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Ice cream man fights ticket

Posted January 11, 2009

— The man ticketed for music on his ice cream truck will take his appeal to town officials.

Dwight Bell, who operates Daddy D’s Sweets and Treats, plans to appear before the Spring Lake Board of Alderman Monday.

Bell was issued a citation for disturbing the peace while he worked the Holly Hills subdivision the Sunday before Christmas. A resident complained the music on Bell’s truck was too loud.

Bell doesn’t play classic ice cream truck jingles. His truck features children singing songs about ice cream, and some tunes have a hip hop beat.

“I chose to try something a little upbeat because we’re in a new time,” Bell said.

The citation carries a $50 fine.

The Board of Aldermen meets Monday at 7 p.m. at Spring Lake Town Hall.


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  • DizzyDaphnee Jan 12, 2009

    The overall big picture should be 1)man trying to make an honest living 2) provides wanted treats to youngsters and anyone who wants a treat to eat 3) owner/operator uses music to alert the neighborhood he is coming up the road so they can get outside with there money and meet him. I LOVE ICE CREAM TRUCKS. I have very nostalgic memories of summertime and the musical trucks and carts over the years. Granted as I got OLDER, the musice DID ANNOY ME MANY TIMES, yet I would have just gone outside, bought a small ice cream and then nicely let the person(s) know that hey, could you please turn that music down just a touch?, After that it would all depend, but whoever complained is a grinch, a scrooge and probably has made very few sacrifices in their lives. I think for the sake of children everywhere that adults should work harder to solve their own problems with conviction, kindness and finesse. Show young people that agreeements can be reached and problems solved right in your own commu

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 12, 2009

    The neighbor that complained most likely did not his choice of music.

    I agree and think that race played a major part too.

  • Travised Jan 12, 2009

    What the first article never stated was the claimed volume level. Cities have standards in their noise ordinence that they can go by. If the volume is measured above XX dB then it is a violation.

    The Planning board HATED me for measuring the current noise level before meeting with them on the board meeting when they wanted to put in a Rail line. Having those readings in my hand gave them nothing to fight back with. Not to mention the board in my case wanted to cut down all the trees that helped keep the volume down!

    Know your laws. The neighbor that complained most likely did not his choice of music.