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Six Cumberland County students charged in fight

Posted February 18, 2009

— Six female students at Douglas Byrd High School were arrested Wednesday after a fight broke out on campus, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.

Investigators said classes were changing around 11 a.m. when the six began arguing and a fight ensued outside of the cultural arts building on Ireland Drive.

School Resource Officers detained those involved and have charged them with misdemeanor simple affray, the sheriff's office said in a press release.

The students arrested were: Destiny McRae, 16, of 1034 Wildwood Drive; Delvina Harper, 16, of 1024 Wildwood Drive; Jalissa Graham, 17,of 5583 Quitewood Place; Asiah Walker, 17, of 1637 Flintshire Road; Shakoya Williams, 17, of 1146 Wildwood Drive; and Khadijah Gethers, 17, of 1401 Ireland Drive, all in Fayetteville.

The suspects were taken to the Cumberland County Detention Center and released under $500 secured bonds that require their parents, who paid the bonds, to keep the students at home.


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  • highly-blessed Feb 19, 2009

    What is the point of reporting this? There is no reason to think these young ladies are prison bound. They just need some positive role models in their lives...that's it. They are not troubled teens or criminals. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

    -I agree with the racism comment....sad this is going on in 2009.

  • sayitoutloud Feb 19, 2009

    I wouldnt have paid anything to get them out of jail. They would have sat right there til atleast Monday.

  • Concerned For You Feb 19, 2009

    Am I missing something?? Aren't these girls minors. WHy are their full addresses posted.

  • thepeopleschamp Feb 18, 2009

    Is it ironic that these were 6 african americans fighting each other during black history month near the cultural arts building?

  • nonemeant Feb 18, 2009

    I give all the girls A plus for hair. They all had the presence of mind to whip their hair back in place neatly for the mug shots!! You go girls!!

  • exxe75 Feb 18, 2009

    Well, well, well, seems like Douglas Byrd hasn't changed over the years. Next thing you know, PayPerView will be having the DB girls cage match!! Ridiculous.

  • JAT Feb 18, 2009

    mrdu - Oh, I just know. Ain't assuming nothing!

  • mrduright Feb 18, 2009

    JAT-how do you know there parents dont care or are you assuming and we all know what assuming makes you

  • Here kitty kitty Feb 18, 2009

    Guess WRAL didn't like my suggestion about how to handle the situation. I thought it was pretty good!!!

  • mrduright Feb 18, 2009

    jesmyopinion what are you implying