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State launches new system to track offenders

Posted December 9, 2008
Updated August 25, 2010

— Starting Jan. 1, all probation officers in the state will be required to use a new online tool to help them track offenders, the Department of Correction said late Tuesday afternoon.

The Web-based application, which went online Oct. 29, alerts probation officers when an offender in their caseload is arrested or convicted and when a warrant or order for arrest is issued, department spokesman Keith Acree said in a news release.

Officers can also review their entire caseload and see which offenders have been arrested or convicted since the previous day, he said.

The $75,000 program comes as state officials are working to fix problems brought to light in the wake of the slayings earlier this year of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill senior Eve Carson.

Suspects in both those shootings were on probation at the time of the crimes. An internal investigation into their cases found the suspects whom the probation system had overlooked, in part, because of heavy caseloads and there not being a central system from which probation officers could obtain court information about offenders.

The online system, Acree said, is connected to arrest and conviction data from the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Earlier this year, the state launched a pilot program, called NCAWARE (North Carolina Arrest Warrant Repository), in select counties that gives law enforcement officers real-time information and photos.

It cuts out a delay between the time a warrant is issued for someone's arrest and when law enforcement officers across the state can find out about it.

That means an officer making a traffic stop could immediately check NCAWARE to see if that person has any outstanding warrants or criminal summonses. Magistrates would also have background available to help them better set jail bonds.

NCAWARE is expected to go statewide by 2010.


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  • really02 Dec 10, 2008

    It will not work because the state has control over it

  • bilbobag99 Dec 10, 2008

    I'm surprised that WRAL didn't mention the fact that Robert Guy canceled a pilot system that would have caught Eve Carson's killer's arrest. Robert Guy canceled the program on the day that the killer was arrested. Why? Because Robert Guy didn't think of the program. Tracy Little asked for a pilot to be run, and when Robert Guy found out about it, he went berserk and canceled it. Robert Guy's head is going to roll. Especially after Thursday's final installment in this series in the N&O. We are going to learn that all of Robert Guy's statements in the first installment about he he didn't know how bad a shape Wake and Durham counties' caseloads were are not true. He received quarterly reports telling him how bad it was and he did nothing. I cannot wait for tomorrow when Robert Guy is really going to get stuck!

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Dec 9, 2008

    And exactly how many murder victims did it take to get this new system?

  • AtALost Dec 9, 2008

    Oops....sorry...think it was 5B to reapair before Katrina...and now they've set aside 14B.

  • AtALost Dec 9, 2008

    So it took two lives and countless other victims before they could spend $75K on this??? I agree with Joker, heads need to roll. Anyone who wasn't on record saying there's a problem needs to get the ax. But for those who might read this and think something is going to actually happen, don't get your hopes up. Updates, maintenance, etc. will likely be delayed due to budget constraints until another major incident happens. They didn't have 5M to reinforce/repair the New Orleans levees before hurricane Katrina yet they've managed to spend over 22M repairing them after. Amazing how these things work.

  • james27613 Dec 9, 2008

    This is a start in the right direction, however,
    now is the time for our elected officials to fix the
    broken parole system to prevent these convicts from killing again.

    Time to make our laws tough on criminals,
    you use a firearm in a crime, you go to jail, zero parole, no amnesty, no cut a plea deal, never ever again.

    Write and call your elected officials and make them listen and put a stop to this violence.

    No room in our jails, well then build a tent city jail out in the country just like they have at the jail in Nevada,
    model it like Sheriff Joe Arpaio's system.

    Zero tolerance is needed NOW.

    If steps are not take, then the next life lost could by yours or your loved one.

  • Just the facts mam Dec 9, 2008

    Glad someone finally told these people there is something nowadays called the internet. Will miracles never cease.

  • ccs1920 Dec 9, 2008

    This may help but they still must replace the employees that care about nothing but a paycheck. This includes some in the middle and at the top as well as rank and file.

  • Common Sense Man Dec 9, 2008

    "Just hope the data is accurate and people don't get caught up in the system when stopped for a traffic matter and have a similar name as a probationer."

    The system is for probation officers, not officers on the street. The warrant repository system is just another tool for officers to check warrants. They have to check and see that they are physically "in hand" before arresting someone.

  • Corvus Dec 9, 2008

    The top officials of Probation / Parole must have paid WRAL to run this story. I hope everyone has read the stories in todays paper and Sundays paper. The only reason they come up with this new system, is because they got caught cancelling a system that worked and would have been paid for by a grant.