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Searchers spend third day looking for 6-year-old girl

Posted March 26, 2009

— Rain early Thursday hindered the search for a missing 6-year-old girl who authorities say fell into the Little River on Tuesday afternoon.

Wet weather kept divers and boats off the river, but crews were back out when skies cleared to search for Ca'zhia McMillian.

Weather hinders search for 6-year-old Mom hopeful missing 6-year-old will be found

Officials said they were concerned about the threat of thunderstorms later Thursday afternoon and about rising water levels and the fast current due to the rain.

Family members said the child is not a strong swimmer.

About 100 people were involved Wednesday in an air, land and water search of a 5-mile stretch near the area where McMillian fell into the river. Tracking dogs helped search the riverbanks, and crews used sonar to scan under the water.

A team of 17 divers also searched the area Thursday, and officials said they still consider their mission a search-and-rescue case.

McMillian, a first-grader at Anderson Creek Primary School, was reported missing Tuesday afternoon near 229 Woodwind Drive in Spring Lake.

She and a friend were playing on the riverbank when she fell in, her aunt said Wednesday.

"It has been over 48 hours, and my baby is still not here," her mother, Sharonda McNeill said Thursday.
McNeil said she questions the direction the search has taken, so far, and believes crews need to go beyond the area they've been searching.

"We've gone to the extreme, according to our experts, of the widest possible," said Maj. Gary McNeill, a spokesman for the Harnett County Sheriff's Office.


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  • cherliquidair Mar 31, 2009

    The little girl is family of mine.....

  • Chocolate Cream Mar 27, 2009

    I think we all should stay positive. ...Stop pointing fingers, naming call, making assumptions and pray like hell that this child is found. It is obvious that when a person is on an emotional roller coaster they are not rational. I am sure mom is appreciative of all the help. I think she is nervous of the camera and she is speaking with frustration and not necessarily a thankful heart..although she is thankful. the family some have helped look, but we must remember the search and rescue team has said numerous times in the paper and news, that it is too dangerous for non-professionals to help, although they have had request, they had to turn the people down. so, that may be why the family is on the porch and not actively looking, instead venting frustrations with the wrong choice of words. I pray we turn this board into a prayer board instead of gossiping and spreading untrue, inaccurate info. I pray for you all .....especially both families.

  • taffya317 Mar 27, 2009

    No the little girl is not a family member of mine. Like everyone else tensions are high in the nieghborhood and everyone whats the best for everyone involved. I am just really upset at all the negitives that are being said about both sides, we should all be focusing on find the little girl lost, her family and her little friend and her family. I'm not meaning to be nasty. This is a time were we all should be pulling together like we all have. So, if we all do our part and pray for everyone involved maybe just maybe our prayers might be answered. Thats all.

  • 1happyperson Mar 27, 2009

    I'm going by what the family said was told to them. Anybody that wasn't there at the time is going by he say. I'm getting the little girl is a family member of yours. But trust no need to get nasty. Starting to get alot of tension, and that not why I started posting. I have done my part by going out and searching for her and will continue to do so until she is found. I hope you are doing the same. : ) And for any one who wants to help please come out and do so. You will be more than welcome. We desperately need to find Ca'zhia.

  • taffya317 Mar 27, 2009

    Really??? because it seems to me your placing blame on an innocent child who did the right thing by trying to get her out and put her life in danger at the same time. and by you people i mean everyone who has negitive comments and accusations. And the fact remains that if you ask the police if the little girls story changed at all they would say no it hasn't.And if it wasn't for her the police would no input on what happened in detail. If you were just saying what you heard then maybe you should stop the he said she said and say what you know.

  • 1happyperson Mar 27, 2009

    When you say you people please call us by name. I personally didnt accuse her of pushing her. Just stated that what some people have said. No one has the same story. taffya317 what the facts? Im just trying to get the family some help finding the little girl.

  • taffya317 Mar 27, 2009

    Who do you people think you are????Accusing a little girl of pushing her friend in. What kinda person does that? Especially when this little girl was questioned on 4-5 different occasions and her story is always the same. If you don't know the facts don't open your mouth with accusations. FOr goodness sakes she tried to save her before running to get help. Not only that by trying to help her we could all be looking for 2 little girls and no one would know where to start looking! I mean come on everyone is out there trying to help and all this negitivity brings added tension to the situation. Like i said before we all just need to pray for everyone involved and for all the people out there trying to find her.

  • cherliquidair Mar 27, 2009

    If you want to know how she fell in...I will tell. She was reaching out to feel how cold the water was. They DID go off without the parents permission. They were suppossed to stay in the yard. I talked to the little girl this A.M. and you have no idea how she is feeling. She is so distraught that she "lost her friend" She tried to help her before she ran for help, and she slipped out of her hands. It makes me sick in my heart that this 7 year old will only remember her friend by hearing her scream for help and trying to help and she slipped out of hr hands.
    It truely is a sad situation....most parents rely on the neighborhood to look after their kids....sorry to say that is not the case anymore....

  • 1happyperson Mar 27, 2009

    Alot of people are thinking the same thing. What if she pushed her not knowing if she would lose her balance and fall in. We just need to find Ca'zhia.

  • LibertarianTechie Mar 27, 2009

    By now, the girl is dead, in the river. Either is was playing and fell in or she was pushed in by the other girl (they were playing, after all; children cannot possibly think something this bad could happen). The other thing is this mother NEEDS to be charged with child endangerment; once out of the house, your children need to be watched as if you are a hawk--you never know what can happen.