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Scores of probation violators arrested in sweep

Posted April 3, 2009

— More than 100 probation violators have been arrested in a coordinated effort by several law enforcement agencies.

The U.S. Marshals Service led the operation, dubbed "March Madness," rounding up 109 people and serving 120 warrants. Officers also recovered three firearms, ammunition and counterfeit controlled substances.

Officers had been looking for 950 probation violators and absconders, but members of the Marshals Service's Violent Fugitive Task Force said they consider the sweep a success.

U.S. Marshal Clyde Cook Jr. Marshals arrest probation violators

"It's a satisfaction to catch somebody when they try to outsmart us," said Jeffrey Lux, an officer with the state Division of Community Corrections who also serves as a special deputy marshal on the task force. "They're absconders for a reason. Finding them is challenging."

The effort began in February, but most of the offenders were rounded up this week. The Raleigh Police Department, Wake County Sheriff’s Office, Sharpsburg Police Department and Wilson Police Department also participated in the operation.

"We have these sweeps because we want them to know that we are coming and they're not going to be able to escape," U.S. Marshal Clyde Cook Jr. said.

The marshals plan to continue working with local law enforcement agencies to search for other fugitives, Cook said.

"It's not over. We'll dust those warrants off and try them again later. We're coming," he said.

"Those offenders who are under supervision, who try to avoid what the courts require them to do, we're all working together to try and bring them back under control and under supervision," said Tim Moose, director of the Division of Community Corrections.

"There's always one more you can go after," Lux said. "Who knows why they abscond in the first place. Some do it for monetary reasons; others do it because they're fed up with the system."


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  • whatelseisnew Apr 3, 2009

    I certainly hope Speaker Pelosi comes out against this. Why should these criminals live in fear like this and be terrorized by Law Enforcement. I expect her to use the same level of support for these criminals as she does for illegals. She needs to demand that these roundups be stopped.

  • Alexia.1 Apr 3, 2009

    You know, I can understand having a law related to offering "counterfeit controlled substances" if you are a pharmacy who is supposed to be selling drugs that a patient needs, but you offer counterfeit goods. But, why in the world would we want to protect a crack head from being sold a chopped up aspirin? It seems a rather fitting transaction, in my opinion.

  • NCworkingwoman Apr 3, 2009

    Paulej -

    If you smash up an aspirin and say it's coke - you looking at 3-5 years

  • tibbs29 Apr 3, 2009

    I know somebody they can pic up who's driving around while license revoked and suppose to have one of those dwi ignition bags on the steering wheel....

  • whocares Apr 3, 2009

    Way to go cocker_mom. Hopefully, they will continue and spread out all over the state.

  • Journey985 Apr 3, 2009

    Paulej- Yes, it is against the law to sell any substance that appears to be drugs..if you're a dealer on the corner, and all you are trying to sell is Oregano...carries some of the same penalties.

  • Alexia.1 Apr 3, 2009

    Counterfeit controlled substances? I guess I've been living under a rock. What is this? It is also illegl to have something that looks like drugs? Wow, perhaps I need to get rid of the sugar and salt around the house.

    Seriously, what is this?

  • mochabrown Apr 3, 2009

    Please go to Wayne County and round up the ones there as well.

  • DSRider Apr 3, 2009

    Good their back in jail. So who do they let out to make room? More bad guys on the street. Revolving door system.

  • mrtwinturbo Apr 3, 2009

    They picked up a brother-inlaw of mine, good for them he needed to be back in jail!