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Real-life Grinch steals gifts from Fayetteville home

Posted December 17, 2008
Updated December 18, 2008

— Cumberland County sheriff's deputies say someone broke into a family's Fayetteville home Wednesday and stole their Christmas presents.

When Michael Schillinger, 17, came home from school, he found the back door of his house had been kicked in.

“I noticed this (door broken), and that's when I realized somebody had broken into the house,” Schillinger said.

He immediately called his parents and got out of the house, at 719 Foxcroft Drive.

“I had to ask him again to repeat it again because I just could not believe it,” his mother, Liberty Schillinger, said.

When the family checked about the house, they discovered most of their electronics were gone.

“We feel violated,” Liberty Schillinger said.

Even more disheartening for the Schillingers was that the thief made off with all but one of their Christmas presents.

“The electronics, the gifts, can be replaced. It's the invasion” that's so bothersome, Liberty Schillinger said.

“It's just the fact that somebody else has forcefully come into our world. It's kind of upsetting, and I'm still a little on edge from it,” father Thomas Schillinger said.

The Schillingers still plan to make the best of the holidays. Liberty Schillinger says she will deliver her Christmas baked goods to friends and neighbors as usual.

“We'll enjoy Christmas and what the spirit of it is for. We just thank God nobody was injured and nobody was hurt and that we're all OK,” Thomas Schillinger said.

Thomas Schillinger says he and his family have lived in the neighborhood for eight years without crime problems.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office at 910-323-1500.


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  • tanahusky Dec 18, 2008

    I feel bad for this family. I can sympathize...my home was broken into last month and lost many valuables. It still gives me butterflies to think of someone in my home when I was at work.
    Seems to be a different world these days...

  • ginaosbo Dec 18, 2008

    Since I can't get a response thru the Censors to angora2.

    Let me just say this, I HAVE been there, I GREW UP THERE! Never took anything from anyone! Want does not give one license to TAKE. You value set must be lots different than mine!

  • familyfour Dec 18, 2008

    Oh, yeah....


  • familyfour Dec 18, 2008

    God forbid YOU ever become one of those bottom feeders.

    I don't understand that comment....because it would be wrong no matter who the "bottom feeder" is.

    Just because you become financially strapped, doesn't make you a bottom feeder....breaking into someone's house and stealing...YEP! And that's just wrong.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Dec 18, 2008

    I dont understand your comment. Are you condoling this behavior because times are hard? Times are hard for everyone, and it still doesnt make taking something that doesnt belong to you (also known as stealing) right.

  • mandy picketts Dec 18, 2008

    I hide all our gifts until Christmas Eve as well....

  • angora2 Dec 18, 2008

    "Get ready for more of this mess, as the bottom feeders begin to take what they are entitled to"

    God forbid YOU ever become one of those bottom feeders.

  • angora2 Dec 18, 2008

    "the criminals broke into just "a house", but this is why people should be armed."

    Oh cool! Since they weren't at home, they could have set up the gun to automatically shoot whoever busted into the house. That's a great plan unless the son is the one who busts in.

  • rebekah816 Dec 18, 2008

    This is not too uncommon. In fact, there have been quite a few of this type of break-ins around my area, lately. My cousin, less than a mile from me, just had his home broken into last week. They took all the presents and their laptop. I don't know any of the others, personally, but police presence has been stepped up in the area. A deputy even stopped my dad when he pulled out of my driveway yesterday morning. I think he decided that an 80 yr old man wasn't likely to be one of the culprits. He just asked him if everything was alright. (My dad drives kind of slow.)

  • Con Amor Dec 18, 2008

    I know how violated they must feel. After something like this happens. It really makes you think, "Was it so & so who did it. Has somebody been watching our home and our habbits?"