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Apex man accused of peeping in women's restrooms

Posted April 9, 2009
Updated April 13, 2009

— An Apex man faces charges for taking video of women in public restrooms without their knowledge, police said.

Elliot Brandon Zayas, 24, of 1029 Mica Lamp Court, was arrested Wednesday night on 15 peeping-related charges. He was released Thursday afternoon on a $22,000 bond.

Elliot Zayas, accused peeper Police: Tiny cameras placed on toilets, under doors

Apex police searched Zayas' house Wednesday and seized 30 items, including three wireless portable digital video recorders, digital cameras, computers and discs containing videos and photos, said Detective Michael Garafalo of the Apex Police Department.

Twenty-one women were videotaped at various locations, but investigators are still trying to determine where and when some of the videos were taken, Garafalo said.

Six women were taped in a bathroom at an unidentified store after a camera was planted in a bathroom stall, Garafalo said. Another four were taped in their rooms at an unidentified hotel by a miniature camera that was slid under room doors, he said.

Zayas also took pictures up the skirts of 10 women at a Super Target in Apex by planting a camera inside a pair of sneakers, which were painted black to disguise the lens, Garafalo said.

"It concerns me," said Katrina Brown, who was shopping at the Super Target on Thursday. "It makes me wonder, you know, should I be looking up in the air vents? Is there a camera in the napkin dispenser?"

A Raleigh woman with whom Zayas and his wife were staying temporarily found a camera in her bathroom after the couple moved out, Garafalo said. She also found a disc that contained video of her and of other women, he said.

A video on Zayas' Facebook page showed an unidentified woman being followed through a warehouse, which Garafalo said was similar to some of the videos investigators have reviewed.

Still, Kandice Zayas said she was stunned by the allegations against her husband.

Raleigh police are assisting in the investigation.

During a brief court appearance Thursday, a judge appointed a lawyer for Elliott Zayas and set his next court date for April 30.


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  • james27613 Apr 15, 2009

    perhaps he needs to grow up, not a childish prank.

    perhaps he uploads them to a website in us or other country.

  • OldBikerGuy Apr 10, 2009

    Deathrow probably can't wait to check out this guy's website. Hell, I'll be he's the site administrator.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 10, 2009

    Yes. My previous comments came across as cold. But I'm simply keeping things in perspective. What this man did is on the same level as a serious college prank. Most of the people commenting on this are talking about the criminal as though he was a mass-murderer. I'll bet that nearly half of you disagree with the US decision to enter Iraq. Even though Saddam Hussein, and his sons, had raped many hundreds or thousands of women and children, and had killed hundreds of thousands with torture and chemical weapons. Here you are wanting to totally destroy a man for basically a college-type prank, but you fight to allow Iraq to do what they want to innocent women and children.

    I don't take back my previous comments. I'm on target. Where are you?

  • justwondering2 Apr 9, 2009

    He prob putting the videos on the net.

  • annemarek Apr 9, 2009

    Doesn’t it seem that 24 years old is too old for these kinds of actions? You would expect something like this from a kid about 13 or 14. The age of this man is what makes him dangerous. How do we know that he has not gone further in his actions or would have in the near future?

  • dronion99 Apr 9, 2009

    Watching females peeing & pooing ? A pervert first class. Try, convict and castrate.

  • Trivr Apr 9, 2009

    They must have all been gender neutral bathrooms, or his wife must have had to help.

  • EZeegoing Apr 9, 2009

    One word comes to mind - castration..

  • DML Apr 9, 2009

    Get this guy an Imac and some video editing software and we've got our next Steven Spielberg on our hands.

  • kewlmom Apr 9, 2009

    Ewww, why would you want to watch anyone doing their business??? gross