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After-school club teaches energy conservation and more

Posted December 22, 2008

— Some Raleigh fifth-graders give up their afternoons to learn about energy conservation in a club that's going strong after a decade.

Teacher Amy Constant has led the Energy Savers club at Fox Road Elementary for about 10 years. After school hours, students do activities that teach them about conserving energy and resources.

"It's just amazing how many kids are excited to be involved," Constant said.

In November, students collected plastic bags and then spent one afternoon coming up with creative uses for them.

"Our room, for a while, looked like a plastic bag had exploded. We got lots of them," Constant said.

Alton Gayton crocheted the old plastic bags to make a new bag dispenser, while Kammie Wilson created some Christmas cheer.

"We decided to use them and make wreaths for the month of Christmas," Kammie said.

Energy Savers members also patrol the school for water leaks. When they find leaks, they tell custodians.

"We are saving now 2 gallons of water a day per student with the patrol," Constant said.

The best lessons that club members learn are values that will take them far in life – such as one college sophomore who volunteers at her old elementary school club, Constant said.

"With this leadership and responsibility and respect, all the character traits that are brought in, it's just amazing how these children grow," the teacher said.


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  • Hammerhead Dec 23, 2008

    Meat, do you see the same black helicopters that Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity see? The three most paranoid Luddites on the air.

  • fundybasher Dec 22, 2008

    "And I try to eat for 4 as I'm trying to make up for all the veggie freaks."

    Just don't come whining to the GOLO board when diabetes and/or heart disease strike you down from all that eating you're doing. And don't cry about the greedy old pharmaceutical companies charging you an arm and a leg to keep you chugging on a few more miserable years because you were unable to muster the discipline to put down your fork and back away from the table. Every cow and pig you eat is paying you back by lining your arteries with just a little more plaque.


  • bs101fly Dec 22, 2008

    is that for mandatory year round or traditional students??
    they aren't equal you know!

  • Hammerhead Dec 22, 2008

    Micah, they are incapable of comprehending these things. The lazy response is that anything environmentally responsible is either being shoved down our throats or somehow creating legions of Green Nazis. Talk about overreation about a harmless human interest story.

  • really02 Dec 22, 2008

    there is nothing like good old fashion brainwashing is there.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 22, 2008

    micah and hereandnow99, you eat all the beans and fake food you want. Me and colliedave will chow down on your portion of the animal kingdom. I ain't tasted a soy bean yet that tastes as good as a pig, cow, or chicken. And I try to eat for 4 as I'm trying to make up for all the veggie freaks.

  • cadetsfan Dec 22, 2008

    Well said, micah! Go veggies :)

  • micah Dec 22, 2008

    JustAName, Did you actually READ the article that the OP linked to? If you did, you would understand the point. Cost of fuel vs. yield per acre of any grain crop are drastically less for grain crops. Also, grain crops do not emit carbon dioxide themselves.

    Just read the article; That is, if you actually want to learn something and not just post nonsense.

  • fundybasher Dec 22, 2008

    i agree with collie. kids should be taught to CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME, and then CONSUME MORE. Kids should be taught that the earth is theirs to plunder, that they are the center of the universe, and everything should revolve around them. Following colliedave's recommendation to encourage greed and wastefulness is the best way to raise responsible children and to ensure a bright and sustainable future for all of us.

  • colliedave Dec 22, 2008

    Great. Creating little environmental nazis. and the Wake County Public School System buses the kids all around the country, wasting fuel, to create - cough, cough - economic diversity. How about practicing what is preached?