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UNC system panel leaning toward hate-crimes policy

Posted February 26, 2009

— A panel will likely recommend the University of North Carolina system adopt a policy for handling hate crimes on the system's 16 campuses, officials said Thursday.

The UNC Study Commission to Review Student Codes of Conduct as They Relate to Hate Crimes still needs to hammer out the specifics of a proposed policy, but members said they discouraged using the term "hate crimes" in any policy.

UNC President Erskine Bowles created the panel after four North Carolina State University students' spray-painted racist graffiti in the campus' Free Expression Tunnel the night President Barack Obama was elected.

The state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called for the students to be expelled, but N.C. State officials said they had no grounds to do that.

The panel said a policy should prohibit conduct that federal and North Carolina laws characterize as hate crimes, as well as the infliction or threat of bodily harm and behavior that meets the legal definition of harassment leading to a hostile environment.

"Student codes should include language that defines the conduct that is illegal based upon specific statutes or laws, rather than a prohibition of 'hate crimes' per se," a memo to the panel said.

The group hasn't discussed the possibility of requiring all new students in the UNC system to undergo diversity training.

A final recommendation is due to Bowles by the end of March. The UNC Board of Governors would have to approve any new policy.


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  • sweetsea Feb 27, 2009

    This is so incredibly dumb. I have come to expect it though from the weak spined bowls of jelly that run the university system. It would not surprise me to see Kamou Kambon invited to speak at UNC-CH, perhaps commencement. The limits of leftist lunacy there never ceases to amaze. They are caving in to the demands of Wm.Barber and his crowd that were threatening the Duke Lacrosse players with death. Irksome Bowles(of jelly) is a disgrace.

  • lizard Feb 27, 2009

    Why are these people on the public payroll? We need to cutoff their dole.

  • EyesintheSkies Feb 27, 2009

    So much for freedom of speech. It was over-rated anyway. We may speak, but only say what the government allows us to say.

  • Sidekick Feb 27, 2009

    Now you all know that it's only hate when white people do it.

  • Trivr Feb 26, 2009

    barkleylee - That's the most amazing video I've ever watched! Total blatant racism from this guy. Raw racism like I've never seen before. It's scary because it's not just him, he was applauded right after his line about needing to exterminate white people. Wow.

  • barkleylee Feb 26, 2009

    You do know that long before this incident a black NCSU professor, Kambau Kambon got up on stage in front of a crowd, with cameras broadcasting him on C-Span and called for the mass extermination of all white people on earth? Where was the hate-crime law then? They didn't even fire him from his job at the college. Does mean they can FINALLY go back and prosecute that guy now?

  • barkleylee Feb 26, 2009

    So, what about the NCSU professor, Kamau Kambon, who during a televised conference called for the extermination of all white people and the audience applauded him? They never said anything about that being a hate crime.


  • colliedave Feb 26, 2009

    Look at gansta-rap and its vulgar treatment of women and its use of the N-word; would a student blaring the music from his boom box be guilty of a hate crime? Would it matter if the student was white or black? Would it be a hate crime if the white student wrote the words from gansta rap on a wall? Whould it be a hate crime if a black student wrote the same words on a wall?

  • bettyboopr2 Feb 26, 2009

    Let it rest. The racist group the NAACP will not let it go. Keep fueling the flames.

  • Mitch Feb 26, 2009

    When I moved to NC I thought I was moving to a red state, I didn't think by red it would a bolshevik regime.