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Michelle Young's mother seeking custody of daughter

Posted December 19, 2008

— The family of Michelle Young is asking a judge for custody of the slain mother's young daughter, who has been living with her father since her mother's death more than two years ago.

In a civil complaint unsealed Friday, Michelle Young's mother, Linda Fisher, and sister, Meredith Fisher, also ask for a psychological evaluation of Jason Young, claiming they have concerns about his parenting ability and his mental and emotional state.

A hearing on the matter has been scheduled for Feb. 4.

Calls to both Linda Fisher and Meredith Fisher, as well as Roger Smith Jr., a Raleigh attorney representing Jason Young, were not immediately returned Friday afternoon.

Pregnant at the time of her death, Michelle Young, 29, was found lying face down in the bedroom of her house on Nov. 3, 2006. Her 2-year-old daughter, Cassidy, was found unharmed in the same room.

Since his wife's death, Jason Young has moved with his daughter to western North Carolina, where his family lives. He told Wake County sheriff's investigators that he was out of town on business when his wife was killed.

Authorities have not made an arrest in the case, but Detective Richard Spivey, the lead investigator, recently stated in an affidavit that he believes Jason Young killed his wife.

The custody complaint, filed Wednesday and kept under seal until it was served, states that Jason Young has consistently denied telephone and personal contact between the Fishers and Cassidy, now 4.

A visit in October, the complaint states, required "extensive attorney involvement to facilitate."

Gifts to Cassidy, including all Christmas presents, have also been returned, unopened, it continues.

"Cassidy is attached to the plaintiffs," the complaint states. "Despite the defendant's and his family's efforts to exclude the plaintiffs from Cassidy's life, as set out below, a strong bond continues to exist between Cassidy and the plaintiffs."

The Fishers also claim in their lawsuit that Jason Young has not provided a stable living environment for his daughter, that he is unemployed and generating little or no income and that he relies primarily on family members to care for her.

They continue to state that they believe he has posted photos of the girl on the Internet in attempts to get dates.

Prior to Michelle Young's death, they claim Jason Young behaved in an inappropriate and degrading manner toward his wife, that he "publicly berated and was cruel to Michelle" and engaged in sexual relationships with several women in the weeks and months prior to his wife's death.

"There was escalating disharmony between the defendant and Michelle in the weeks prior to her murder," the complaint states.

Earlier this month, a Superior Court judge ruled in a wrongful death lawsuit Linda Fisher filed in October that Jason Young was responsible for his wife's death.

Legal experts say the ruling has nothing to do with guilt or innocence but means Jason Young won't be able to collect life insurance benefits from his wife.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 19, 2008

    "Now, onto the custody. Why would Jason not want his daughter to have ANY contact whatsoever with her mother's family?? That is ODD to me.... Either he hated his wife or her family....either way, that isn't showing the best parenting skills, nor does it seem he is putting his daughter's best interests first. Grandma may be more stable to raise Cassidy...."

    Seeing that the grandparents have said in public that he killed their daughter eventhough the Wake County DA doesn't have enough evidence to convict him, he most likely doesn't want the grandparents telling his daughter that he killed her mother.

    The grandparents can't expect him to be gracious and welcome them into his home when they are telling the media that he killed their daughter.

    Anyway, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • Adelinthe Dec 19, 2008

    "The out of town on business was his attempt at an alibi."

    And staying with his parents while doing that business. What an alibi!?!

    Awaiting more evidence. Think the civil case may smoke it out.

    Praying for the child.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Dec 19, 2008

    Am with the maternal grandparents on this.

    Praying for the child.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • tgcmisc Dec 19, 2008

    NOPE...at the risk of being an amateur slueth and also thinking..."what have I done....how can I get rid of this flashlight?"

    If I were Jason and were in a hurry to get back to my hotel and/or meeting, then I would want to IMMEDIATELY get rid of ANYTHING that could connect me with the crime. Clothes, Flashlight, Shoes, towels, etc. If you leave the Enchanted Oak neighborhood and want to get to the beltline, then you can go down Penny Road to Old South...but, if you drive about one more mile...you cross Lake Wheeler. The bridge is pretty isolated. I would throw the flashlight as far as I could...then decide what to do about the clothes.

    If the clothes were in a plastic bag with a few bricks, then they could be tossed. Otherwise, as you head back up I40, you find a river...but there will be MORE traffic and more chance of being seen...

    Just a theory...Maybe Det. Spivey has checked this out...

    Who KNOWS?

  • wrx44 Dec 19, 2008

    The guy killed his wife....all you "where's the proof" people who are defending him must be on another planet.

    He did it....plain and simple.

    He lawyered up right away...makes it a lot harder to prosecute. The DA wants to make sure he has all he needs to GUARANTEE a win in court...just like the Ann Miller Kontz case...we all knew she did it...just took 4 years to get enough to convict.

    Same thing will happen here.

    All you Jason Young defenders...don't confuse court/trial evidence with logic and reality....as you seem to often do.

    There wasn't some phantom who randomly snuck in the house (no forced entry), beat her to death, no sexual assault....took nothing, and left.

    I don't care that they haven't indicted yet...that has zero bearing on who actually did the crime...Let's get real.

  • Banker Mommy Dec 19, 2008

    tgcmisc: Do you have some inside info on that particular area of Lake Wheeler? If so, have you shared it with the police? I know people working on this case, and I'm sure they would LOVE any helpful information you can give.

  • Scubagirl Dec 19, 2008

    I'm sorry, guilty or not a 'good father' does NOT return christmas gifts to a child unopened back to the grandparents! That's hateful and hurtful to the child!

  • wcnc Dec 19, 2008

    "he was out of town on business, can not put him at the at the house on the day of the murder, there is no trace evidence of her blood on him. Are you talking about "I think he did it evidence"

    Well, I notice that the police have NOT said that he wasnt' home at the day of the murder, but that he wasn't home at the time her body was found...BIG difference in word choice there.....I've never heard police say that there wasno trace of her blood on him....

    Just where are you getting your "facts" from??

  • wcnc Dec 19, 2008

    "He has every right to raise HIS child as HE sees fit."

    Not really- a parent doesn't have the right to raise a child in a abusive or neglectful environment. Not saying that is being done here at all. But why do you assume that the girl is happy and content living with dad? The dad doesn't allow Christmas or birthday present from grandma....what harm is a present?? I dont' understand Jason Young's thinking in this case and THAT is what concerns me in this case- not his guilt or innocence, but how he seems to put his wants ahead of what may be best for his daughter.

  • wcnc Dec 19, 2008

    I know you all think you know a lot about law enforcement, but you really don't. While on tv, if you even have a whiff of evidence, you arrest, that's not what happens in real life. In real life, at some point it is really out of the hands of the police and can be up to other people whether or not they think there is enough evidence to authorize an arrest. Maybe the police or someone wants more evidence than what we all think is enough....Who knows? We're not in the investigation to know what stage they are at.

    Now, onto the custody. Why would Jason not want his daughter to have ANY contact whatsoever with her mother's family?? That is ODD to me.... Either he hated his wife or her family....either way, that isn't showing the best parenting skills, nor does it seem he is putting his daughter's best interests first. Grandma may be more stable to raise Cassidy....