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Woman could face federal charges in fraud cases

Posted January 13, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— A Goldsboro woman accused of telling others she has brain cancer so she could gain financially could now face federal charges for other suspected crimes.

Tarboro police say it appears Stacie Harrell Pittman, 31, used someone else's Social Security number to get auto and personal loans from Telco Credit Union.

Stacie Pittman - mug shot 1/9/09 - Goldsboro scammer Charges mounting against Goldsboro woman

The investigation began with complaints from Pittman's mother that her daughter had stolen her identity and that of her late husband to set up a satellite TV account, as well as other accounts.

"The satellite TV theft that she did with her mom has kind of snowballed into something bigger,” Tarboro police Lt. Keith Hale said.

"Initially, on the surface, it looks like it may deal with a large amount of money, and if so, then we'll try to pursue it on a federal level," Hale explained.

No charges have been filed in the case, but they are pending, Hale said.

"My family was in the dark," said Pittman's mother, Joanna Harrell. "It shocked us to death. We had no idea all of this was going on."

Wayne County deputies arrested Pittman, of 117-B2 Fallin Blvd., Goldsboro, on two different occasions last week on a number of charges, including obtaining property by false pretenses.

She was in the Wayne County jail under a $25,000 bond Tuesday afternoon.

In one case, Pittman – who authorities say also goes by Stacie Harrell, Stacie Palmer and Stacie Kroll – is accused of taking more than $16,000 from her neighbor after telling him she was dying of brain cancer and needed the money for treatment.

She was arrested last Wednesday on three counts of obtaining property by false pretense in that cases.

Authorities say Pittman also targeted several Wayne County banks and businesses, which led to her arrest on Friday on four counts of obtaining property by false pretense and three counts of attempting to obtain property by false pretense.

In addition to current charges in Wayne County and pending charges in Edgecombe County, investigators say Pittman has a history of fraud charges in Edgecombe, Pitt, Onslow, Craven and Carteret counties.

Court records show she is also fighting her ex-husband for custody of their two young boys.

Despite her claims, letters from her doctor state Pittman does not need surgery and should be able to appear for a custody hearing scheduled for next week.


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  • flossie252 Jan 14, 2009

    All of this dishonesty pains Stacie's mother. The major victims, her boys, are the ones that will pay for all of these actions. My heart breaks for these boys, especially the oldest. Not only have they lost their mother, but they have also been taken away from their grandmother and given to their father (someone that has very little to do with them until recently). This man is wanted in another state. What has happened about our legal system protecting the safety of our children? I hope and pray that Stacie's mother and the children will be able to receive the strength that they need and that these children will not be harmed. May God stay with them in their challenges. To anyone that may read this: please keep the children throughout the world in your prayers.

  • softballerchik1 Jan 14, 2009

    She also has a 4 year old daughter and all 3 of them were living with her at the time.

  • QT3.14 Jan 14, 2009

    $16K from a neighbor? Wow, I can't even get mine to stop driving across my lawn.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 14, 2009

    25 years in prison with no probation should serve the purpose. Its a crying shame how she took advantage of her mother and others. Teach her a valid lesson and send her to prison for a long while.

  • BELLA28 Jan 14, 2009

    Pretty amazing neighbor! $16k!

    Can I borrow some butter?

  • Justin T. Jan 14, 2009

    She had better hope there is no such thing as Karma. Faking cancer to get money is pretty low down.

  • Builder Jan 13, 2009

    Her defense is going to be. I plead insanity. Although she is obviously mental, prison would be a better place for her, they have free health care, could help with any future "illness"

  • bigdumbdane Jan 13, 2009

    ZOMG its a zombie!

  • Groovy Jan 13, 2009

    She doesn't need to be resposible for shaping and molding two young boys. She needs to go to jail.

  • whocares Jan 13, 2009

    She is fighting her ex-husband for custody of her 2 children. Good grief! She needs to be put in prison for a long time.