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Troopers begin enforcing 'Operation Slow Down'

Posted February 9, 2009

— Beginning Monday, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol will conduct its "Operation Slow Down-Interstate Initiative" to ticket speeders on North Carolina's interstates.

The operation runs through Feb. 22.

“The purpose of the operation is to reduce speed-related collisions on North Carolina interstates,” Reuben Young, secretary of the state's Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, said in a news release.

“During the past four years, 359 motorists have been killed and 14,297 injured in 50,222 collisions on our interstates. Speed is the leading cause of those collisions," he said.

Stepped-up enforcement and patrols will be conducted across the state, focusing on motorists speeding on interstates and major four-lane highways.

“Troopers are determined to reduce fatal collisions in North Carolina by going after speeders who recklessly endanger our citizens,” said Col. Walter Wilson Jr., commander of the Highway Patrol. “Speeding is the leading cause of traffic deaths and collisions in our state. Operation Slow Down will help in our efforts to reverse that trend.”

Dangerous driving can be reported to the Highway Patrol by dialing *HP (*47) on cell phones from anywhere in the state. For more information about Operation Slow Down, visit the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety’s Highway Patrol Web site.


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  • oldcorp Feb 10, 2009

    To the poster regarding a back-up due to a LE presence - the whole circumstance of 'rubbernecking' is not their concern. If motorists would just DRIVE instead of looking to see if they see something really neat they can tell about at the office or when they get home, traffic would flow much better. At times it seems like some are looking to see if perhaps they can see a clip from a 'Cops' episode being filmed. Really folks, it's not all that interesting or exciting.

  • leo-nc Feb 10, 2009

    "I'm curious, did you attend his court hearing, in addition to the trooper that wrote the citation, or did you just count on him not knowing that you BOTH had to testify?"--

    Neither. It went to disposition court and he plead guilty. If they plead not guilty, then they can meet me in district court on another day.

  • mspeth Feb 10, 2009

    Speeding tickets are just another tax that the state applies to a percentage of drivers.

    If the state was really concerned with safety, then they would implement an automatic governor system. This is trivial to implement with our current state of technology. This system would disallow any car from doing more then the speed limit.

    The device would have a GPS receiver (about $75 from garmen) that connects to a small computer like the Gumstix ($120) that is connected to the electronic throttle to the engine CPU. The device monitors the speed of the vehical. It has maps of NC roads that include speed limit information (can get this from openstreetmaps.org for free!). If the driver applies an increase of throttle that would correlate to making the speed of the car exceed the speed limit, the device would reduce the throttle to match the speed limit. This insures that no car on the road could ever exceed the speed limit.

    Will the state ever do this?

  • hpr641 Feb 10, 2009


    '"Who is going to make the law enforcement slow down. If they blow by me at 75+ with no lights on , I'm falling in with them."--poorman

    I had someone do that to me once while I was responding to a call. Called another Trooper on the radio with description and when I pulled to the wreck scene, had him pull over. The other trooper came and wrote him the ticket.'

    I'm curious, did you attend his court hearing, in addition to the trooper that wrote the citation, or did you just count on him not knowing that you BOTH had to testify?

  • Boogereater Feb 10, 2009

    Hey good job cops! This morning you caused a whole bunch of headaches on I-40. I hope all this money is worth it because there are going to be more accidents now from rubberneckers and people slowing down to avoid you guys. Good job! My tax money hard at work.

  • Timbo Feb 10, 2009

    "The reason you do not see a lot of Troopers on I40 and I 540 during rush hour is because we are all taking wrecks all over the county during those times -"

    I am personally glad HP is NOT on I-40 during rush hour because just the mere presence of a trooper on the shoulder or sitting on an exit overlooking traffic causes drivers to go well below the speed limit. Further back down the road, traffic will actually *stop* because of this.

    Nothing irritates me more than have the Eastbound lane stop/starting and when we get up to one of the airport exits, there's a dayum Morrisville PD sitting up on a hill. Once past him, boom traffic picks up.

  • golo1 Feb 9, 2009

    I just want to thank the HP for all they do. They keep our roads safe and deserve much more respect than people give them. What is wrong with you people?????? When you drive 20 over the speed limit-you hate them. When your tire is flat and you don't know how to change it you call *HP. When you cause an accident and get a ticket for your error-you hate them. When your loved one is killed by a hit and run and they find the criminal who killed them-you praise them.

  • retired and luv it Feb 9, 2009

    Why don t they do it as a daily routine thing rather than declare a special occasion for it. It is what they are out there for is it not?

  • think1st Feb 9, 2009

    The Highway Patrol catches "real criminals" everyday, they just don't work the media like the Sheriff and Police agencies. The citizens of this state are lucky to have the caliber of law enforcement officers that they have. The Wake County way of thinking does not represent the rest of the state as far as law enforcement is concerned....I can assure you. Everyone on here has to admit that a black and silver running a speeder down is a beautiful sight on the interstate. I would love to see a silver BMW pulled over in the morning....that would make my day!!!

  • ljcs357 Feb 9, 2009

    surprising abundance of ignorance here. Fines levied on convictions arising from the issuance of Uniform Citations written in the State of NC go to the NC School System and the AOC - Administrative Office of the Courts. Those of you who think that municipalities or SHP use it to somehow 'fill the coffers' are displaying ignorance. Those of you that seem to get all bent out of shape when you see an LE vehicle exceeding the speed limit, you have absolutely NO idea what radio traffic they have just recieved. NC Statutes allow them to exceed the limit as long as they are acting prudently and safely. In more cases than not, if they activate blue lights and siren guess what happens? Idiots ahead simply slam on brakes and fail to move over, going into a blind panic and impeding the officer's path even more, affecting his response time to what may be a critical situation."------

    I present to you....TITANGRAPH!!!!!