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Cab drivers revved up over lack of registration enforcement

Posted January 6, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— Taxi drivers say they want more cab stands and a crackdown on unregistered drivers. They took their concerns to the Raleigh City Council Tuesday evening.

Robin Sarnor has driven a taxi cab in Raleigh for nearly 20 years.

Raleigh cab drivers want changes Raleigh cab drivers want changes

"The business has changed drastically,” she said.

One change is the number of new taxi companies operating downtown. Some estimate as many as 110 cab businesses are fighting for riders. In response, drivers are calling for a cap on compensation.

The business "has really deteriorated,” said David Johnson, with Community Cab.

Johnson said some of the new cabs are not registered with the city and the quality of service is paying the price.

"The business has gone down a lot. There are a lot of (cab) companies coming out,” Sarnor said.

"That has really put a hurting on people even calling for a cab,” Johnson said.

Cab drivers say that to make money, they need more places to pick up riders. They want cab stands in high-traffic areas, like bars and clubs along Glenwood South and outside downtown hotels.

"We think the concerns are legitimate, and we want to hear them out. And we want to work with them to hopefully meet their needs and the needs of the city,” City Councilman James West said.

Council members have asked city staff to look at placing cab stands at the downtown Marriott, the Glenwood South area and at the new convention center.


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  • Patriot1 Jan 7, 2009

    I took a cab from Raleigh and Duraliegh for a xmas party to 42nd street oyster bar. It ran me about $24 which is rediculous. I asked cabbie why it was so much and he said it was because they lost alot of money when the gas prices went up over the summer so he was making that up by charging alot. Their fees need to be regulated which I thought that was the case. Apparently not. The more competition the better the prices should be.

  • Alexia.1 Jan 7, 2009

    So what if there are 1,000 companies? Is this not a free market economy? Many will go out of business, which is just fine. Competition should be healthy for this industry like all others.

  • WLDPIG Jan 7, 2009