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Franklin County family fears gunfire outside

Posted January 13, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— Jackie Kent said she and her family are afraid of the gunfire around their Franklin County home, and authorities can’t do much to help.

Kent said she frequently hears gunshots in the distance from her Westwind Lane home.

“It sounds exactly like a war zone,” Kent said.

Recently, those shots have gotten closer, and one left a bullet hole in her roof.

“We could hear the loud fire of the gun and immediately you would hear this zip going through the air,” Kent said.

Kent’s husband, Joe, removed the bullet.

Bullets fly outside of Louisburg home Louisburg home gets shot

Deputies have been out to investigate three times.

“They’re upset and I understand that. I was upset when they called me about it,” Franklin County Sheriff Pat Green said.

Kent’s neighbors, who live across a quarter-mile wooded area, often hold target practice. Deputies have asked them not to fire toward Kent’s home. The request is all Green said his deputies can do.

“We cannot prove that these young men were intentionally trying to shoot into the residence. They were target-practicing,” Green said.

Brandon Wiggins, who lives next door to Kent, said he and his friends have never shot toward the home.

“We’re exercising our right to have guns and to use guns in a safe manner,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said the bullet that went into Kent’s roof didn't come from his property.

The Kents want action to be taken. They filed a misdemeanor charge against Wiggins through the magistrate's office and said they plan to file charges against his two friends.

“Somebody needs to be punished because they obviously were not getting the message of, ‘don’t shoot at us,’” Kent said.

Wiggins said he will fight back.

“I feel like we’re being harassed because every time we go out to shoot, we’re worried cops are going to come up,” Wiggins said.


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  • bookerjohn75 Jan 14, 2009

    having been accused lends me to believe someone is just trying to cause a stir.

    Consider this, if you were walking down the street and just ahead of you an elderly lady shouts “I’ve been robbed!” and at the same time you see a man running away with a hood over his head….you would obviously suspect him to be the perpetrator. But…come to find out he was simply trying to catch the man who actually robbed the lady. The point: People shouldn’t be accused of something that you cannot prove, it gives them a bad name and you as well.

  • bookerjohn75 Jan 14, 2009

    As stated previously, one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that you do not know all the facts. Not having proof and factual evidence quickly provides a flawed premise for your argument and in this case...until the suspect is found guilty... it has caused defamation toward the Wiggins family.

    I understand there is concern for shots being heard frequently nearby….I’m sorry, there is simply nothing that can be done at this point….welcome to Franklin County.

    For the bullet lodged in the shingle of the house, that is unacceptable. That person being negligent should face the consequences.

    I have personally seen the topography of that area and it would be seemingly impossible for a bullet to make it from the Wiggins’ house to Mr. Kent’s house.…..especially a pistol round.

    I would agree there is “reason to believe…more likely than not”’ that someone shooting near you has the onus. However, after being investigated three separate times and still not

  • thethir13enthghost Jan 14, 2009

    i said that i would apologize if i stated something and then found out it was wrong, and i am. i have been informed that i'm wrong about the goverenment thing by several people and i'm apologizing for the second time. i am very sorry for any upset feelings and/or emotions that my previous statement caused. best of luck with the resolution of this topic, i'm going to go with my gut and leave it alone since, as its been pointed out, only the involved parties know the entire story.

  • michaelkeith1 Jan 14, 2009

    In this country a person is innocent until proven guilty. The police investigated this matter and found no evidence that the bullet fired came from Mr. Wiggins property.

    I'm afraid Mr. Kent is not only attempting to demean an upstanding citizen and a good person but he is also undermining the integrity and ability of the Franklin County police dept.

    The type of hatred and bias being displayed by Mr. Kent is dangerous. Instead of attempting to find the real culprit in this crime he has gone after the easiest target.

  • michaelkeith1 Jan 14, 2009

    One thing that is important for everyone to keep in mind is that none of you know all of the facts... You know what you saw in a one minute story on the local news..

    I don't think anyone here or anyone in their right mind for that matter would deny that it is unacceptable for bullets to be fired at a home.. Period.. What some of you fail to realize is that there is no proof whatsoever that the bullets are coming from Mr. Wiggins' land.. If there was any proof this would not be on the news as it would have been handled by the local police..

