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Morris family missing Kelly at Christmas

Posted December 24, 2008
Updated March 9, 2009

— Pat Currin spent Christmas Eve much like he has spent every day since Sept. 3. He pored over a map, looking for hope that his missing daughter would soon be found.

Christmas not the same for family of missing woman Christmas not the same for family of missing woman

Kelly Morris was reported missing after her home burned. Investigators found her Accord, keys, purse, and cell phone the same day in an undeveloped subdivision about a mile from her home.

Since then, there have been few clues in the disappearance of the Granville County mother.

Her father admits he no longer believes she is alive, but "we think somebody knows something," he said.

Pat Currin doesn't know what to tell his granddaughters, Kelly's children.

"I am to the point that I think Kelly is not coming back. I don't think Kelly is alive, but she's got two kids that's got to be raised."

"We are eventually going to have to face that and figure out and come to some kind of plan to talk to them about your momma is not here and there is a possibility she may not come back."

Currin has never celebrated Christmas without both of his children.

"Everybody always has to be there. You don't do it because another child is somewhere else, you wait until everybody can come," he explained.

This year he won't celebrate on Christmas Day. "There is no Christmas," he said Wednesday.

Instead, Currin and his wife will likely be searching. It is the same way they spent Thanksgiving.

"You don't have any choice but to look. We don't know where she is at and by looking at least we know where she is not," he said.

The Granville County Sheriff's Office is still investigating Kelly's disappearance. Kelly Morris' husband, Scott, has been the focus of several search warrants, but he hasn't been charged in the case.

The Currin family is offering a $30,000 reward for information about Kelly's disappearance.

Family members say they will not stop searching and urge anyone with any information to contact Granville County sheriff's investigators at 919-693-3213 or a volunteer search line at 919-812-2310.


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  • GB74 Dec 26, 2008

    I first met the Currin family during this search. I can tell you first hand that you will not find better people than Pat and Juanita Currin. The family values that this couple has is unreal. When they say they didn't celebrate Christmas, THEY probably didn't, but I can absolutely guarantee you that those kids did, and I can guarantee you that when those kids woke up on Christmas morning to open their Santa Claus presents, their grandparents were right there with them. So before rushing judgement on any family whom you do not know, get to know them first hand. If you help us with this search, you'll see that if every family had the values and morals that the Currin family does, this world would be a much better place.


  • pebbles262004 Dec 26, 2008

    I hope she is found soon, so the family can find some kind of peace!

  • Tired Of Excuses Dec 25, 2008

    Whoa StefanyJoy.....Kelly's parents are missing their daughter and have NO idea what happened to her.
    I think their "boo hooing" as you so eloquently put it is justified.
    What an insensitive comment.
    And a Carolina fan too...talk about a disservice!

  • nkjack Dec 24, 2008

    My heart aches tonight because Kelly is not here to celebrate Christmas with her family. I wish the clock could be turned back and things could be changed but it's not that way. We can't see what the future holds and sometimes remembering the past is bittersweet. Please send up a special prayer tonight for Kelly's family and continue to keep this story fresh in the minds of your viewers and maybe soon there will be answers to all the questions and some peace in the hearts of all who loved her and miss her every day. Missing Kelly...

  • cheddarhead Dec 24, 2008

    Seriously, StefanyJoy???? I am sure they will make the best of this Christmas for the children but can you just put yourself in their position for one second? That was very insensitive!

  • BIGDAWGShouse Dec 24, 2008

    Excuse me but have you had a family member murdered/killed??? Until you have stick it...Mr. Currin, God be with you..my brother was murdered in 99 and I still have a very hard time at Christmas w/o him....may she soon be found...

  • scarletindurham Dec 24, 2008

    Mother or not, those children still deserve as wonderful as a Christmas as possible, and sitting around and boo hooing about Kelly is doing Kelly and her children a huge disservice.

  • NMBound Dec 24, 2008

    It breaks my heart that Kelly's children will not have their mother with them at Christmas. What makes me mad is the high probablity that their father had something to do with it and he is selfish enough not to do something about it. If by some crazy chance, it wasn't him then there is a cold-heartless person out there. I hope that they never have to experience the same pain that they are causing.

    It goes the same for all the other children whose father's who are so selfish that they have taken their mother's away from their children.

    I hope that they take time to celebrate the holiday with their families, I'm sure that is what the missing mother's would want.