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Man sought in kidnapping, ATM robbery

Posted February 4, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— A woman who says she was kidnapped from her Boylan Heights home in Raleigh on Monday and robbed sought help from her next door neighbor, Raleigh's mayor.

Amanda Reeder told police she answered a knock on the door at her McCulloch Street home Monday night and was confronted by a man who implied he had a weapon.

Composite of kidnapping, ATM robbery suspect Man sought in kidnapping, ATM robbery

She said that he told her to take him to an ATM and that he forced her to withdraw $300.

The man then had the woman drive him to New Bern Avenue, where he got out of her vehicle and walked off, she told police. She wasn't physically harmed during the incident, police said.

Investigators said the assailant also took the woman's necklace and cell phone. She went to a neighbor's house, which happened to be the home of Mayor Charles Meeker, to call police.

"She made some good decisions about what should happen or what happened, and she was very, very lucky," Meeker's wife, Anne McLaurin, said. "And I think our job now is to make sure everyone else is safe."

The kidnapper is described as a heavyset black man in his 20s with a medium complexion and about 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He was wearing a hoodie-style jacket made of cloth with a tan camouflage pattern.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-996-3555.

"It's very unusual to have that kind of crime in our neighborhood," said Meeker, who has lived in Boylan Heights for 30 years. "Occasionally, there will be a bicycle or something like that stolen. This kind of crime is very serious and something I don't recall happening in recent years."

Residents in the neighborhood say they have always watched out for one another and that this incident has put them on high alert.

"We live in a big city," said Adam Zaytoun. "This could happen anywhere you live, no matter what neighborhood."


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  • Iworkforaliving Feb 5, 2009

    Picture? april65 you are kidding right?

  • bobalu1001 Feb 4, 2009

    Boylan Heights is next door to crack alley

  • AtALost Feb 4, 2009

    What will it take for people to stop opening their doors for strangers? Most of the time I don't open my door for people I know unless they call first. I understand some people want to trust everyone but this shows what can happen when you do. Glad she wasn't hurt but hope she helps others learn an important lesson. If someone needs help, call the Police and let them do their job. They are here to protect and to serve. If they are hurt, call for an ambulance. I'm not a Dr so whatever they need, someone else will be better equipped to help them. I'll gladly make a phone call for you (after getting the details thru the door) but that's it.

  • oldfirehorse Feb 4, 2009

    sleep with the dogs, you might get fleas

  • foetine Feb 4, 2009

    Boylan Heights is a very sketchy neighborhood - no matter what they charge for a house. There's plenty of flop houses and a constant supply of drifters roaming through the place. Sure they make the porches look quaint, but they have the furniture chained to the walls.

  • oldcorp Feb 4, 2009

    Here's a CLUE - whenever you hear of a "historic Raleigh neighborhood" - that means it's a few blocks from 'crack alley' in the 'hood. The heralded "Oakwood" section is just that, as is the mayor's Boylan Heights. But strangely, the 'settlers' in these areas are generally left-wing folks who otherwise would reside in Chapel Hill. Sometimes they are victimized by those that don't realize how the world should be.
    You can bet on one thing - the RPD detectives assigned to this have put all other cases on 'hold'. Believe me, I know.

  • Tired Of Excuses Feb 4, 2009

    I think there's a little more to this story.
    I think she new the guy and needed a cover to explain to her man why $300 was missing from the bank account. Either that or maybe the "robber" came to claim his cash.

  • Commenter Feb 4, 2009

    "It's very unusual to have that kind of crime in our neighborhood."

    Well that's just really helpful Mr. Mayor. I'm sure she is greatly consoled. As far as she is concerned, yours is a high crime neighborhood.

  • oldfirehorse Feb 4, 2009

    This is an unusual crime for sure. Crook walks up to a house at random in an upscale neighborhood, knocks on the door (not rings the bell), implies he has a weapon, demands to be driven to an ATM, avoids the camera on the ATM, steals 300 bucks, a necklace, and a cell phone, has victim drive him to New Bern Ave., gets out of the car, walks away, victim drives back home, goes to the neighbor's house to get help. Hmmmmmmm.....wow. Gives new meaning to the words "senseless crime".

  • drjones74 Feb 4, 2009

    The only people so far who have said anything smart is not to open the door. The only reason the story sounds fishy is because of the editor's hack job to what was probably originally a very detailed story. Or its just typical WRAL smoothed over story writing from the start. Inside the Beltline is about the same crimewise as the rest of the City overall. SE Raleigh is to MiniCity as Wakefield is to Hayes Barton. I am wondering why she did not go straight to the police department from New Bern Ave but maybe she called her friend the Mayor's wife first to warn her or just as an instinct. I can see why so many WRAL readers have such negative opinions of Meeker, downtown etc, when WRAL supplies simplified headline stories designed to rile up the red voting bloc.