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Deer-dumping a problem near Wake County park

Posted January 3, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— A place near the back entrance to the Falls Lake State Recreation Area has become an illegal dumping ground for dead deer, nearby residents say.

For the past few months, residents have seen and smelled the deer along Old Creedmoor Road.

“I think the very idea of leaving a stack of dead animals is sort of shameful,” resident Johnathan Coble said.

On Saturday, several deer carcasses were visible in the area, where nearby residents often jog or walk their dogs.

(Note: Some images in the video below may be disturbing to some.)

wake deer on prowl Deer carcasses dumped near park

Coble said he is fed up with the messy appearance and the almost overwhelming stench.

The park's supervisor told WRAL News that if someone is caught dumping deer in the park they will be charged with littering, which carries up to a $2,000 fine.

Some hunters said the incidents reflect badly on all hunters.

“I think it’s terrible,” hunter Bradley Guin said.

Guin said he has seen an increasing number of deer carcasses dumped in the area. In many cases, hunters took only the head and antlers of the deer, and not its meat.

“Most good sportsmen that I know say whatever you kill you take the meat off it,” Guin said.

State law requires hunters to take carcasses to local landfills. In some game areas, the carcasses can be buried but must at least two feet deep in the ground.


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  • COPs eye Jan 5, 2009

    There is wnough animal rights people wanting our hunting rights limited as it is we dont need irresponsible hunters giving them ammunition for their argument. Dispose properly or dont hunt.

  • tommyllama18 Jan 5, 2009

    The problem is that there is no acceptable place for a hunter to dispose of the carcass.

    First thought was to throw it in a dumpster (illegal)

    Second thought was to put it on the side of the road back in the woods(illegal)

    THird thought was to take it to the dump( now that the North Wake dump is closed, the South Wake is a 45 minute drive.)

    I also noticed that you can bury the deer on game lands, but it has to be 2 feet in the ground... seriously? I'd need a backhoe to dig a 2 foot deep hole for a 160lb deer, especially if there were a bunch of tree roots around.

    I say, considering that Wake County has one of the highest car/deer crash rates in the state. The county should provide relatively convenient dump sites for hunters. The hunters should take the initiative to drag the carcass out of sight, but when it is illegal to take it there anyway, they're just going to want to get out as quickly as possible.

  • Sunshine4u Jan 5, 2009

    As said in my blog... This is the new type of hunter. It's happening in Franklin & Nash counties too. The lazy hunter lets their disposable dog loose to run the deer out while the hunter sits by the road and drinks beer. If the dogs don't perform, they get shot on the spot and dumped right along with the deer. And to top it all off the Game Warden there is a "good ole boy" and doesn't do anything about it. Can't even reach him on the phone.

  • Ladybug008 Jan 5, 2009

    My home backs up to Durant 'Nature' Park where I hear shooting at night on a regular basis & have for years. I have contacted the Raleigh Police. They have advised that people come from out of town/state w/a truck & park it at a particular location near the park, go inside the park, shoot the deer, & drag it back to the truck. Not only is this extremely cruel & illegal (much like canned hunting) but dangerous for those of us near the park. Raleigh & Wake County need to be proactive on this matter & all other matters when it comes to wildlife. Raleigh is NOT the #1 place to live when it comes to wildlife.