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Five charged in fatal drive-by shooting

Posted April 1, 2009

— Five people were in custody – two of whom were charged with murder – in connection with a fatal drive-by shooting that happened Tuesday evening in Robbins.

Police Chief J. A. Sheffield said the shooting, which happened near the intersection of Hemp Street and N.C. Highway 705 near R&R Auto Supply Inc., stemmed from an argument that happened earlier in the day at one of the suspect's homes.

Tomas Pascual - flowers Student killed in drive-by shooting

Sheffield said the victim, Tomas Pedro Pascual, 18, was shot once in the abdomen. He was airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, where he died. Sheffield did not provide any other information about the crime.

Michael Lee Stidham Jr., 18, and Bryant Andrew McKinney, 16, are both charged with first-degree murder. Authorities charged three other people – Trae Bradley McKinney, 17, Tara Lynette Reynolds, 34, and Benjamin Allen Reynolds III – with accessory after the fact to murder.

Authorities said Bryant McKinney and Trae McKinney are brothers; Tara Reynolds is their mother and Benjamin Reynolds is their stepfather.

A family member of Pascual said he was walking home around 7:30 p.m. with friends when he was shot.

"This is still a shock to us, because we thought Tomas was going to make it out of the wound," his niece, Ester Pascual said. "We didn't think it was that serious."

Pascual was a former North Moore High School student and had recently enrolled at Pinckney Academy in Carthage, a Moore County Schools spokesman said.

North Moore had extra security on hand Wednesday as a precaution, and counselors were also available to talk with students, the spokesman said.

Friends from the high school visited the scene of the shooting and hung flowers and cards on a nearby fence.

"He was so nice, and this shouldn't have happened to him," one student said.

Stidham and Bryant McKinney were being held Wednesday in the Moore County Detention Center without bond. Trae McKinney was being held under a $10,000 bond; Tara Reynolds, a $15,000 bond, and Benjamin Reynolds, a $20,000 bond.


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  • shoyaryt Apr 3, 2009

    "Johnson spent 3 years in jail because his lawyers thought he was safer in jail than on the street."

    Don't tell me... you also have beach-front property for sale in Kansas. Believe me, you'd have more success trying to sell the property.

  • dlb800 Apr 2, 2009

    I don't think "Sidekick" is advocating paying people not to commit crimes. If they had, I would agree that is one of the most stupid things I have heard.

    You want to fix the crime problem? Fine, make people prove that they are going to be good parents. If they have a child without that, then make sure they won't have anymore. Don't let people procreate and make multiple little criminals.

    Use the death penalty more often. I don't care if it stops people from committing a crime, it will stop them from doing it again.

  • friendofthetruth Apr 2, 2009

    Let me explain something. The stepfather gave the gun to his stepchildren's friend. After they shot the hispanic boy the drove to the house and the mother and stepfather chose to hide them and to dump the red camaro that they were driving. So I do think that the Police did a gr8 job catching all of them and put them in custody.
    Today Pascual's parents are crying over their son's body, his friends just cannot believe that Tomas is really gone. His body is there in the middle of their living room.
    Just some piece of information for those that didn't know.
    So yeap. I do think that all of them should stay in prison for a long long time....

  • whatusay Apr 2, 2009

    shoyart...Johnson spent 3 years in jail because his lawyers thought he was safer in jail than on the street.

  • blugoat Apr 2, 2009

    ONEHARDHEAD,you are one smart person.We as adults,parents,and guardians have let each other down.We have become the "ME" society.Our reaction to violence is more violence.Bear in mind,I am not advocating anything like gun control,far from it.I believe more people should be armed and more should have CCW's.Crimminals prey on the weak,just like animals.
    One other thing that bothers me is the relatively low bonds these people got.They were involved in first degree murder!!

  • shoyaryt Apr 2, 2009

    "Maybe these three should not be charged, but instead forced to spend 3 years in parenting counseling and crime and making speeches to young teens."

    And after they've spent three years in jail, right?

  • whatusay Apr 2, 2009

    James Johnson of Wilson, NC got off with "accessory after the fact" even though he helped killer Meeks clean up the vehicle Brittany was killed in. Maybe these three should not be charged, but instead forced to spend 3 years in parenting counseling and crime and making speeches to young teens.

  • edith wharton Apr 2, 2009

    Xchief661, I think the mother and stepfather and brother are charged with being accessories after the fact. Which means, of course, they were helping the boys who murdered to cover their tracks. Yes, this family is culpable, though they did not commit the murder. They seem to have failed their son on many fronts.

  • edith wharton Apr 2, 2009

    Kevlargirl, I think you and others have isolated the real problem here: youth. The young, particularly young men, are very driven by their excess of hormones. I'm not sure why young people today are sometimes lacking the checks and balances that kept most of us in line a couple of decades or more back. Poor parenting is sometimes an issue, as is the desensitization of all of us to violence and horror. Although I don't believe the violence depicted in movies, on TV and in video games is fully to blame, I think kids today are not as shocked as I would have been about horrible, violent crimes happening. If you couple desensitization with a lack of, or poor, parenting skills, then toss in a lack of moral education and the garden variety evils of poverty, prejudice and intolerance, it should be a bit easier to get your head around why kids can't think about consequences. When have they experienced them?

  • shoyaryt Apr 2, 2009

    Seems as though Michael Lee Stidham was out on probation, as well as the step-father with a suspended sentence… THUG LIFE, you say?

    May young Tomas Pascual Rest In Peace and his family find comfort throughout their grief and pain.