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Home burglary ends in deadly shooting

Posted January 18, 2009
Updated January 19, 2009

— A burglary at a Tokay Drive home ended in a deadly shooting Saturday night, Fayetteville police said.

The homeowner told police that he encountered a stranger when he got home to 593 Tokay Drive around 8:30 p.m. The homeowner pulled out a pistol, and the two men struggled.

The gun went off, and the intruder took the pistol and ran out of the house, police said.

Officers investigating the burglary found a man with a gunshot wound a short distance away. He was transported to Cape Fear Valley Regional Hospital, where emergency room doctors pronounced him dead.

Police on Monday identified the shooting victim as Joshua Caleb Pratt, 27, of 662 Glenola Drive in Fayetteville.

No charges have been filed in the case, which remains under investigation.


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  • jacc1001 Jan 20, 2009

    This is my idea of a successful outcome to a burglary. Kudos to the home They should give him a medal for ridding society of a parasite. Furthermore, he saved the taxpayers the cost of a trial and incarceration and prevented numerous future crimes that the miscreant would have committed. This piece of trash has a negative worth to society and his death is no loss. It is time that the rights of honest citizens are held above the rights of criminals.

    Also, one should consider why the crime rate is so high. Criminals are not completely stupid and they consider the cost/benefit relation of their actions. Burglars know that the rate of solving burglaries and gaining a conviction is dismally low. Even when caught the burglar is generally released on bail, probation, or time served. Therefore, the cost (risk of serving time in jail) of burglary is low compared to the benefit (profit from stolen goods). Action like this increases the cost of burglary and has a definite deterrent effect.

  • lane817 Jan 20, 2009

    a truly "rehabilitated" criminal

  • dplowman Jan 20, 2009

    The home owner did the right thing but he should have never let the robber get close enough to take his gun.
    It is your right and responsibility to protect yourself and your family from harm.
    any thing else and you are not doing your part in this crazy world.Since I cannot fit a cop in my pocket I also carry a weapon and I hope I never need to use it but if it came to me or my wife (who also carrys) I would stop the threat and then worry about whatever happened next. My wife and family are more important to me than any scum who is to sorry to work for their money.By rhe way I usually carry two because they are man made and you always need a back-up plan in whatever you do.

  • 62kcam Jan 19, 2009

    Maybe other robbers will think twice before committing a B&E after the outcome of this incident, but probably not.

  • lorivalentine1 Jan 19, 2009

    So.. let me try this a 3rd time.. Good for the home owner..

  • familyfour Jan 19, 2009

    Lordy...if they hadn't listed the "victim's" address, I would have thought it was the homeowner that had been shot....that article is terribly written....

    Hate that the gun was stolen....too many of them on the loose, but I have to wonder if homewoner would still be alive if he'd only had his shoe to defend himself with......

    ignc...they were in his HOUSE...he wasn't being paranoid, he was being robbed.....

  • dogman1973 Jan 19, 2009

    Well, without the Castle Doctrine, this criminal can sue the homeowner since he got shot with the homeowner's gun. This is why North Carolina needs to pass the Castle Doctrine! If not, all of us law abiding individuals who protect our homes with a firearm are at risk. The laws protect criminals not victims!

  • sayitoutloud Jan 19, 2009

    Let this be a lesson to all that theives that try to steal things that do not belong to you. You break into someones home that is a gun owner, they will pop a cap in you! You would think that these stupid criminals would learn this. You break in my house you have a choice between a 9mm and a 12g shotgun...I get to choose!

  • Gene Jan 19, 2009

    As is usual for any news media you have the facts backwards. Caleb Pratt was the assailant, the real victim was the homeowner.

  • Go Georgia Tech Jan 19, 2009

    this criminal wont be robbing anyone else anytime soon. tell that to the next of kin.