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Road ahead could be rough for college grads

Posted March 19, 2009

— Jobless rates that are climbing across the nation make for a tough job market for seasoned professionals. College students graduating this spring might also have it rough.

Carol Schroeder, director of North Carolina State University's Career Center, says she's seen a 20 percent decrease in job postings and companies recruiting on campus.

N.C. State career center Job outlook dim for college graduates

"There was a dramatic change from the end of the fall semester, and it has gotten very, very slow," Schroeder said.

Career counselors are encouraging students to be more prepared and flexible and to start their job searches earlier.

"They need to assume it will take longer because the competition will be more intense," Schroeder said.

Heather Steelman, a senior studying animal science, says she has been looking and that her search has been difficult.

"With the economy being the way it is, a lot of the pharmaceutical companies that I was interested in working with actually aren't hiring anymore because they're consolidating," she said.

The downturn could be a factor in students staying in school longer. Schroder says the university has seen a 21 percent increase in graduate school applications.

Steelman says she considered grad school, but plans to stick with her current job as a veterinary assistant until the job outlook improves.

Schroeder's advice: "Don't give up."


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  • discowhale Mar 20, 2009

    The problem is that most college graduates have been told, their entire lives, that their degree is the key to guaranteed success and security. It may offer MORE security than no degree, but there are no guarantees.

    I heard some talking head on TV saying that it must be tough to go to school, get a degree, then have their big FIRST disappointment of not finding a job.


    If your first big disappointment doesn't happen until you're 22 or 23, fresh out of college, you lead a charmed life. Most of us have big disappointments before that, for sure. And get used to them too.

    Life is filled with disappointment. A college degree doesn't have anything to do with staving off disappointment, it's about bettering your life, not insuring it from harm, or discomfort.

  • Hip-Shot Mar 19, 2009

    I graduated 2 years ago in Network Technology and had my CCNP. It was a tough road finding employment because the potential employers all wanted experience and the small bit of internship I performed had no relevance to what they were looking. Likewise, I have 30K debts from school that I will be paying on 20 years.

  • bleh Mar 19, 2009

    I have been looking for a job since September-October of last year, I graduated in December, it is now March and I still have not found a job. And newsflash, more graduates, like myself, are paying their own way through school, so they do have bills and other financial obligations.

  • haggis basher Mar 19, 2009

    Rough is relative....most are young, have no Mortgage or Family to support and their Parents can house them until a job comes up.....