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Snow blankets Holly Springs neighborhood

Posted December 31, 2008
Updated March 9, 2009

— Though there hasn’t been a big snowfall this year in Holly Springs, some children along Chrismill Lane enjoyed four inches of snow on Wednesday.

Families in the neighborhood paid $600 to have three tons of snow brought in to make their corner of the neighborhood a man-made slope.

Holly springs man made snow 12/31/08 Holly Springs neighborhood sees snow

“I have never in my life paid to have snow put on the ground - only to have it removed,” said Melissa Mahar, one of the neighbors who made the winter wonderland possible.

The families are all originally from colder areas including New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts. The snow day was a way of bringing a piece of home to North Carolina.

Children used sleds to propel themselves down the slope.

“It’s like a real ski resort,” Molly Schimelfenig, 8, said.


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  • jetset Jan 2, 2009

    Chrismill....obviously, you haven't done your homework either. I have already been asked and responded as to why I use the name Jetset. You aren't quite as smart as you think.

  • jetset Jan 2, 2009

    I know enough about you to see you all are like a bunch of whiners yourself. Also hypocrites to boot. If you wanted to make it "more like home" by bringing snow in, then why don't you go back to your home? I still think you all are self absorbed and self indulgent. My mind will not change no matter how much you all try to beat the feathers off of me. Squawk!! Squawk!! ;>)

  • Nunya123 Jan 2, 2009

    Jetset, since you know nothing about us or our community, you do appear hollier than thou in your statements. Many of us volunteer, donate and contribute heavily to charities. It seems as though you are just a self-rightous whiner who needs to prove to everyone how good of a person you are.

    Also, why the screen name Jetset? Seems like a pretty self absorbed name for someone who is such a giver...

    "Jet set" is a journalistic term that was used to describe an international social group of wealthy people, organizing and participating in social activities all around the world that are unreachable to ordinary people

    Seems rather contradictory to your statements.

  • jetset Jan 2, 2009

    Colliedave....I have reread some of the comments from yesterday. I was trying to figure out which one made the snide remark about the "chillen".....lo and behold it was YOU. And just think, you lead a Bible study. OMG!!! Sounds very hypocritical to me!

  • Willows Sassy Britches Jan 1, 2009

    something, so true

  • something2say Jan 1, 2009

    After reading so many articles about children who have been in trouble withe the law and this forum attacking parents for not being involved with their children. I think this is an opportunity to point out that these parents are trying to find ways to connect with their kids have fun and make common memories. Sure it cost a lot and kids of families who are less fortunate won't have that opportunity. These families make their memories in other ways that work for their lifestyle. I don't think we should be critical! We should just applaud any efforts families make to engage kids in fun positive family activities!

  • news4u Jan 1, 2009

    Don't eat the yellow snow!

  • news4u Jan 1, 2009

    Come 'snow' in my yard next!

  • jetset Jan 1, 2009

    I would like to clarify one thing before I sign off for the evening....I hold no grudges against the children of the "self indulgent" parents. I am glad these children had fun. Their eyes were bright with excitement and they are totally innocent.

  • jetset Jan 1, 2009

    Therose2005....I would like to think that people who have been down the hard road and by the grace of God have pulled their bootstraps up are some of the ones commenting. I have my doubts about some of the ones commenting. I really don't think someone with a heart (that would spread the wealth) would refer to children as "chillin",etc. Reread some of the comments and you will hopefully understand why I say that. Happy New Year.