of two officers charged following the probe. Authorities said the department and the North Ridge Country Club paid him for the same 29 hours of work.

Murphy was sentenced to 45 days in jail, suspended to one year on unsupervised probation. Murphy was also ordered to repay the police department and the country club $710.10 and to perform 29 hours of community service.

Lt. Charles Bryant pleaded guilty to three counts of larceny and was sentenced to one year of probation and 51 hours of community service and was ordered to pay nearly $1,700 in restitution and court costs.

Now, officers must submit a detailed report of their off-duty work every two weeks, and all assignments must come through the department. Also, businesses must pay officers with a corporate check for their security services and can no longer pay them in cash.


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  • NCTeacher Apr 15, 2009


    Since you are opening yourself up to educational criticism, your use of "you beloved boys" is grammatically incorrect. It should say "YOUR beloved boys". Also, note where I have added proper punctuation and capitalization below:

    You finally got me. I misspelled a word. What will I ever do? I’m not perfect like you and youR beloved boys in blue. "NOT"!

    I don't typically play spelling and grammar police on here, but it seemed appropriate in this situation.

  • knowthefacts Apr 15, 2009

    Forgot to add on my last comment. Not all LEO's are legit and truthful, but the majority are wonderful officers that are underpaid that care about the community!

  • knowthefacts Apr 15, 2009

    mrduright is just a LEO basher....just like you have badge bunnies, you have the bashers and/or a crimanal that has been on the wrong side of the law! Face it, LEO's have a tough job and they risk their life everyday!

    MrDuRight....let me ask you a question....if someone is breaking into your home, WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL FOR HELP?

  • You are Funny Apr 15, 2009

    mrduright: what is your problem with leo's anyway? the officers who were found to have committed criminal acts were charged just like any other citizen would have been. the officers who broke department policy were also spanked per department policy. your ranting and not making sense makes it hard to take you seriously...Just so you know wso and the state troopers can come into Raleigh and enforce laws just like the Raleigh Officers "they do every day" the only difference is they are not dispatched to calls in the city. Raleigh Officers do not enforce law outside the city limits to include the 1 mile buffer someone mentioned unless they are asked by wso or neighboring department through mutual aid agreement. I would love to know why you dislike leo's so much...

  • oldcorp Apr 15, 2009

    It is my implicit belief that 'mrduright' is a member of that large and elite organization whose primary duty is to opine at length on LEO-related topics on many forums. He more than likely is an official troop in the "Chairborne Rangers". I read their weighty prose quite frequently.
    WCNC - you have nothing to fear. You may clear and go 10-8.

  • RPD07 Apr 15, 2009

    mrduright, I would love to meet up and have a conversation in person. I think it is very difficult to make our points via a message board. I believe there is confusion from the article and confusion in the interpretations. Please, allow me to shed some light on the subject in person, and that way you can make your points more directly......

  • wcnc Apr 15, 2009

    mrduright- Learn to read....it wasn't me that criticized your spelling, but someone else. I criticized your horrendous grammar and sentence structure.....Because for someone who says you know so much, you sound like you know nothing.

  • thepeopleschamp Apr 15, 2009

    OK mrduright, what profession are you in? You don't have to name the company or employer or any details. I just want to know what occupation you are in where everyone is perfect and mistake free, unlike those evil law enforcement officers you are so quick to criticize.

  • mrduright Apr 15, 2009


    You finally got me I misspelled a word what will I ever do I’m not perfect like you and you beloved boys in blue "NOT" I was in a hurry some of us have jobs to do. My intellect is not in question and I would put my educational, military and professional credentials up against anyone on this board.

  • Smedley Apr 15, 2009

    "So is you are" mrduright