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Dump-truck driver charged in crash

Posted April 14, 2009

— A Connecticut man has been charged in connection with a wreck that closed part of a busy Apex road for more than two hours Monday afternoon.

Edmund Theodore Jackson, 52, of New Haven, Conn., was charged with one count of reckless driving.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Jackson was driving a Freightliner dump truck on Davis Drive when he ran off the road, overcorrected, struck a Honda Civic and overturned the truck, spilling the contents on top of the car.

The Civic's driver, Kara Walden Benton, 25, of Holly Springs, was trapped inside for nearly two hours before rescue workers were able to free her.

She was taken to WakeMed, where she was listed in good condition Tuesday.

A passenger in her car was taken to WakeMed for treatment but was later released.


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  • ncguy Apr 15, 2009

    I guess dump trucks now need the stay back 200 feet needs to be in the front too!!

    I never understood that anyway. "not responsible for broken windshields?"
    If a rock comes off and breaks your windshield who is responsible then?

  • Doctor Dataclerk Apr 14, 2009

    I just dont get it why there are not very strick laws on dump trucks and machinery equipment on the highways and roads...

    There are strict laws for dump trucks. Daily safety inspections on the truck, CDL license requirments for the driver, drug testing for the driver, strict weight limits, permit requirements if limits are over legal loads, certain roads and structures have weight limits and trucks have to go other routes, Federal DOT registration and inspection requirements, Heavy vehicle use tax, etc. etc. A heck of a lot more requirements than your vehicle.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Apr 14, 2009

    jet919...BEAUTIFUL post. And I can assure you that both Chad and Kara understand God's blessing in this and have already praised him for their lives.

    Be The Change...Hope Community Church.

  • kcfoxie Apr 14, 2009

    BIGCHEESECAMATO: Here's why. You already complain about the traffic, we know it will take YEARS to get a "truck lane" implemented on ALL the roads to support a 45MPH limit (we should force it on SEMIs too! Infact anything over 4000LB!), do you see how rediculous this sounds?

    The issue here is that it was a bad stretch of road. This guy ran off it like many other drivers in smaller vehicles.

    Oh, and it was carrying sand.

    What's amazing is that 2007 Honda didn't crush like a tin can. The very first words out of my mouth were "what kind of car?" because that had a lot to do with safety. I don't think she'd be alive if she were in some of these and presumed safer vehicles. Kudos to Honda for reinforced roofs.

  • MillerB Apr 14, 2009

    Not to say the driver wasn't liable....he was.....but...to his credit...he showed more concern for the safety and well being of the person trapped in the car than his own health when asked if he was ok. Too many people would be too concerned with their own health and not care about the other person.

  • jet919 Apr 14, 2009

    Apparently God has big plans for this young woman. It is only a miracle from Him that she is in as good a condition as she is. My brother was involved in an accident with a dump truck and he was not so lucky. The impact threw him through the windshield and the most visible damage on his vehicle was where his body hit the hood.(This happened before we had seat belt laws.) He was killed instantly.

    I will be praying for this young lady. I hope she realizes that this is a true miracle from God.

  • HappyGirl08 Apr 14, 2009

    Well thankfully no one was killed. I would have been fit to be tied if I were trapped in my car for over 2 hrs. What the world was in that dump truck??

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO Apr 14, 2009

    I dont understand why the state or federal government require dump trucks to have either governors or a max speed of 45. Havent you ever driven around we always seem to see a fast moving dump truck loaded and or speeding. These things are like moving misles just waiting for an accident to happen. They should be required to drive only in the far right hand lanes. I just dont get it why there are not very strick laws on dump trucks and machinery equipment on the highways and roads...

  • T-Man Apr 14, 2009

    "They received too many calls about rocks falling and being that each truck has a WARNING to stay back notice the police could not do anything but tell the caller they should have stayed back."

    That is not true. I can paint on my front bumper, "Move out of the way, Not responsible for damage to your car." It will be exactly as efficient and enforcable as the warning on the back of dump trucks.

  • sickofgolo. Apr 14, 2009

    The dump truck driver is lucky he didnt kill Kara OR Chad.