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Warrants: Apex teen beaten, asphyxiated

Posted December 17, 2008
Updated December 21, 2008

— Slain Apex teenager Matthew Silliman likely died from asphyxiation and was beaten with a hammer, according to search warrants unsealed late Wednesday.

Deputies found the 18-year-old's body on Dec. 2 at a mobile home at 4221 Olive Branch Lane in New Hill after receiving a tip from Apex police.

Allegra Rose Dahlquist, 17, of 601 Walcott Way, Cary; Ryan Patrick Hare, 18; of 100 Walnut Hill Court, Apex; Aadil Shahid Khan, 17, of 901 Bristol Blue St., Apex; and Drew Logan Shaw, 16, of 107 Woolard Way, Apex, were indicted Tuesday on one count of murder in the case.

Hare, Shaw and Dahlquist were also indicted on one count each of conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the warrants warrants, one of the accused confessed to being involved in Silliman death and implicated three others. Of the other three, two more confessed to their involvement. The three who confessed implicated the fourth suspect as being directly involved in his death.

One of the suspects admitted to beating Silliman on the head with a hammer, tying him with zip ties, suffocating him with duct tape and disposing of him in a plastic bag, the warrants stated. The suspect also told investigators they tried to use medication commonly used for animals to plan the crime.

The assailants also read Silliman's fortune to him off tarot cards before his death, the warrants stated.

Silliman, an Apex High School student, was reported missing Nov. 26 and was the subject of a statewide Silver Alert. According to arrest warrants, the homicide occurred Nov. 30.

Wake County real estate records say the property where Silliman was found belongs to Dahlquist's family.

Authorities have said little about the case, but Silliman's page on Facebook, an online social networking site, lists the suspects as his friends.

Dahlquist and Khan are seniors at Apex High School, a Wake County schools spokesman said. Shaw is a sophomore at Panther Creek High School in Cary. Hare withdrew from Panther Creek in February.


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  • TontoKozlowski Dec 19, 2008


  • Eduardo1 Dec 19, 2008

    make no plea bargains PLEASE! If they are guilty, minimum life in prison. They are nice and ripe and young and will HOOK-UP with some experienced lifers, who will surely be their BEST friends. This is better then a death sentence.

  • lorivalentine1 Dec 19, 2008

    Maevduir: These kids were old enough to mask things, to make choices, but not old enough to know the depth of the consequences. It's human nature to blame.

    That statement is ridiculous. These kids were more than old enough to undersatnd the depth of the consequences. The fact of the matter is the kids no matter how great they used to be are now absolute monsters. Does not matter the reason at this point as the tragedy can not be undone. I hope they all get the death penalty. Maybe the rest of the kids out there who think they can get away with anything will learn from this horrendous act that will have consequences.

  • miss.c Dec 19, 2008

    Wifemotherteacher, I am sure that more details will be released and people may understand some of the statements made. Did anyone see why the search warrants were unsealed?

  • Citizen7265 Dec 19, 2008

    maeveduir, how do you know he was comepletely recognizable? Is this an assumption on your part or did you see him to know this for a fact? That is very interesting.

    A hammer can do horrendous damage if used enough. An investigator in this case is still truamatized by what he saw.

  • Willows Sassy Britches Dec 18, 2008

    i love how the parents of these murderers are like they are good kids, yeah my good kid always beats someone wiht a hammer and puts the vic in a plastic bag

  • gigglesbme Dec 18, 2008

    I feel so bad for that family. I go to Apex High and it is hard to go to school and see all of the mourning people. And i dont think i am going to schol tomorrow, because the bomb threat sounds like a big deal. Even the princpical called our parents about it, and that does not happen unless it is serious.

  • maeveduir Dec 18, 2008

    Actually, the parents did check. Hair dye and music do not a problem make. I believe the kids that listened to Jerry Lee Lewis and Evlvis when they first came out and didn't mind shaking their hips turned out just fine- despite the "devil's" influence in the music. And dressing goth doens't mean much of anything either. Not every kid was born to wear khaki. In fact, if you have ever spoken to kid in goth, they're just trying to make a statement against the norm without hurting anyone. The point is that the parents may not have been given the choice to see it or not see it. These kids were old enough to mask things, to make choices, but not old enough to know the depth of the consequences. It's human nature to blame. However, because this involves humans, individuals- it's impossible to blame any one thing and it should stop. WHo knows what is nature or nurture or techno-environmental- or what combination? Think fairly.

  • icdumbpeople Dec 18, 2008

    I am so thankful me and my daughter made it through those years!! Very thankful when I read these! I was hard on her, but I think some luck played a part in it to! I dont think any of us can even imagine how either of the parents feel.

  • JAT Dec 18, 2008

    oh well, i had a post but it was too long and didn't post, I guess. I'll try again.

    Maeve - I can do all "generalizations" you've accused me of. As we haven't been told otherwise, and I'm sure we would have by now, these kids had "normal" upbringings - lived in regular houses, went to regular schools, went to regular stores, weren't raised in a cult or a commune or nothing like that. They did the same things other kids did. But at some point, they ventured off the path and the parents refused to see it. maybe it was denial, maybe they never did care, maybe were too busy, but when they saw the changes, they should have reacted. What did they think/do when their child started dressing goth? dyed their hair bright red (as in the case of the victim)? started listening to horrid music? posting things to the internet? Did they EVER check?