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Wakefield High memorial baseball field house in jeopardy

Posted December 22, 2008
Updated March 9, 2009

— A building intended to be a memorial to a Wake County teenager killed in a wreck is in jeopardy. The baseball field house is nearly complete, but a shortage of donations may prevent its being finished.

“My son was a big baseball player and he loved his team and all the teams that he played on,” Steven George Sr. said.

The baseball field at Wakefield High School is where Steven George played his last game.

baseball field house Memorial baseball field house needs funds

The 18-year-old senior and three friends were killed in a car crash off the U.S. Highway 64 Bypass in the early morning hours of March 4, 2007. Police say speed and alcohol played a role in the wreck.

“It's kind of a reality check. Every time you get that opportunity (to drive), it is like, 'Wait, this happened to somebody I knew. It could happen to me,'” said Chris Blankership, a Wakefield High School baseball player.

To remember George, his parents raised money to build a field house in his honor at Wakefield High. Players have volunteered their time to work on the project, and supplies have been donated.

“To have something like this in his memory thrills the family to no end. I can't wait to see it finished,” Blankership said.

However, the field house will not be completed unless more money is raised.

"With the economy the way that it is, a lot of people aren't going to be able to help us out who promised originally,” George Sr. said.

About $10,000 of work is needed to finish the project. George Sr. said he is hopeful donors will step up to the plate in his son's honor.

If you would like to contribute to the memorial field house, write to Wakefield High School, 2200 Wakefield Pines Drive, Raleigh, N.C. 27614. Checks can be made out to Wakefield Baseball, noting it is in memory of Steven George.


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  • Southern Cal Dec 23, 2008

    Those of you outside the Wakefield community, commenting negatively on this story are showing their backside. 1st of all, only 2 of the students showed a BAC over the legal limit. 2 did not show any at all, so get your facts straight before you pop off.

    This is a tragedy beyond your comprehension, and if you knew Steven's love for baseball and his impact to this team and school, you would not be so callous.

    If you don't want to contribute, then don't.

  • iliveforthis30 Dec 23, 2008

    To those of you who believe that this is inappropriate have no respect for the families of those involved in the accident. Not only did I play baseball with Steven, along with braves182, for 8 years, I also was good friends with Anthony Bostic, who played baseball his first 3 years at Wakefield, Baker Wood and Tim Steinberg. The club house is something for rememberance of a good baseball player, friend, son, and brother. It's not like they have a banner on it saying "Drinking and Driving is good!" It's something for everyone who knew him to remember him by. If you can't see that by the effort and time that has been put in by everyone involved you clearly don't get it. Also the date of the wreck was March 4th, 2006. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I write that date on the bill of every single one of my baseball hats. If you don't agree with it turn your head to great people doing something in memory of another great individual.

  • braves182 Dec 23, 2008

    Yes i am angry with comments and i never said drinking is cool or ever was. i personally hate drinking mostly because of how this event impacted my life. The way people have been speaking on this board is hurtful to me and it has to be hurtful towards the George family. Baseball was Steven's life he would have played in college and would have been very good, however a poor decision left him dead. His parents were and are very active in Wake county rasing awareness about drinking and driving but they wanted away to help the children in remeberance of their son who was a great person. It is also important to the students at Wakefield-the players have donated their time to helping build the field house it is constant reminder of what has happened- That point in itself is important, maybe one student will remember how easily one poor decision can alter their.

  • firecaptain2000 Dec 23, 2008



  • colliedave Dec 23, 2008

    I played baseball with Steven George for 8 years he was a close friend of mine and i saw him the day before he died. ... I am a 20 year college student with little to giv e but i would give everything i have to see Steven again

    Then why you spend your efforts to get more of your peer group to see the combination of underage drinking combined with excessive speeding isn't cool?

    Sorry you lost a friend, but your anger/energy needs to be funneled for others to see that life is to short and precious to die as a result of stupid decisions.

  • Tired of your excuses Dec 23, 2008

    The father should be ashamed to use the media for a way to raise funds for the baseball field house. Better to use the money for a donation to MADD or some other anti-drinking cause. Sends a better message. Shame on WRAL too for letting the story air.

  • colliedave Dec 23, 2008

    My previous comment got zapped. While the death of this young man, and the others in the car was tragic, they were preventable.

    Don't know if this young man was the driver, but the driver was driving his father's sports car at a speed exceeding 100mph when it flipped on the 64 bypass. All in the car had BAC exceeding the legal limit for adults. Building a monument to bad behavior sends the message this kind of behavior is to be commended rather than condemned.

  • TheAdmiral Dec 23, 2008

    '“My son was a big baseball player and he loved his team and all the teams that he played on,” Steven George Sr. said.'

    There's where your income stream should come from. The families of the fallen. Not the general public.

  • Newman Dec 23, 2008

    My condolences but there are over one thousand students facing reassignment out of Wakefield - I'm quite sure they aren't about to start feeding money into this one at this time!!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 23, 2008

    His family is trying to make a hero or a martyr out of a young man who died because he and his friends were heavily drinking and driving drunk. They flipped over the overpass doing over 100 MPH at the time they went off the road. Making this young man a hero or martyr sends a wrong message to the teenagers in our community.

    If anything his picture should be on posters saying if you drink and drive you may die like I did. That would send the proper message to teenagers in our community.