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Court hearing delayed for local novelist

Posted January 26, 2009
Updated January 28, 2009

— Best-selling author Kaye Gibbons must wait until March to face a North Carolina judge on prescription drug fraud charges.

The author of "Ellen Foster" and six other novels was expected to appear in Wake County District Court Monday morning but the judge delayed her case until March 9.

Gibbons and her attorneys declined to comment as they left the courthouse.

The 48-year-old was charged Nov. 2 with obtaining property by false pretense and illegal possession of a controlled substance.

An officer said authorities were called to a pharmacy when Gibbons tried to pick up the prescription painkiller hydrocodone. Gibbons was released from jail in November after posting $5,500 bail.

In August, she was charged with three counts each of obtaining a controlled substance by misrepresenting herself as a physician and obtaining property by false pretense and one count of attempting to obtain a controlled substance by misrepresenting herself as a physician.


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  • tsquaring Jan 26, 2009


  • TheAdmiral Jan 26, 2009

    Most of the best books that I have seen come from the active imaginations of people.

    We now know why her imagination was so active...

  • kikinc Jan 26, 2009

    A doctor may not have gotten her hooked on the drugs. Codeine based drugs are available all over the place. There's one person who had a prescription for 10 pills of Vicodin, only took 2, and saw the opportunity to make a quick buck, so sold the rest. Stealing a prescription pad and posing as a doctor in order to get controlled substances is pretty serious. It's indicative of a problem that needs to be addressed, with rehab being the first step. Now, I know that she had been diagnosed bipolar, then said she was misdiagnosed, that could explain a lot. If a person is bipolar, they need that medicine to stabilize their emotions. This case just has a bunch of issues.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 26, 2009

    No, you wouldn't hear, Dr. Dataclerk, because most people caught getting prescription illegally don't make the news.

    But it still remains that illegal is illegal even if she was getting a prescription, which was illegal. Stop the covering up. It is what it is. Truth. lol

  • Alexia.1 Jan 26, 2009

    Dr. Dataclerk, I really must disagree with you on this one. Perhaps it is my opinion of what "freedom" means, but I do not see any reason why society should dictate to a person that they can and cannot use drugs. Who is she hurting? Herself? That's her business.

    I do agree that we should control the sale of drugs, as they can be dangerous. Drug dealers on the street are a problem. But, I see no reason to punish people who use them. Rather, we ought to help people break the adiction. And, if they are perfectly content in their ways and are not bothering people in society, let them be.

  • LaLa-Land Jan 26, 2009

    No, you wouldn't hear, Dr. Dataclerk, because most people caught getting prescription illegally don't make the news.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 26, 2009

    Excuses, excuses. I did not hear these things when other people were caught with drugs. Go figure. I guess its who you are.

  • LaLa-Land Jan 26, 2009

    "It's my guess that a medical doctor administered enough of this medicine to create her addiction in the first place."

    Exactly. She has had medical issues all her adult life. Had she, and countless others, not had access to this drug in the first place, there would be no prescription drug abuse. Unfornately, it's very common, and I'm certain we all know someone who is hiding a similiar addiction.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 26, 2009

    Maybe she can write a book while in prison.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 26, 2009

    It's draconian and immoral to lock somebody up with drug problems.

    She is no better than anyone who is selling or using drugs. She needs to face the consequences by spending some time in prison. 10 years tops.