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First case of flu reported in N.C.

Posted December 19, 2008

— State public health officials have confirmed North Carolina’s first case of flu this season.

The disease was diagnosed in a 38-year-old Wake County woman, who is recovering at home, officials said.

“We know the flu season has begun here in North Carolina, so if you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s time to do so. It’s not too late,” the state health director, Dr. Leah Devlin, said in a statement. “Flu vaccine is the best way to prevent the flu.”

The supply of flu vaccine is plentiful this year, Devlin said, predicting a record number of doses available.

“This year’s flu vaccine is a good match to the strains of flu virus circulating in the country so far,” Dr. Jeff Engel, state epidemiologist, said in the statement.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has expanded its recommendations regarding flu vaccine, advising all children from 6 months through 18 years be vaccinated against the flu. Adults 50 and older, people with certain chronic medical conditions like asthma, household contacts of people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and health care workers also are encouraged to get vaccinated.

“Increased rates of vaccination could reduce the number of people who suffer from or die from the flu,” Engel said, noting that the flu accounts for 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations nationwide each year.


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  • luke Dec 19, 2008

    There's also research that shows a link to excess sugar consumption.

  • Drakula_I_G Dec 19, 2008

    Luke, it isn't just the sunshine factor. This time of year, temperatures go down, along with humidity in the air, drying out the mucous membranes in your throat/sinus. This allows viruses that normally couldn't overcome the body's natural immune factor to take hold due to its weakened state - which is why you can get a summer cold if you sleep with too cool a breeze over you, etc. By all means make sure you are getting a good vitamin intake - that's just good health.

  • Drakula_I_G Dec 19, 2008

    True influenza is most certainly NOT a cold.
    Flu is a respiratory disease that can KILL YOU.
    Don't take it lightly.
    No offense to anyone thinking they had the flu, but if you didn't have severe flu-like symptoms (high fever, severe coughing, etc.) for about two weeks or so, it probably wasn't the flu.
    There are alot of flu-like viruses out there that are not nearly as severe nor can they kill you or last for weeks like influenza will.

  • luke Dec 19, 2008

    The latest research shows there may be a link between the flu and reduced levels of vitamin D. Since most of us get less sun this time of year,there may not be any such thing as a flu "season". It may simply be a matter of not enough sunshine.

  • airbornemonty Dec 19, 2008

    The first flu case in North Carolina! Baloney, even though I had my flu shot I had what I believe was the flu about a month before. How did I cure it, a lot of liquids, chicken soup and rest.

  • ignc73 Dec 19, 2008

    There's no reason to go to the doctor for flu unless you're old or sick. It's a cold. Drink liquids and rest.

  • msudawg Dec 19, 2008

    and how many of us that are sick with flu like symptoms that DID go to the doctor and the doctor brushed it off as a virus that will go away (like me)?

    I went to the doctor yesterday morning with a fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, etc. My doctor is pathetic and dosen't run the test for the flu expcept in elderly patients. The only reason I went was with the hope of getting Relenza or some sort of antiviral to shorten the duration of this. It really stinks to not be able to sleep at night because of either being too hot or too cold or too painful from the joint discomfort. Hopefully I will be over this before Christmas.

  • uncbabie Dec 19, 2008

    But, how many people (like myself) have already been sick with flu like symptoms and didn't go to the doctor?