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School reassignment foes, backers to come together

Posted February 26, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— Two groups with opposite views on Wake County public schools’ reassignment policy plan to come together Thursday night to air their differences and, they hope, find some common ground.

The Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African-American Children supports the policy of busing students for diversity. The Wake Schools Community Alliance has a different view and wants to end busing for diversity in favor of community schools.

Coalition officials said they want to talk about the history behind the policy, so they invited the Alliance to a forum at 6:30 p.m. at Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 E. Martin St. in Raleigh.

The alliance accepted the invitation, and the forum is open to the public.

State Sen. Vernon Malone Reassignment foes to come together at forum

Educator Dudley Flood will moderate the forum, called “Does Diversity Impact Achievement in WCPSS (Wake County Public School System).” He helped school districts nationwide draft integration plans.

“I worked in school desegregation for about 40 years,” he said. “We learn more from each other than we do from any teacher. There is no one teacher capable of giving any one child all that he or she will ever need in their life, and that's why you want to create the richest environment that you can for every child."

State Sen. Vernon Malone was school board chairman when Raleigh city schools and Wake County schools merged in 1976. He plans to speak at the forum.

“During those days, the city system was losing students to the county system, and the students that we were losing were, for the most part, white affluent students,” Malone said. “And the Raleigh public school system, as it was known then, was becoming an inner-city urban system."

Malone said he hopes the Wake County Board of Education stays the course.

"I am totally committed to continuing this diversity effort, and to regress from that now, I think, would be moving in the wrong direction,” he said.

The alliance declined WRAL's request for an interview.


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  • time4real Feb 26, 2009

    "The only thing that will get through to the school board is if people who were ticked off went to the meetings packing heat and baseball bats."

    Why don't you mention that to them! Want their contact info?

  • any1butcarolina0405 Feb 26, 2009

    I was a victim of trying to get into a better school. However in the opposite way, I was one of 3 white kids in my class(of 35 people... yes... 35 and this is back in 95). In a group of "above grade level" readers it was the 3 white kids and 2 other black children and we were all in the same middle class neighborhood. We were sent to this school to "balance" things out. Know what happened to us? We were free tutors. Me, and the other group memebers taught our classmates how to read................................. IN THE THIRD GRADE. Bussing isn't the issue, it's children with no HOME support. You can't change that in school! My poor teacher tried and tried, I even heard her telling the parents they HAD to help their kids read at home, they refused. THAT my friends, is why things are uneven. So all these pro-black, I mean pro-african american people need to get out of the school system and into the neighborhoods.

  • TheAdmiral Feb 26, 2009

    The only thing that will get through to the school board is if people who were ticked off went to the meetings packing heat and baseball bats. All the talk gets you nowhere.

  • tobis19341 Feb 26, 2009

    stop the busing and take a page out of the philadelphia book for teaching inner city kids...pay the teachers hazard pay (just like the military gets when they go into combat). nobody moves to the suburbs to go to school with the inner city kids, nor should they be forced to.

  • injameswetrust2003 Feb 26, 2009

    As a taxpayer, I don't understand the mentality of some of my fellow Wake County residents. Mom2two how do you know the results would be disastrous? Are you a fortune teller?

    I don't think Millberg will run again. Goetee I don't think would be reelected because she has not represented her constituency. Don't know about Head or Tart.

  • Timbo Feb 26, 2009

    "So I should be against bussing, right? WRONG. I worked in Walnut Terrace for 3 years and learned about what kind of homes these kids come from."

    So how does busing help those kids??? Oh wait, it doesn't.

  • yellow_hat Feb 26, 2009

    “We learn more from each other than we do from any teacher."

    Yep - one of my kids asked me what "MF" & "N-word" meant in 2nd or 3rd grade after "learnig" this at school. No big deal - but not all we learn from each other is positive.

  • yellow_hat Feb 26, 2009

    “F&R lunch=crummy homes with little or no adequate parenting.”

    So how is bussing going to fix that? Is sitting next to my kid for an hour a day going to erase all the negative influences in his life? School is for educating children. It is not a grand social experiment.

    I remember an issue with my son in 2nd grade - he reads great at home, but the teacher keeps sending home books at kindergarten level - stuff he could read in preschool. We go to school - ask what’s up? She tells us our son is such a great reader, she put him in a group of low performing readers (mostly F&R) to help them! I was furious. We insisted (after a visit to the principal) she place him in a group at his true reading level. His job was learning - not teaching. What is really sad, the teacher saw nothing wrong with this.

    And btw - my wife volunteered at that school to lead a reading group to help these kids. One of which is now in jail for murder (remember the taxi driver not too long ago).

  • time4real Feb 26, 2009

    Millberg, Head and Goet say they won't run, Tart will run as sure as the day is long, he's old school and thinks he deserves the seat. DO NOT trust the 3 ladies to stay true to their words of not seeking re-election, they are never true to anything else they say and for Tart, he will get voted out because district 2 is fed up with his good ole boy attitude and yes man ways. WHO EVER runs against any of them vote for them and remove all 4 this time. DO NOT allow another election to end the same way the past elections have. Or you'll only have yourself to blame when they reassign your kids to VA!

  • Mom2two Feb 26, 2009

    I was in the 3rd grade when Raleigh integrated schools through bussing, 38 years ago. It was quite the culture shock for me when I was able to observe the jungle mentality as the children from Walnut Terrace were bussed to A.B. Combs. I can recall being horrified as I watched my teacher get into a physical fight with a 9yo.

    So I should be against bussing, right? WRONG. I worked in Walnut Terrace for 3 years and learned about what kind of homes these kids come from. For WAY too many families, F&R lunch=crummy homes with little or no adequate parenting.

    Bussing may be the only chance these kids have. Warehousing them in inner-city "neighborhood schools" would be disastrous for them, and throwing more money at these "warehouses" would not have the intended effect.

    But maybe that is all these "squeaky wheels" know how to do? Throw more money at it and let the urchins be someone else's problem.