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Police search for text clues to woman's death along Garner road

Posted February 23, 2009

— Garner police searched the Verizon Wireless text messages of the boyfriend of Mayela Orduna for clues to her death, according to a search warrant returned Monday.

Orduna was found unconscious on the shoulder of Aversboro Road near Old Scarborough Lane last week and later died. Preliminary autopsy findings, released Thursday, indicate that she died of a head injury consistent with exiting a moving car, Sgt. Chris Clayton of the Garner Police Department said.

Police searched the text messages of her boyfriend, Spencer Bolick, for "information and insight into the incident" that lead to her death, the warrant said. Police return search warrants to a court clerk after they have executed them, and they are public unless sealed by a judge.

Bolick told police that Orduna attended a party at his apartment, at 3200 Madison Farm Court, Apt. 102, before her death. He said the two argued at the party, then left in his 1993 Crown Victoria.

He said Orduna jumped from the car as he drove along Aversboro Road. According to the warrant, Bolick was on the phone with another party guest, Tara Rich, when Orduna jumped.

Bolick and other party guests "fabricated a story of how the incident occurred in order to avoid responsibility for the victim's injuries," the warrant says.

Police also searched Bolick's apartment and car as part of the investigation and seized marijuana, drug paraphernalia, two purses, a bra, paperwork and an empty pill bottle with white residue, according to a search warrant.

Police are investigating the case as a "suspicious death," Clayton said.

"The (Wake County District Attorney's Office) will make the decision on what, if any, charges are appropriate," he said.


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  • xchief661 Feb 24, 2009

    So sorry for this family in the loss of their child, sister, friend. What a tragedy for such a beautiful young girl.

  • yoyo8 Feb 24, 2009

    Guess you have never been put in that position in life.........live it then talk to me. Yes, as I said he is in the wrong for leaving and needs to pay the price for that. But The boy did not beat her not toss her out. And in truth I guess you DON"T KNOW TODAYS KIDS, walk through the High Schools, see whats going on, nor do you know his lifestyle........ie what type of job he has, if he was off work for those days.......your not seeing the picture are you????? You have tunnel vision!! Smoke is not there, he was wrong leaving that needs to be faced and you want to bring up drugs and partying........well good luck as I said walk around Knightdale, Garner, Raleigh, apt complexes, schools.....see how many kids could be put away

  • sweet t Feb 24, 2009

    why would you leave someone on the side of the road in the first place??

  • sweet t Feb 24, 2009

    He should be arrested for not calling 911 right away, he could have saved her from laying there dieing in the road!!

  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 24, 2009

    yoyo: Please! Were you there? And by there, I mean in the car? If not, you don't know what he did, or didn't do. No more than I do. Let's see, drugs, 'partying' at 3:00 in the morning on a Tuesday, lying to police - Yes, he's a fine, upstanding citizen. I'm not saying he murdered this girl, but where there's smoke...

  • yoyo8 Feb 24, 2009

    I am so MAD at PEOPLE LOOKING FOR DIRT. If you know this boy the person he is you would understand. He could and would never hurt a person on this earth!!!!!!! Yes, he may have been SCARED and done the wrong thing and tried to cover that up BUT HE DID NOT KILL the girl.........and I know this for a fact and all you people want is dirt and a Crime. Yes the crime may be being SCARED at a young age to see something like this happen before his eyes and not knowing what to do. But that is where he is in the wrong thats it!!!

  • airbornemonty Feb 23, 2009

    If the young woman had jumped from the vehicle as the young man claims, she would have tried to exit the moving vehicle feet first and could have easily broken her arms or legs as well as her head, [I didn't read anything in the news that said she had sustained any other injuries other than to her head].

    But on the other hand, if she was pushed out of the car she would have dropped to the ground head first.

    All in all, the young mans explanation sounds very suspicious to me.

  • diwanicki Feb 23, 2009

    There will be much more to this story. I agree with didisaythat.

  • didisaythat Feb 23, 2009

    Yes this is getting interesting. I haven't heard of many people just jumping from a car and with the tech of newer cars I would think it is doubtful that the door malfunctioned and with it sounding like people lying to police as to what happened it makes my Perry Mason side come out. I will not speculate for the bloggers that get offended when someone voices their opinion too soon.

  • TeresaBee Feb 23, 2009

    The plot thickens.....