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Duke research technician charged in fake ID bust

Posted December 16, 2008
Updated December 17, 2008

— A Duke University employee is accused of making fake driver’s licenses and selling them to college students.

Robert Wayne Bullock, 23, is charged with six counts of selling fake IDs in Wake County and one count of possession of stolen property in Orange County.

A few months ago, authorities said they began confiscating a lot of fake IDs in Raleigh clubs and bars. An investigation of those IDs led authorities to Bullock.

Authorities said Bullock, of 2721 Walker Road, Hillsborough, was using a stolen Division of Motor Vehicles computer to make the IDs. The machine was stolen from the agency's Louisburg office in September 2006.

Bullock sold the fake IDs for as much as $150 to students at North Carolina State University.

East Village Bar and Grill, on the corner of Hillsborough Street and Dixie Trail, is a popular hangout for students. The bar often confiscates fake IDs from students.

“If it’s a real ID, it has all the holograms on it,” said Wes Noblett, with East Village Bar and Grill.

Noblett said he was glad to hear of the fake ID bust.

"We are really liable for stuff like that. If they do get in here and start getting served and kill someone and somebody else,” Noblett said.

Bullock is employed as a scientist at Duke University and is a North Carolina State University graduate. Duke lists him as a research technician working on drug delivery in the Pratt Engineering School's Cartilage Mechanics and Tissue Engineering Laboratory.

He was released Tuesday afternoon from the Wake County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

Authorities said they are in the process of searching Bullock's computer to determine whether other people were involved in the operation.  If so, more arrests are expected.

A representative with the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission said this is the largest driver’s license fraud case he has seen in 20 years.


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  • scientistjo Dec 17, 2008

    "the problem is only soldiers are mature enough to drink under 21. all the spoiled brats fresh out of high school would never fit in at the same establishments i frequent" -dholder97

    Very few are mature at 18. Soldiers are no exception.

  • 8675309-9 Dec 17, 2008

    Yea this kind of stuff happens all over the place.

    We had someone who could make fake IDs in high school.

  • aoakley336 Dec 17, 2008

    treebee, you act like this is exclusive to Duke... The guy making the IDs was an NC State grad anyway, not a Duke grad, so he certainly didn't learn his trade at Duke. I can also make guarantee you that people at every college in the country have fake IDs.

  • whatusay Dec 17, 2008

    This would not be in the news if he were making the fake id's for illegal immigrants. The government would probably give him a helper employee.

  • NC Reader Dec 17, 2008

    "Isn't it illogical that in this country we can go off to war where we could likely kill someone, but can't drink a bottle of beer?"

    Yes, but maybe the solution is to raise the age to go off to war. :)

  • Like It TI is Dec 17, 2008

    Lower the drinking age to 18 and this won't be a problem. Isn't it illogical that in this country we can go off to war where we could likely kill someone, but can't drink a bottle of beer?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 17, 2008

    Good!! They should have taken his license for a number of years and Oh yes - handed him a fake. lol

  • dogman1973 Dec 17, 2008

    But if he was making fake IDs for illegals, then the STATE would have given him a pass and likely an award too!

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Dec 17, 2008

    ABC board can't lower the drinking age because they would see too much revenue vanish. They fine establishments up to $1000 for selling to undercover sting operations. Cashiers who make the sell simply get a slap on the hand!

  • piperchuck Dec 17, 2008

    For those advocating lowering the drinking age, you really should do some research into what happened the last time this was done. There's a reason why the age went back to 21 and it seems some people just can't learn from history...

    And for those suggesting that things are better in countries with lower drinking ages, they also have significantly harder drivers license requirements, way stiffer penalties for drunk driving, and higher minimum driving ages. Do you want these accompanying things, or are you just looking to take the thing you view as nice without the extra burdens that go along with it?