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Wake Forest homeowners: Knights, queens stay away

Posted March 6, 2009
Updated March 7, 2009

— Some Wake Forest homeowners don't want knights, queens or their fans traipsing around on a golf course near their back yards later this month.

Residents around the old Wake Forest Golf Club said that zoning or a development agreement should stop the N.C. Renaissance Faire from setting up on the golf course off Capital Boulevard.

Jesters, swordsmen not wanted by Wake Forest homeowners Renaissance characters not wanted by homeowners

"This is like taking the (State) Fairgrounds and plopping it in our back yards," homeowner Bill Matzkevich said. "(Homeowners) don't feel protected at all. We feel like we've been hung out to dry."

Residents previously fought plans to put a housing development in the same spot.

"The residents are sensitive to the property. They would prefer that it remain either open space or a golf course," Bill Summers, Wake Forest's town planner, said.

The Faire's general manager, Donna Varner-Sheaves, said she didn't think neighbors would get riled up when organizers picked the golf course as the location for the annual event. It runs March 28-29 and April 4-5.

"We really didn't anticipate it was going to be quite so vehement," Varner-Sheaves said.

Faire organizers said the owner of the golf course is letting them use the land, and town officials said the Faire has complied with permit requests.

Nearby residents, though, said they think that the 25,000 people expected to attend to the Faire will take a toll on the property. A chain-link fence separates their houses from the golf course.

"All the cars – we're expecting over 1,000 cars a day will be parked in this open field," Matzkevich said.

Faire organizers said they don't think there will be any issues. They plan to put up more fencing to accommodate the homeowners' concerns.

"We do not anticipate that it will make any appreciable dent in the property," Varner-Sheaves said.

Protection from one event is unlikely to please homeowners, however.

"Once this precedent is set, what's to prevent a tractor pull, a concert?" Matzkevich said.


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  • doubletap357 Mar 9, 2009

    I've always said that a golf course is just a waste of a good rifle range. The home owners really have no right to dictate to the land owner how to used his property as long he's within the zoning laws. How can they think that the owner should pay millions for a piece of property and thousands in taxes just so they can can benefit from it for free? If they want the property to remain as it is they should get together and buy it at fair market value.

  • St Ives Mar 6, 2009

    I am under the asumption the residents do not own this land themselves? If they wish it to be left as is they should purchase it themselves

  • 2headstrong Mar 6, 2009

    Finally, a golf course that will be put to good use.

  • overvalient Mar 6, 2009

    Ha Ha Ha.....Mr. Matzkevich has his $240,463 home being raided by some festival goers. I dont think he's a local now is he? I hope a goat pees on both of his Lexus' in the driveway ('06 and '04 if WakeGov is correct). If they allow it, I'm gonna dance a medieval jig right behind his property. FORE. hahahahahahahahaha

  • Amusedone Mar 6, 2009

    These homeowners need to get a grip. The person that owns the property should be able to do pretty much anything he wants as long as it does not REASONABLY threaten the safety of the homeowners. The fact that they were able to block the development of the property for homes is ridiculous. This is not protected wetlands or some rare forest...it was a golf course. From that point any development short of maybe a nuclear reactor should be fair game. As others have said...if they don't want it developed, pay FAIR market value for the space and then they can do what they want for it.

  • yabbadabbadooo Mar 6, 2009

    where does it say HOAs are the issue? which article did you read? It says "residents". It's about people who live there not wanting a bunch of adults playing "make believe" to strut around near their residences....

    Besides, we all know that the residents should either have a saving throw against parking in grassy areas, or just cast magic missle at the darkness....

  • time4real Mar 6, 2009

    oh get over it and joust a neighbor!

  • agricon3 Mar 6, 2009

    If its anything like the field trip Ren Fair thw eighth grade class went to 3/4 yrs ago, I would scream no. PUB and BROTHEL fair. We as parents were very displeased with the event.

  • james27613 Mar 6, 2009

    Yes, time to pass legislation to dissolve these
    Home Owner Associations along with the restrictive
    covenants that are turning our developments into the land of

    Fact is these HOA keep housing prices down compared to
    developments that have no HOA and homeowners can improve
    their homes and landscapes any way they wish.

  • james27613 Mar 6, 2009

    How about female mud wrestling events ?

    "Once this precedent is set, what's to prevent a tractor pull, a concert?" Matzkevich said.