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Wake deputies involved in fatal shooting

Posted April 8, 2009
Updated April 9, 2009

— Two Wake County sheriff's deputies are on administrative duty following a fatal shooting that happened Wednesday morning at a residence just southeast of Fuquay-Varina.

Suspect dead in deputy-involved shooting Suspect dead in deputy-involved shooting

Sheriff Donnie Harrison said deputies were responding at the time to reports of loud music at 2809 Green Clover Drive in Willow Springs when Michael Harrison Andrews, 21, was shot.

"The individual was playing loud music and came out with a weapon in his hand," Harrison said. "There was a standoff."

A 911 caller complained of loud music coming from two vehicles shortly before 5 a.m., and radio traffic indicates that when deputies arrived, a man jumped out of one vehicle, claimed to have a gun and ran into a trailer.

Harrison said a special-response team spent more than 90 minutes trying to talk Andrews, who went back and forth from his car to inside his home, into surrendering. Deputies evacuated nearby homes, according to radio traffic. Neighbors said they heard two gunshots around 6:30 a.m.

"He was very uncooperative, and there was some alcohol involved," he said.

Harrison declined to discuss further details but said an altercation led to the shooting and that the weapon Andrew had was a gun.

"I'm going to turn it over to the State Bureau of Investigation, because our officers were involved, and they will be handling it from this point on," Harrison said.

Deputies Scott Earp and Jeffrey Minschew will remain on administrative duty pending the outcome of the SBI's investigation, Harrison said. That is a standard procedure in officer-involved shootings.

Earp has worked at the sheriff's office for about 11 years; Minschew for nearly nine.

Neighbors said they did not know Andrews well and that he had moved into the neighborhood about two weeks ago.


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  • thepeopleschamp Apr 9, 2009

    Well put Oldcorp. I continually ask these haters just to list what their profession is and they never do. I'm not sure if they are ashamed or have never had a job. Listen to the radio traffic link and tell me if this sounds anything like trigger happy Barney Fifes. Sounds like a group of pros working together to try to bring this to a safe end but the suspect would have no part of it. To the armchair Monday morning quarterbacks; stay safe second guessing what you could never be trusted to do and enjoy that next episode of CSI.

  • oldcorp Apr 9, 2009

    The woefully ignorant here seem to be very focused on why the deputies were there. Yes, a loud music complaint. Every few days in the country, dedicated LEO's are attacked and killed responding to seemingly innocuous incidents. Wake SO Deputy Mark Tucker was killed checking out a parked vehicle in a construction area. Officers get killed answering barking dog calls, making traffic stops that otherwise would be routine, responding to neighbor vs. neighbor calls, domestics, dealing with shoplifters, drunks at bars, etc., etc. The CALL has almost NOTHING to do with it.
    The truth is that they are constantly dealing with the UNKNOWN.
    What the untrained person would simply ASSUME can easily get an LEO hurt or killed.
    Some here need to keep repeating to themselves: "TV is not real life", TV is not real life", over and over. Maybe that would help.

  • babykong74 Apr 9, 2009

    For the ones who are against the LEO's.....Why don't you post your name and number so when the next emergency call rings out, you can be called in to "talk someone down that has a gun"! I am thankful for the men and women who have chosen the profession to serve and protect. I rest easy at night knowing that these BRAVE people are out on 10- 12, so my kids and I can sleep at night and if needed, they will be respond. You want a world with no violence? It is not happening in the world we live in today. Instead of bashing the LEO's, you need to be praying for them at night when you go to lay down your head with your spouse, after tucking your kids into bed. Don't worry, MY LEO HUSBAND WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU CALL 911, leaving his family at home praying that God grants them one more day to see their daddy walk in the door! Thanks to all LEO's for all that you do daily!

  • wbshattuck Apr 9, 2009

    Some people are losing focus on the situation here, the subject was not shot because he had loud music playing. He was shot because he threatened the life of a LEO. Yes, the officers were there because of a loud music complaint, but they did not put the gun in the subjects hand and tell him to act the way he did. I am sorry someones friend got shot and killed, but I am glad the officers on the scene were able to go home to their families later, officers do not go around looking for someone to shoot, in fact most hope they never have to fire their weapons in the line of duty. I know for a fact these officers lives are forever changed and hope and pray they can continue to do as good a job as I witnessed at this incident.

  • leo-nc Apr 9, 2009

    emettntiffany, you have no clue. We are not trained to shoot someone in the hand or in the foot. when you have a gun pointed at YOU and you have the capability to concentrate on the foot or just the hand, then come back and tell us how that goes. As for me, I'm going home at the end of the shift and if someone presents a deadly threat to me or someone I'm sworn to protect, then I will do what the law allows me to do and COMMANDS me to do. If that means I apply deadly force, then so be it. So yes, we have the right to do that under certain circumstances, contrary to what you believe. Sorry, but I'm not going to risk leaving my family with no father just because some 21 year old kid wants to commit suicide by cop. You have a LOT to learn, and until you have a clue, your comments are meaningless.

  • thepeopleschamp Apr 9, 2009

    emett & stephanie, would you please share what job profession you are in that makes you so knowledgeable about when it is appropriate to shoot an armed person or not. I'm not trying to start an argument, just trying to see where you're coming from.

    Steph,if a person has a gun to my head, that's all the explaining I need from them and I would pray that someone would take deadly force action against that person if I couldn't. If a person is armed, or represents theirself as armed, and does not follow law enforcement's commands (especially after 90 minutes) they are pretty much asking for the consequences of their actions.

  • rjacks20 Apr 9, 2009

    police shouldn't take the law into their own hands, should shoot to wound not kill. what ignorant world do you live in. the law is their job. it is a shame this young man is now dead, but don't blame the police. the responded to a call about music, and were confronted with an intoxicated person with a gun. before you wanna criticize the police in every situation, go do a ride along.

  • stephanieleann34 Apr 9, 2009

    So if a person had a gun to the head of one of your family members, you would prefer that police wait until someone was shot before taking action? Hmmmm.

    --as part of her family. yes i hope she would wait. even if a gun was to my head. ppl have the right to explain themselves. besides. anyone can go on and on with "what if's" its the reality of the situation that is important. he didnt have a gun to anyones head. stop slandering the story for your own entertainment.
    Mike was one one the greatest ppl i'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. you oblivously arnt as lucky as I, so you would know.

    when a cop shoots a good guy who you knew personally. then talk.
    until then.. get a life

  • emettntiffany Apr 9, 2009

    well, i believe in defense, i believe if someone pulls a gun on you , your allowed to shoot them, but not to death, no matter the color, no matter the age. They just didn't have the right to shoot him to death, there are other way to handle a situation like that, instead of those sheriff taking the law into their own hands, which is how i feel they did. If i was to shoot and kill someone cause they had a weapon i would be in jail, even if they had a weapon held up towards me, those sheriff's should be put on trial just like anyone else. no matter who you are, you don't have the right to take someones life and put the law in your own hands.

  • emettntiffany Apr 9, 2009

    RIP Micheal Andrews, you will be missed. no matter how you went down, people that knew you know whats been going on, you had a hard life, you deserved a better ending. I will be praying for your family, this is so hard to understand, so hard to put together, you'll always be remember to me as strawberry boy. with love. you'll never be forgotten.