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Allegations surface against Wayne teacher

Posted December 10, 2008

— The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating claims that a female teacher at Southern Wayne High School had sexual contact with students.

The superintendent's office told the school board of the allegations, a member of the board said.

The superintendent's office said the teacher of exceptional children was put on paid administrative leave Nov. 17.

School and law enforcement sources declined to identify the teacher further, saying that no charges have been filed.

The sheriff's office said it has been investigating the case for about three weeks.

The State Bureau of Investigation is also investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior by another Wayne County teacher.

That teacher has also been on paid administrative leave from Charles B. Aycock High School since late September.

No charges have been filed in that case either.


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  • soccermomof2guys Dec 12, 2008

    a recent former principal of one of our WCPSS high schools had a student living with him, he has since resigned (??) Who chooses what stories are made public??????

  • Ibelieve Dec 11, 2008

    Concerning the CBA teacher, nothing more has seemed to surface with that acquastion. Just wondering, if a teacher is dismissed on paid leave, obviously the county is waiting for confirmed charges to be filed or they would not continue to receive a salary from the county.

  • Myra Dec 11, 2008

    Back in 2003, there were 2 or 3 athletic coaches at E E Smith who found one of the coach's 21 year old son with a 15 yr old female student on school grounds after hours, purportedly in a romantic or intimate position. It is mandatory to report this type of incident immediately. The coaches did not.

    The 'thing' about this incident that stuck in my mind is that two of the coaches are still coaching, only not at E E Smith; they are now at Westover. The 15 yr old girl was punished by being suspended from school. The 21 year old son of a coach was not reported to have been charged, admonished, or punished. The ONLY one punished was the CHILD - the student.

    I wonder if the coach's 21+ year old son is till visiting young girls on school grounds after hours?

  • beachboater Dec 11, 2008

    You know, something is really bothering me about this. The investigation is ongoing and has been, in one case for 3 weeks, the other since the end of September. Yet there are no charges.

    Is there maybe something not up to snuff on this? If a dastardly deed was indeed committed, I am right at the front of the line to stone them. But IF they are not guilty, and if this is some trumped up "misunderstanding", then God help the accused. There lives are ruined.

    I guess, sometimes, there is no happy ending.

  • 2SWEETBOYS Dec 11, 2008

    I know of some female teachers that have "myspace/facebook" profiles and display what I believed to be unprofessional sayings/pictures of themselves. A lot of what is happening in our schools today with teachers/students is coming from this....I have a child in 7th grade and each day I drop him off at school and as I'm in the car line I notice how some of the teachers are dressed....I sit there in disbelief....and we wonder how teacher/student involvement happens. Oh please! Some teachers are way to relax!!!

  • Myra Dec 11, 2008

    Dr.DataClerk -- Your advice to the parents was right on.

    If you research the offenses, you will find that that in most cases, teachers get to plead down and get no prison time, just probation. I don't care what Roy T. Cooper claims, that is the result of his leadeship and accomplishments. The problems are not just the child sex offenders, but the school system which would rather cover it up, the polticians who want to boast about doing something but never do, and the Judges who allow the plea bargains. Molesting and committing sex offence of a child or student should qualify for "bargain" basement plea deals and suspended sentences. As long as Roy T. Cooper has that huge vessel labeled "Indecent Liberties with a Child/Student" and perpetrators get to plea bargain - it will continue to be a problem.

    Child sex offenders generally lean towards jobs like teacher, boy scout leader, youth minister, or volunteering for anything that gives them access to children.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Dec 11, 2008

    I believe if the state gives these teachers about 50 years in prison for having sexual affairs with students, maybe this mess would stop. Parents teach your children to tell you or someone when a teacher steps out of line. Talk with your children as soon as they get home from school or you from work. We as parents need to put a stop to this. Let your child know it is OK to tell and get this teacher fired and put away in prison.

  • Myra Dec 11, 2008

    OOPS: Charles Brantley Aycock is the name of a school, not a teacher, so that's 2 un-named teachers accused.

    Here's a couple of Wayne Country teachers named along with the accusations and charges:

    Feb 23, 2006 - Wayne County, Charles B. Aycock High School English teacher, Laurie Spurlock, 36, arrested and charged with a felony for allegedly having sex with an 18-year-old male student; charged with two counts of felony sexual offense with a student.

    Feb 11, 2005 - Wayne County, Greenwood Middle School TEACHER OF THE YEAR, Hugh Pate Jr, accused of distributing pornographic images involving children from 3 years old to 15 years old performing sex acts on adults from his home. computer. Pate taught with Wayne County schools for five years.

  • Myra Dec 11, 2008

    October 2008, SBI investigated Charles Brantly Aycock, Wayne County HS teacher but did not say why they were investigating him.

    Now they say they are investigating sexual offense of students (plural) but they won't say who.

    Of course this school has problems; however it is not just this school -- North Carolina has a lot of teachers being charged / accused of child sex offenses. I can name about 430 of them just in NC.

    Add to that the NC General Assembly gives these perverts and other potential perverts the legal right to take a child in private and HIT them.

    Roy T. Cooper needs to stop prancing around and pretending to care and get something done. Roy T. Cooper warns us not to harrass, offend, or otherwise violate the rights of child sex offenders and we must agree not to before we can view their photos and info on the NC Sex Offender Registry. It's no secret who they are really trying to protect but it's not the children.

  • beachboater Dec 10, 2008

    GratefultoGod, you really should take a pill and reflect. And just maybe check your facts a bit.

    "This school has had A LOT of problems.. A LOT.. They lost a GREAT Principal last year.. due to a lot of teachers.. that should have been canned!"

    The former principal took a job in another county for a substantial pay raise. The interim principal that came in for the last half of the year was already retired. Where do "bad teachers" play into this?

    "They have a new principal now. He has a great reputation... but it is going to take " a while" to straighten things out there."

    And this means what? That someone has to become acclamated to a new position?

    "A LOT>>> of gang activity in that area. More there than probably anywhere else in N.C. Google it for yourself."

    This is just plain NOT true. Back it up with some facts.

    "The school has a hard time getting new teachers..

    Again, NOT true.