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Snow day brought play, but driving difficulties, too

Posted January 20, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— A snowstorm that lasted 12 hours in some locations dumped upward of 6 inches of the white stuff across North Carolina Tuesday.

School and businesses stayed closed, and children and pets romped outdoors, enjoying the snow day. By Tuesday evening, it seemed that several would get another play day on Wednesday, too.

See flakes? Send us your snow photos or your snow video.

For those who did venture out, the roads presented a slippery challenge as the snow piled up. Troopers, sheriff's deputies and police departments stayed busy responding to crashes on highways.

Drivers spun their wheels in snowy conditions Tuesday. Drivers take risks on snowy roads

WRAL viewer Julie Starling reported a scary drive through Southern Pines Tuesday morning.

"I slid all over the roads this morning trying to get to Carthage. (There is) ice under the snow on ALL side roads!!" she wrote.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport had canceled 100 flights before the day was done, and reported 60 more delayed. Crews spent the day de-icing the airport's runways and planes. Operations there were getting back to normal Tuesday night, a spokeswoman said, urging travelers to check with their airline for the most up-to-date information.

RBC Center organizers decided at 3 p.m. to postpone the Celine Dion concert scheduled for Tuesday night. All tickets will be honored Wednesday. Those who can't attend the rescheduled concert can exchange tickets where they bought them for a refund.

Tuesday's winter storm came during an auspicious – or infamous – time for snow in the Triangle.

Four years ago to the day, between 0.5 and 2 inches of snow that fell on central North Carolina caught everyone by surprise.

Cars and trucks pressed the wet snow down into ice, as often happens, and roads clogged up with workers and students going home early. Some commutes lasted more than eight hours. About 3,000 Wake County students were stranded at schools overnight.

Five years earlier, on Jan. 25, 2000, the region got its heaviest snowfall ever, 4 inches shy of 2 feet.


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  • bama95 Jan 21, 2009

    I'm just thankful someone made the right decision and postponed the concert. You might could have gotten there ok, but by the time the concert was over the roads would have been iced over. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the Governor's call, but she made the right choice. This was the only way the RBC center would have postponed and no one was going to just throw away their expensive tickets and not go. Sometimes the government has to protect us from the greedy and on rare occasion they actually do.

  • quit_whining Jan 20, 2009

    How many husbands are thanking the Lord that the Celine Dion concert was canceled tonight..."Oh sorry honey...tomorrow night we can't get a sitter, guess you can either go alone or get a refund!"

  • injameswetrust2003 Jan 20, 2009

    Can someone with Wake schools explain why they wait so long to close schools? Make a decision, for pete's sake. Some people need to go ahead and plan for tomorrow. Snow = can't be reassigned by chucky although I'm sure he'd like to try.

  • jr1brown Jan 20, 2009

    I took a poll of all the drivers of the wrecked vehicles today and they were ALL from the north! Thanks for showing us suthun' folk how to drive, ya'll.

  • kmb0694 Jan 20, 2009

    find it odd that one of the golo'ers posted she had about 8 inches of snow in Clayton but Raleigh doesn't have that much....wow.

    We live in So. Wake about 10 miles from Clayton and we had about 8 inches. Why is this so hard to believe?

  • DominicanNC Jan 20, 2009

    Im glad to see all of you safe here but, not matter if you have AWD/ 4WD or traction control in your vehicle driving carefully or not going out in this type of weather are your safest option. I notice since this morning two separate accidents and one thing that I notice about the accidents people failed to slow down. Some people think that driving through snow is just like driving on a sunny day (if you live in a busy street just look outside and you'll see what I mean). Please be safe anyone and have a bless one.

  • chargernut69 Jan 20, 2009

    ...can you say "Chicken Little" ?? I can't imagine what she will do when we have a real emergency. Call in the national Guard?

  • micah Jan 20, 2009

    Yeah, low gear is a bad idea. Oh, and if Perdue didn't declare a state of emergency most of the people on this site would be whining that she wasn't doing enough.

  • Iworkforaliving Jan 20, 2009

    in a low gear? are you kidding?

  • ytb781pearl Jan 20, 2009

    "State of Emergency"??? For a little snow? Bev is already feeling the power. Geeezzz