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Board approves tuition hikes at UNC system campuses

Posted February 13, 2009

— The UNC Board of Governors on Friday approved tuition increases for 2009-10 at all 16 campuses in the University of North Carolina system.

All but two of the 32 voting members of the board voted in favor of the increases, which average to a 3.9 percent rise in undergraduate tuition.

The rate increase, less than a third of what the universities had requested, could still be changed by state lawmakers if they choose to do so.

Under the hike, undergraduates will pay as little as $71 more at East Carolina University to as much as $432 more at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. (See how other universities and colleges will be affected by the increase.)

Tuition for in-state undergraduates at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Fayetteville State University will increase 4.3 percent, while North Carolina State University's will increase 2.4 percent. North Carolina Central University's in-state tuition will go up 2.1 percent.

The increases comes as each university faces budget cuts because of a projected $2 billion deficit in the state budget. State budget officials have told the university system to expect budget cuts up to 7 percent this year because of the sour economy.

Tuition increases are a way to offset some of the reduced funding, but UNC President Erskine Bowles urged that tuition increases be kept as low as possible.


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  • ncsuprof Feb 13, 2009

    I think tuition is still quite reasonable in NC. Look at the surrounding states (especially VA) and we are ½ the cost for in-state students. If UNCW raises $450 for the year that is only $225.00 per semester which is hardly a king’s ransom. I find it hard to believe that people can no longer afford school over a few hundred dollars considering the long-term pay off that a good degree can provide. Also to the comment about only raising tuition for out of state students only 2.5% you should be reminded that percentages can not be taken to the bank and out of state tuition is more than TRIPLE that of in-state which means 2.5% represents more dollars.

  • hollylama Feb 13, 2009

    I was pretty fortunate to be able to leave school without any loans. I can't imagine what it must be like for soon-to-be and recent graduates. I bet alot more students will consider the study abroad option!

  • tgw Feb 13, 2009

    And did you folks notice that out od state tuition only went up about 2.5% where in state went up an average of 4%. That's nice, hit the residents harder that the out of staters. Makes no sense to me.

    However, most of what the do makes very little sense to me-I just live here and pay taxes here.

    but what do we know, those guys are so smart!!!!!

  • grandmadof8 Feb 13, 2009

    Apparently SME2 hasn't bothered to look at college expenses or they would know that middle income people are having a hard time affording it. Yes, its true that student loans are available, and then the student spends years paying it off after spending years working to get that diploma that will make them self-sufficient. Meanwhile, the "automatic raises" continue for our politicians and college management. I would much rather my taxes go to sending deserving students to college than supporting people who don't bother to improve themselves with an education so that they can be self supporting.

  • ra8797 Feb 13, 2009

    College costs are out of control, and as long as people can get loans they'll keep raising tuition. Very few people can really afford to attend a university full-time but as long as you can borrow the money they don't really care. It's similar to the housing fiasco where homes became overvalued because a lender could use some fuzzy math and get anybody a loan.

    Unless you major in math, science or some career field I'm not sure the cost of a college dgree is worth it anymore.

  • ncguy Feb 13, 2009


    No not poor but getting there very quickly.

    Maybe you should donate to scholarship if you are so rich..

  • veyor Feb 13, 2009

    More to pay to show that for four years you were able to decipher which preferred useless mush you were supposed to fill in a little circle beside.

  • ncchrisncchris Feb 13, 2009

    $500 increase for me in the fall -- Work full time, go to school part-time for my Master's -- I can handle it...not everyone can. But, with that said, there are still many ways to afford your education and this should not keep anyone from attending college with the appropriate grades and desire to attend. We still need to remember that education after high school is a commitment and not a right.

  • brassy Feb 13, 2009

    Is Wake Tech getting any money for the would-be UNC students they'll be seeing next fall?

  • SME2 Feb 13, 2009

    WAAAAAAAAA!!! I'm poor and should get to go to college for free!!! WAAAAAAAA!!