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Disturbance leads to Raleigh cop's arrest

Posted February 25, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— Raleigh police responding to a call about a domestic dispute Tuesday morning later arrested an off-duty fellow officer and charged him with assault, including pointing a gun, officials disclosed Wednesday.

At about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, officers answered a call about a domestic-related disturbance in the 10800 block of Heather Meadow Lane at the Columns at Wakefield, an upscale apartment complex, police said.

Raleigh police arrest fellow officer at apartment complex Police arrest fellow officer at apartment complex

"As a result of the investigation stemming from that call," Senior Officer A.R. Caruana, 32, was taken into custody Tuesday evening at police headquarters, they said in a statement. It was Caruana's wife who reported the assault at the apartment complex, according to the police report. Another Raleigh man was listed as a victim.

Caruana was charged with assault, assault by pointing a gun and communicating threats and was transported to the Wake County jail.

Caruana was off duty at the time of the incident, and his department-issued weapon was not involved in the matter, Police Chief Harry Dolan said in a statement.

Neighbors with whom WRAL News spoke said Caruana was a likable person.

"He was a nice guy. He was a good guy,” neighbor Azi Eshraghi said.

They also said Caruana loved his job, but was going through a rough time and that he and his wife had separated.

"They had some problems and things like that,” neighbor Mehran Charkhesht said.

Caruana joined the Raleigh Police Department on June 4, 2000, and holds the rank of senior officer. He was most recently assigned to the department's Gang Suppression Unit.

In 2003, Caruana shot a an 18-year-old suspect whom police said charged at Caruana and another officer with a knife. The suspect was later charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a government officer.

Tuesday's dispute that led to the charges was not related to Caruana’s law enforcement duties, Dolan said.

An administrative process will determine the department’s appropriate course of action from a personnel standpoint, the chief said. He did not say whether Caruana has been suspended. However, in situations such as this, officers are typically placed on administrative duty, a police official said.

Caruana was no longer being held in the Wake County Jail and could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.


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  • autumngal Feb 26, 2009

    Everyone is under stress these days, and like it has been already said, who knows what really went on to put him over the edge like this.

  • bretth Feb 26, 2009

    hrizzuto2... Really?? You sound so pious!! You have absolutely no idea what went on in that apartment nor what the background is to the story. I realize that you may THINK you know b/c you have seen the guy once or twice "coming into the complex with his kids" or seen his X by the pool, but if you personally knew the individual that was assaulted, you would know that it was an unprovoked assault. If you knew him personally you would also know how the situation was "handled".

    Something else I think all should know is that this couple had been seperated for well over a year and the relationship was "strained" at best, so before you start giving him credit for "protecting his territory", maybe you should get a clue and realize these types of scenarios happen more often than you realize and usually turn out a lot worse.

  • hrizzuto2 Feb 26, 2009

    Who cares what the guy did. Ya know, If he did walk in on her with another man int he house.. That's what the guy gets. Chances are she was trying to hold him back from kicking the snot out of the "boyfriend" and she claimed he hit her. I live in the apartments that this girl does. And this isn't stuff that is typical for our community. And I would honestly hope that if I got caught doing stuff like she was claimed to be doing.. my man would do the same thing. You wait until you're divorced before you start messing around with some other guy. Plain and simple. She has kids and is already having other men around them? yeah, what does that say about her character? And He can't be that bad of a guy if I see him DAILY coming in the complex to drop his kids off from school while she's at the pool "tanning". Ya know there are two sides to a story and Im willing to bet we are getting to "semi-truthful"part. We aren't hearing what she did.

  • wakemom Feb 26, 2009

    Bretth, where did you get your info from? And wakemom, who injects race into everything? I thought the election of Obama would be the end of any race problems. After all, he is the great orator that brings everyone together. If the officer is found guilty then hammer away, but until then,no one knows the entire story but the officer and the other guy involved. I just hope the other guy involved isn't black, oh the outrage that would cause!

    evidently you werent online yesterday during the topic i am speaking of. so yeah i still stand by what i mean

  • dbok3 Feb 26, 2009

    Horrible situation all around. It doesnt matter if they are divorced, seperated, or whatever. When the heart and emotions are involved it can get spooky real fast. Im not here to support or crucify the officer if he did what he's charged with then he should be delt with accordingly. Its got nothing to do with the fact he's a cop but that seems to be the issue. Everyone who has left a posting on this board has lost it to some degree when it comes to matters of the heart so ease up. The cop issue isnt the issue the assault(s) are. So what if he's a cop its probably the only thing that saved that guys life. If would have been some joe blow with a gun the guy would probably be at wake med right now with a sucking chest wound. Oh how quick we judge each other! Just because the guy lost over his wife or ex with another dude has nothing NOTHING to do with how he was as a cop. And I did say was a cop because evryone here knows that his career is over. As I stated before horrible situation.

  • DasStonecutter Feb 26, 2009

    Unfortunately officers do have to be held to a higher standard. And I believe this because if in a court of law if it were my word against that of an officer (no physical evidence of a crime), an officer's word would be believed 100% of the time.

    If you are trusted to be infallible in court, under oath, then you are indeed held to a higher standard in the community - even when you are off duty.

    That being said, I think I speak for most people on here when I say that I think most officers are good people, and only make the same simple mistakes that most of us do. Hate it for this guy. He's got some rough times ahead most likely.

  • kimharrison0809 Feb 26, 2009

    "If they are divorced, as some posters here claim, then why wouldn't the article state his EX-WIFE reported the disturbance."

    That you even have to ask that Question Bulldog22 lets me know if I need to sale a ocean front property in Raleigh you're the first one I should contact. Seriously, do you not think the media "Conveniently" leaves things out to make a GREAT story. This man took an OATH to serve and protect and like a man in the Military or a doctor that isn't just when they are "on the job". A doctor can't let his Ex-wife's boyfriend go without medical attention b/c he "doesn't like the guy" You and many people on here obviously don't know what an oath is (including this police officer). To all the men and women who have taken this Oath and stand behind the words that they promised THANK YOU!!! You guys ARE above the rest...and like "chance" did I would NEVER compare you to a Computer programmer. That would be like comparing apples and oranges and disrespectful.

  • Duke _Nukem Feb 26, 2009

    Talk about getting a raw deal by the press and community. I wish the media would post every time one of you fine upstanding citizens were accused of a crime and platered your face all over. Maybe we would be less likely to criticize. I sure that some of the people that have posted here have been arrested for smacking their wife or girlfriend, or maybe driven drunk, or ooops, accidently borrowed something that wasn't theirs. I just wish you picture was posted here and see how u like being criticized, belittled, and judged. Bottom line is this had nothing to do with his job and shouldn't have been in the news. If he was on duty, he's fair game. This isn't right the way we treat select professions.

  • Bulldog22 Feb 26, 2009

    If they are divorced, as some posters here claim, then why wouldn't the article state his EX-WIFE reported the disturbance.

  • BLK 007 Feb 26, 2009

    Goes to show you, everybody is human. whether you wear a uniform or not. Hope this will turn out better than it started for all parties involved.