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Suspect in Memorial Day DWI pleads guilty

Posted January 5, 2009

— The man accused of causing a collision that killed three people on Interstate 440 during the Memorial Day weekend in 2008 pleaded guilty Monday to three counts of second-degree murder and two counts of felony serious injury by vehicle.

Francisco Javier Martinez, 30, of 1925 Village Squire Circle in Knightdale, was traveling west in an eastbound lane on the inner loop of Interstate 440 when the van he was driving collided with a Lexus near the on-ramp from Capital Boulevard, police said.

Guillermo Zintzun Jimenez, 26, Dagoberto Zintzun Jimenez, 21, and Santiago Pascual Tellez, 14, died at the scene. Family members of the victims said they were returning from a party at the time of the wreck.

After his arrest, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed Martinez under an immigration detainer under suspicion he was in the country illegally.

Martinez has been sentenced to between 13 and 16 years in prison. After he completes that sentence, he will face deportation.


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  • NE Raleigh Jan 6, 2009

    All the more reason to bring the death penalty back. American taxpayers paying to keep this criminal alive so he can be deported and then re-enter the US. I just don't understand all the why all of our resources.

  • Ripcord Jan 5, 2009

    He'll be out in 7 years and will be driving again, in the US, in 7 years and one day.

  • kcs Jan 5, 2009

    I seem to remember something about North Carolina facing a budget deficit. Maybe, if our taxpayer dollars were not going to feed, house, and clothe (I won't even bother to get into legal fees and court costs for the trial and any appeals) illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes for 13-16 YEARS...Really… YEARS! Maybe, if we deported these people immediately and had a treaty with Mexico to jail their own criminals....then Maybe, we wouldn't have the budget deficits...

  • ccs1920 Jan 5, 2009

    AtALost/ Removing a chip is something that could be done in five minutes by anyone with just a little training.

  • Rolling Along Jan 5, 2009

    Gee aren't the censor's touchy tonight!

  • AtALost Jan 5, 2009

    Many things are wrong with this entire story. First, US taxpayers shouldn't have to support this criminal for the next 13-16 years. Prison reform is needed now so that prisoners will never want to return. No TV, 2 small meals a day and 16 hours hard labor would be a good place to start. But he's in this country illegally, so he should be micro chipped and sent back home to serve his sentence. Second, we need an "Illegal Alien GPS tracking system" that would send alerts and trigger local alarms when an active IAGTS micro chip was detected on US soil. I know it will never happen but I can dream!! Third, we need a national Hispanic Drunk Driving campaign NOW. I'm hoping that since these victims were Hispanic, something may be done by the Hispanic community about this problem.

  • JAFOinWF Jan 5, 2009

    I would like to see people that endorse illegal immigration like Mike Easly, Con Amor on this board, and GWBush explain why having illegals with drivers licenses is a good idea. In this situation, it caused 3 deaths because if they were not here, chances are that 3 people would still be alive. Liberal policies based on feelings have consequences and in this case, was lethal.

  • NCRunner Jan 5, 2009

    Deport him now.

  • teacher-mom Jan 5, 2009

    Not enough time. I have seen people in jail for life for killing one person.