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Stimulus money could create 600 jobs in Durham

Posted February 2, 2009

— Durham has more than $95 million in infrastructure projects ready to begin if the city can get money from the federal stimulus package, Mayor Bill Bell said Monday.

The projects include building a full-service recreation center on the site of a smaller existing center in Walltown Park, repairing downtown parking decks, renovating the Carolina Theatre and the Durham Civic Center, catching up on deferred maintenance in Durham Housing Authority buildings, removing lead and asbestos from Whitted School so it can be renovated for educational and community purposes and building 41 multifamily housing units on the site of an old tannery.

Bell said the projects could create up to 600 jobs in Durham.

The U.S. House of Representatives last week approved an $819 billion national stimulus package, which President Barack Obama has endorsed. The U.S. Senate is still crafting its version of the bill.


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  • Dolphan Feb 3, 2009

    This coming right on the heels of Bell's "State of the City" address where he warns of possible (impending?) layoffs for city workers. What a joke. Sometimes I feel like our economy is like a dying horse, shoot it already and let's start fresh...

  • Just the facts mam Feb 3, 2009

    But who is going to pay for these 600 jobs??? Our children and grandchildren is the answer as the federal government does not have any money - they spend more than the receive. If they had a surplus and wanted to give some money to Durham then this would be fine - but they want to spend the money and pass the bill on to future generations! I say let future generations determine how they want to spend their money and let us not put them in the hole. If this current generation wants to spend money - then pay for it!!!

  • aspenstreet1717 Feb 3, 2009

    600 jobs in Durham? Maybe. A big tax bill for our grand children- definitely.

  • JoCoGeologist Feb 3, 2009

    Is it a big surprise to anyone that Durham would get this money instead of Raleigh or Johnston County. Obama has to pay out for the votes he received and he got 76% of the vote in Durham county. Go figure.

  • independent_thinker Feb 3, 2009

    Absent the total lack of regulation and oversight in the financial sector, we wouldn't be having this conversation. In 2006, the SEC closed their investigation into Bernard Madoff citing a lack of resources. A fifth grade class on a field trip could have found the fraud. Lack of resources is code for "the boss doesn't want this investigation happening".

    If your mantra is that all regulation, oversight, and government is bad, welcome to the Utopia created over the last 8 years.

  • homeimprovement Feb 2, 2009

    Just look at as a "Thank you" gesture to Durham for supporting Barack. It won't really help very much except make people feel good.

  • Worland Feb 2, 2009

    The Obama adminstration already said they don't want the stimulous money to create jobs for white construction workers and the educated (just do a Google for the video clips).

    So, they will be jobs nobody wants. And the jobs will only last as long as the stimulous money does.

    Don't forget about the 200+ amendments (PORK) the house added to the bill. Only 11 will be voted on the floor. The rest of the PORK was included as is by the house panel (consisting of 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans).

  • rmgirl Feb 2, 2009

    I don't understand the term "create jobs". These are all jobs that require a level of training and the people who are losing jobs are mostly those in white color positions. Do we have to wait for a computer programmer to learn how to remove asbestos before we can get the benefit. And... then what happens after all of the asbestos is removed??

  • onyourheels2 Feb 2, 2009

    they should take that money and hire police officers. it may come up a little short but it would close the gap.

  • wcnc Feb 2, 2009

    These are all temporary construction jobs. When these projects are done, the jobs may end too..... Would a new stimulus package be needed then.

    This stimulus package is a joke and will not fix anything....Just throwing our great grandchildren's money on the problem because everyone thinks we need a quick fix.