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Police: Burglaries spike around holidays

Posted December 26, 2008
Updated March 9, 2009

— Lisa Jones planned to give her three children – ages 3 to 16 years old – an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii Balance Board for Christmas this year.

On Dec. 17, Jones came home from work to discover the family’s home on Davis Bridge Road had been burglarized.

“Everything was pulled out onto the floor,” Jones said. “Tears just came to my eyes and I just went running to the back of the house.”

Jones said thieves went after electronics, including the toys for the children and the family’s two digital cameras.

“They stole, altogether, I think it was seven game consoles,” she said.

Parkton family loses Christmas gifts to burglars Parkton family loses Christmas gifts to burglars

While the family has a security system, Jones said on that day she forgot to set it

The burglars entered by hurling a brick through a high back window and traveling through the crawl space door.

Jones said her youngest children – 3-year-old Chloe and 8-year-old Carrington – have been most upset about the break-in. She said the children often ask if they’ll get their belongings back.

“I basically tell them that there are bad people in the world and there are good people, too,” she said.

The family doesn’t have enough money to replace the electronics, but they did get some help around Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, the non-profit organization Operation Blessing delivered a $300 check to the family and dropped off four bags of clothes at the home of the family’s pastor.

The Hoke County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the robbery but have no suspects.

Thieves have taken more than $30,000 in items during Fayetteville home break-ins in the past week, police reports show. Officers say burglaries normally spike during the holiday season.

Police are said a single mother and her 5-year-old daughter had all of their gifts stolen from their Fayetteville home Monday night. Last week, another family in Cumberland County returned home to find their presents gone.

Law officers say in most cases, stolen items cannot be recovered.


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  • wcnc Dec 26, 2008

    People don't realize that it is nearly impossible for police to find items stolen in a robbery.

    A point of law- it isn't a burgulary unless someone is home when the criminals break in.....It's a plain old break and entering/larceny......

    The thing is, this artcle talked only about the material loss, not that feeling of a criminal being in your home. So I'm left to wonder if the parents focused on the material aspect or if that was the point of the article.....

  • Timdog Dec 26, 2008

    I have been broken into(several years ago)and had pictures and serial #'s. I honestly don't think the police ever tried to find my stuff. I never knew they took my pillow case until I went to bed that night.

  • tanahusky Dec 26, 2008

    "It's just stuff......Get over it...."

    Yes, it may just be stuff, but have you ever been burgarlized? I have, and the uneasy feeling you get afterwards...knowing there were strangers in your home....that is hard to get over. Maybe a little sympathy?

  • fatcat11 Dec 26, 2008

    Anyone who steals children's toys has a special place in hell all picked out....

  • wcnc Dec 26, 2008

    "They stole, altogether, I think it was seven game consoles"

    That's a little excessive for only 3 children.....And you have a security system and didn't set it?? Come on.....

    It's just stuff......Get over it....

  • Angry Independent Dec 26, 2008

    SEVEN game consoles ?!?