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Mail, package delivery companies hit snag this holiday season

Posted December 23, 2008
Updated March 9, 2009

— Last-minute mailers kept postal delivery businesses busy Tuesday. At Nollie Jones' UPS Store, it was a rush to the finish line. 

Jones says he hears the same thing each Christmas season.

"They come in and say, 'I have to get it there tomorrow. I don't care what it costs. Get it there,'” Jones said.

Busy postal employees get mail, packages out Busy postal employees get mail, packages out

Kevin McHugh admitted he is a last minute mailer as he sent a gift to Rhode Island. Tuesday was the last day UPS could guarantee delivery for Christmas.

"It is going to be tight,” McHugh said.

Jones' store will ship 2,000 packages this month. However, business is down around 20 percent this year, Jones said.

At the U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center in Raleigh, as many as 7 million pieces of mail pass through every day. This year, however, cards and letters are down 6 percent.

"We are going to make attempts to deliver all packages that are obvious Christmas packages,” said Sherry McGowan, with the U.S. Postal Service.

People have until noon Wednesday to mail holiday gifts at a Post Office. For an additional premium fee of $12.50, the packages will be delivered on Christmas.

Without the premium service, Idalyn Thomas says she would have an unhappy niece on Christmas day.

“I don't care how much you plan before Christmas, you always forget something. You always do,” Thomas said.

The Postal Service expects to deliver 19 billion letters, packages and cards between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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  • MrsTaz Dec 24, 2008

    It's a matter of luck, I guess. I mailed a package Priority Mail on Monday and got a phone call from the recipient on Tuesday thanking me for th gift. Overnight mail for $7.95. I'm happy.

  • makeitright Dec 24, 2008

    I'm amazed they will deliver on Christmas Day. It's a shame that Hoildays to spend time away from work are not Holidays any more for alot of people. I'm sure the world will keep turning if the present doesn't get ther till Friday

  • kitelover110 Dec 24, 2008

    UPS was scheduled to deliver my 3 packages on December 23. Yhey were delivered on December 22. GO UPS! However, a package sent via USPS Priority mail on Friday and schduled for deliver in 3 days still has not been delivered. And the USPS wonders why they are losing revenue?

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 24, 2008

    As usual, people blame the messenger for their poor planning.

  • fkhaywood Dec 24, 2008

    Remember the old adage: Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!

  • ThisIsMyName Dec 24, 2008

    If you and your family think it's the gift that is the most important thing, you really need to look at your family values. Who in their right mind would pay a premium to get a gift to someone by Christmas???

  • kittiboo Dec 24, 2008

    If there are fewer packages, why the HECK can't UPS get my package here!? It was scheduled to be delivered Monday via 2nd day air, and it is STILL not here! I am not happy with them. They said it got delayed in Las Vegas for 2 days. Too bad it was shipped AFTER the snow "event". Hmph.