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Cary police probe Crossroads Plaza shooting

Posted April 12, 2009
Updated April 13, 2009

— Police were searching Sunday for a man wanted in a shooting and attempted armed robbery outside the Honey Baked Ham Company in Cary.

Crossroads Plaza shooting suspect sought Crossroads Plaza shooting suspect sought

The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Saturday when a worker, Richard Huether, was closing the 423 Crossroads Blvd. store. Police said the gunman approached Huether, attempted to rob him and shot him.

Emergency crews took Huether, 44, of Willow Spring, to WakeMed. He was listed in good condition Sunday evening.

“It is Cary. Nothing really happens like that here in Cary. It's OK to leave your windows rolled down on your car if it's a nice night as you walk away,” shopper Carlyn Holland said.

Many customers of Crossroads Plaza shopping were talking about the shooting Sunday. Holland said she was eating dinner Saturday night near the Honey Baked Ham store when the shooting happened.

“Now that it has happened, the idea is in your head and it could happen anytime,” Holland said.

People who work at Crossroads Plaza said they were also thinking about safety in wake of the shooting. Employees at Greek Fiesta work late, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. They said they will now be looking over their shoulders when locking up at closing time.

“Especially after 10 p.m., I would say there are not many people around here. So we definitely have to be looking for suspicious activity,” said Ihssan Essadik, a Greek Fiesta employee.

Cary police say they plan to have more patrols in the area until the suspect is arrested.

“This is Crossroads. Everybody thinks this is a safe place,” Essadik said.

The suspect seen running from the area was described as a white man, 16 to 25 years old, police said. He was wearing a gray hooded jacket, a white and green ski hat, blue jeans and multi-colored shoes.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Cary police watch commander at 919-469-4016 or Crime Stoppers at 919-226-2745.


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  • banditkitty6 Apr 13, 2009

    Comment from Willow-just ludicrous
    Comment form Justin-just hilarious
    I myself grew up in Cary-ie ORIGINAL Caryite and personally think it was SO MUCH BETTER OF A place prior to the northern influx and I am fairly certain this is when the elitist attitude emerged. I moved to Raleigh, largely because no one seems to feel that they are in some way entitled because they are from Raleigh, such as many of the nouveau Cary residents do. Also, the belief that crime doesn't occur in Cary is merely an indicator of how long you have probably lived there-which can't be long. There has been crime in Cary for years. It has increased and will continue to do so. Cary is not immune because of the perceived status of its residents. As for the lady from the article-leave your windows down, go ahead. Some lessons have to be personally learned. Oh, and Willow, I exceed the minimum income requirement you indicated. Let me know when the elitists disappear and I'll come back.

  • RUSH_2112 Apr 13, 2009

    I am going to Crossroads tomorrow with my 3 year old daughter. I will be packin' my concealed handgun & my concealed carry permit. I don't expect to run into any bad guys but I will be alert and ready.

  • Caveman93 Apr 13, 2009

    Geez before you know it, there will be shootings in Cary! Who would have guessed? I thought the town was immune to such things? I know, wasn't it you can only rob people if they had a blue roof on the building and no golden arches?

  • Of The South Apr 13, 2009

    "i would love for cary to build a HUGE wall around itself and you cant live here unless AT least one person makes 60k a year in the household"

    This is one of the more ignorant comments I've seen on this website. There are plenty of drug dealers and criminals that make much more than that a year. You want to be walled up with them?

    Yeah, I'm all for building a wall around Cary too, but probably not for the reasons that you're thinking. Build a huge wall around it and send all the transplants home. Cary would be a much nicer place. I bet the crime would go down too.

  • panthers254 Apr 13, 2009

    Willow, I am also for a wall around Cary. lol I'm sure there are lots of people who would support the wall around Cary.

  • oldrebel Apr 13, 2009

    I thought Cary had a law against this kind of behavior.

  • Willow GiGgLeSnoRt Apr 13, 2009

    i would love for cary to build a HUGE wall around itself and you cant live here unless AT least one person makes 60k a year in the household

  • dlb800 Apr 13, 2009

    It doesn't take 24 hours to get a handgun as long as you have a concealed carry permit, or a handgun purchase permit. It takes maybe 15-20 minutes.

    But going back to politics. I'm sorry if I can't look at a crime report and think about how this could have been different. I agree you have to be aware of your surroundings.
    I agree that you need to keep a watchful eye out. I don't think a firearm is always the answer for every crime. For those out there who actually have CCWs, we took the training for it. Alot of what was covered was when to use, or not to use a firearm. So when politicians and liberals push to make firearms illegal, of course I take it personally. Pelosi wants to make firearms illegal, but I know she has bodyguards who are armed. I know a guy at work who said that nothing he has is worth taking someone's life. I personally think that my wife is worth more than some criminals life.

  • dlb800 Apr 13, 2009

    No.. the story didn't say he was unarmed. If he had been armed, I'm sure it would have been reported.

    As for law abidding citizens shouldn't mind the extra precaution of buying handguns.

    First of all, the liberals ARE trying to get rid of firearms. They are not trying to monitor who buys them and who doesn't.

    Second, why shouldn't I mind? Why should I be treated like a criminal just because I want to be able to protect myself.

    As for twisting everything into a political agenda. You're right. Every time I see something like this happen, I absolutely think politics. I think about what would happen if someone did this to me. Would *I* be able to shoot back? Would I shoot back? What would happen if I wasn't able to defend myself if liberals get their way and take my firearms from me? How can you NOT think of politics?

  • Justin T. Apr 13, 2009

    "This is a perfect example of what happens to an unarmed victim."

    It is even more dispicable that a victim without arms was targeted. Even if they had a gun they couldn't grab it.