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Ice cream man's ticket prompts review of noise rules

Posted January 13, 2009

— Spring Lake officials say they will review the town’s noise ordinance at a meeting next month.

The review comes after Dwight Bell, operator of Daddy D’s Sweets & Treats, drew a $50 citation for the music on his ice cream truck. Police told Bell the music was too loud and ticketed him for creating a public disturbance.

Bell appeared before the Spring Lake Board of Aldermen Monday night. The board said it did not have the jurisdiction to void the ticket.

Bell says he has a lawyer and will fight the citation in court.

Spring Lake Town Manager Larry Faison says town officials will research noise ordinances in other cities and will seek to clarify the standards for determining noise violations.

The Board of Aldermen will take up the matter Jan. 26.


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  • JustOneGodLessThanU Jan 14, 2009

    Nice job, smcallah. Not. I asked why this man should have special rights and, based on comments here about leaving him alone, asked example questions about where people would draw the line on “acceptable” loud music. How about addressing the issue? You ignored everything, inserted invective and offered nothing. Talk about asinine...

  • MarcoPolo Jan 13, 2009

    Welcome to a week of free advertising for Daddy-D. He's available with his music for bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and weddings and possibly funerals.

  • CSMs Alter Ego Jan 13, 2009

    "Such racial talk on board. How about if it was the country twane. Would that be OK then?
    Dr. Dataclerk
    January 13, 2009 11:35 a.m."

    You seriously need to get a clue, "twane" isn't even a word.

  • Common Sense Man Jan 13, 2009

    "Did the cop measure the decibel level? What is the max allowable decibel level per ordinance anyway in Spring Lake during the hours the ice cream man was operating?"

    Most cities have gone away with the decibel measuring. A lot have specific ordinances for music coming from vehicles. For example, in Chapel Hill if the music is plainly audible from a distance of 30 feet or more from the vehicle then you're in violation. In Greensboro I believe it's 50 or 100 feet, and they write tickets for it all the time. Doesn't matter what time of day or night.

  • clickclackity2 Jan 13, 2009

    Silly and discriminatory. Call it like it really is. All icecream trucks play loud music. Not sure why they won't post my very good examples of hypocrisy.

    Anyway to all of you who says: he broke the law give him a ticket. Disgusting. How about informing the ice cream truck guys of noise ordinances before issuing him a License to sell and then a ticket caused by a Big..?

  • big dady Jan 13, 2009

    If the guy would play "ice cream music" instead of RAP, he wouldn't have a problem.
    freddie cadetti 72
    I agree with you

  • boomylar Jan 13, 2009

    i love hearing the ice cream truck..never get any, but love hearing it...takes me back to when i was a kid

  • happily married Jan 13, 2009

    TruthBKnown Returns"
    "I would also suggest that the law limit the music to a specific TYPE of music so we don't get rap, rock, heavy metal, country, etc., playing. Maybe the type of music would also have to be approved by the city, too."

    Now that just sounds silly. That's just like someone telling you what to play in your car. Be forreal.

  • Adelinthe Jan 13, 2009

    How loudly was the music playing and how long was it lasting?

    If just as long as it took for him to pass through a neighborhood, absurdity - and I would think the police, even in Spring Lake, have better things to do.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • ladyinblue72 Jan 13, 2009

    It doesn't matter what his job is or what kind of music he is playing. If he is breaking the law, he should get a ticket.