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Police: Woman might have jumped from moving car

Posted February 19, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— A Hispanic woman found unconscious along a Garner road died late Tuesday, police said.

A driver found Mayela Orduna, 18, of Red Oak, Texas, on the shoulder of Aversboro Road near Old Scarborough Lane at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Orduna died at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday at WakeMed, said Sgt. Chris Clayton of the Garner Police Department.

Garner Police investigate details of woman's death

The driver told authorities Orduna had a head injury. Preliminary autopsy findings, released Thursday, indicate that Orduna died of a head injury consisten with exiting a moving car, Clayton said. 

Orduna and her boyfriend, Spencer Bolick, hosted a party at their apartment late Monday and early Tuesday, Bolick told police. He told investigators that he argued with her, and they left in his 1993 Crown Victoria.

As he drove along Aversboro Road, Bolick told police, Orduna jumped from the car. He then returned to the apartment and told friends about the incident, he said, and one of them drove out to Aversboro Road to look for Orduna.

Another driver had already found her unconscious along the road and had called 911.

"Based on our interviews with people, she fell out of the car. At this time, we're still investigating as to how that happened," Clayton said.

Bolick filed a missing person report on Orduna with Garner police at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday. He declined to comment about the case Wednesday.

Police searched the apartment at 3200 Madison Farm Court and the Crown Victoria as part of the investigation and seized marijuana, drug paraphernalia, two purses, a bra, paperwork and an empty pill bottle with white residue, according to a search warrant.

Police identified Orduna by the prescription on another pill bottle found in her pocket, according to the warrant. They contacted her family in Texas, and her mother, Susan Gasca, told investigators that Orduna had moved to North Carolina with friends she had met at Marine boot camp.

Police are investigating the case as a "suspicious death," Clayton said.

"The (Wake County District Attorney's Office) will make the decision on what, if any, charges are appropriate," he said.


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  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 20, 2009

    gmhs soccer: Is that you Mr Gay? Did you fail English? Were you there? If not, you don't know what you're talking about either.

  • gmhssoccer20 Feb 19, 2009

    none of yall know what youre talking about. first of all she wasnt thrown out of a window she fell out of the car and if he did it then he would have had to reach over her open the door and push her out all while still driving but there were no tire marks going off the road she apparently that didnt happen.Also if he reached over her and was forcing her out the car wouldnt he of had marks on him because im sure she didnt willingly let him push her out the car...!! He also wasnt coming from his appartment either he was coming in the other direction so there for he didnt turn around and drive back by her! Dont judge anybody before you know the whole story

  • Garnerwolf1 Feb 19, 2009

    I'm assuming from the news story that they were traveling from the apt. If that is the case, and she was on the passsenger side of the car, she was found on the wrong side of the road. And if, as the news story also indicated, he went back to the apt, then he almost had to turn around and drive back past her. Otherwise he would have had to drive way out of his way. Drugs and stupidity don't mix, but I dont' think we're hearing the whole story here.

  • beachbum1 Feb 19, 2009

    If she went through the window then he had time to stop the car. If she opened the door then he also could have slowed as it's hard to open a car door when traveling at a high speed. Something is not on the up and up here.

  • megbaum Feb 19, 2009

    This is a tragedy for all concerned and every person involved is a victim. I just love the way you are all so quick to jump to conclusions and make a judgement. Have you ever thought of the ages of these two? My daughter was friends of theirs. The boyfriend was scared out of his wits - she had already been in his face several times that night - and I am told he was either drunk or high which would have exacerbated the situation. She definitely was according to her "friends." He called 9-1-1 once he got back to the house. Plus - think. How can you push someone out the window of a Crown Victoria and still be in the driver's seat? You would have to move over at least two feet (those seats are huge), lift them up and then push them through the window. Hard to do and steer at the same time. Given the grammar and spelling of most, though, I guess your imagination couldn't go that far.

  • sssh.. whisper Feb 19, 2009

    Bendal1, you might be right about one thing.. she's dead, and that leaves him as the only witness. However, he didn't stop and he didn't call 911- his friends did. He already admitted his guilt when he said that.

  • Bendal1 Feb 19, 2009

    Suspicion is one thing; proof is another. If it was just him and the girl in the car, I don't see how any evidence can "prove" he pushed her out. He says she jumped and he apparently was the only witness.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  • bigmelons2004 Feb 19, 2009

    This whole thing does not make any sense what so ever. Someone jumps from your car. He had to be going at a good speed. You would stop and make sure they were ok. If you were still mad or arguing, then drive off, but you don't want anything to come back and bite you in the backside like this is going to bite the boyfriend.

  • down by the pond Feb 18, 2009

    These guys think they are so smart,,,, but they can't even follow correct instinctive human behavior when they lie......anyone who says someone jumped from their car WOULD STop the car and call 911,,,, duh,,,did i read there is a marine connection,?,,, we have had a lot of military kill their girlfriends /wives ,,,,,i would have to say we may need to add this one to the list...........

  • airbornemonty Feb 18, 2009

    Baloney, that girl was pushed out of the car check it out, it wouldn't be hard to do especially if they were drinking and arguing.

    I just hope the police investigate this incident further since it looks extremely suspicious to me and probable to a lot of other common sense people that read this story.