    You also need to remember that when all of this took place it was right in the middle of deer season.. In Franklin county.. There are literally thousands of hunters in the woods every day in Franklin county during deer season..

    Another important fact is that there are dozens of other pieces of property this bullet could have come from..

  • rebecca9137 Jan 14, 2009

    "Wingman" is being a tad over-dramatic, if I do say so myself. No one is "shooting at his family". It deeply saddens me that someone can be so oblivious to actual real facts. Yes, the man pulled a bullet from his house. Before people start accusing, they need to understand that there are many people that shoot in that area and that the bullet could have come from numerous other guns not belonging to the Wiggins' or their friends. According to the cops, when they visited Mr. Wiggins after the alleged incident, Mr. Kent claimed the bullet went all the way through his roof and lodged itself in the drywall near his head. I'm not quite sure how he dug it out of the shingles if that is true. I advise Mr. Kent to do some research on guns. Maybe then he would realize that for a 9mm bullet to travel through about 1/4 mile of trees and still be traveling with enough velocity to lodge into a roof is about as possible Elvis being alive. Or maybe Mr. Kent just never made it through physics class.

  • rebecca9137 Jan 14, 2009

    Some of these posts make me question the intelligence of a couple individuals...I have been to the Wiggins' property, and I have seen where the Kent's house is. From where the shooting happens, there is no physical way a bullet from the Wiggins could have hit the Kent's house. Sorry to disappoint. I have seen the topographic maps and the aerial views of the land, and not only is the Wiggins' house on a higher elevation (meaning a bullet shot from there would go over the Kent's roof, not into it), but the Wiggins' would have to be standing at the pond in their front yard to hit the Kent's house. It is unfortunate that even after viewing the same things I have seen, the Kent's felt it necessary to proceed with this issue. The bullet Mr. Kent so dramatically removed from his roof is not even the type shot by the Wiggins'. They have not once tried to speak to the Wiggin's directly, or come watch the manner in which they shoot. It sounds to me like they weren't ready to live in the country.

  • oldcorp Jan 14, 2009

    IMO the best, most logical post was by Wingman, the so called 'victim' in the matter. What is happening in that particular situation should be addressed and remedied.
    But as a many-year resident of Franklin Co., and an occasional shooter who is very safe, I have seen the urban transplants around me me freak out at the mere sound of gunfire, as if the sound of it ALWAYS equals danger. Then, armed with this ignorance, they want to take steps to enact ordinances prohibiting any sort of shooting. That creates ALOT of animosity.

  • Wingman Jan 14, 2009

    I am not sure where the the comment about the government ties came from, and this was never an issue about noise. We have heard the gunshots for months, we only called the sheriff when there were bullets coming our direction. The first call we made was after Thanksgiving, the officer went over and talked with them, I wanted to go with him, he said he should handle. He came back and said they apologized and would move their targets and not shoot this direction any more. The shooting continued, and we continued to have bullets come over our property, we are in a neighborhood with at least 7 children within a couple hundred yards.
    This has to stop.
    In my conversations with Sheriff Green, I believe he is sincere and wants to do the right thing, but there seems to be some confusion over interpertation of the law.

  • thethir13enthghost Jan 14, 2009

    all we want is for them to stop shooting at the house people. i'm telling you what the kents have told me, i dont live there, i dont know. if i've been told wrong then i'm sorry. my point is that THERE ARE BULLET HOLES IN THEIR ROOF and they didnt put them there, someone else did, and nothings being done about it. the kents dont have a problem with guns, they just have a problem with someone putting bullet holes in their house!! i also didnt say that mr. wiggins was part of the county or anything else, i said one of the guys. i know that mr. wiggins is a home builder, i was also told that. and no, there is no law against shooting on your own land, there is a law however againt shooting into other peoples homes, but this law is not being abided by and nothings being done and this is why the kents and their close friends are angry. having spoken to him, i know that he would be happy if the gun fire wasnt ending up in his house