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Beaver dilemma pits residents against homeowners association

Posted December 9, 2008

— Ryan Smith is on a mission. The Raleigh resident said he plans to do everything he can to stop his homeowners association from making a change to the neighborhood.

The change does not involve landscaping or the color of houses. Smith is upset about the association’s plan to get rid of beavers.

To get their beaver problem under control, Greystone Villages’ homeowners association voted to give themselves an option to capture and kill the animals. Not everyone in the neighborhood supports that approach.

“I think it is just a horrible thing,” Smith said. “If someone wants to make a vote to kill off a good portion of them, I'm going to do everything I can to stop it.”

Neighbor Marjory Hinchey agrees.

“They claim there’s problems with (beavers), but I’ve never seen any beaver,” she said.

Hinchey said she’s worried traps could harm her dog.

“The beavers have a right to be here. They’re not hurting anybody. As far as I’m concerned, they have a right to be around the property,” she said.

The beavers have apparently damaged trees in the area.

Wildlife biologist Matt Scott specializes in beaver removal and said trapping is the best method when trying to get rid of the animals.

“It’s either trap them out or live with them doing damage (and) flooding your back yard,” he said.

The homeowners association has not set a timetable for when the traps could be set.


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  • babyboomer47 Dec 10, 2008

    Get rid of HOAs. Hoas should be banned and declared unconstitutional! HOAs do nothing but create problems and hard feelings among neighbors.

  • sweetsea Dec 10, 2008

    If you cut down a tree in this subdivision, the same folk complaining about the plan the get rid of the beavers would go absolutely beserk. The beavers will cut down bunches of trees, full grown and saplings, and dam up the creeks and waterways. And it WILL flood the lots of those living next to them. If those complaining lived next to the creek you could just wait a couple of more years until they had lilly pads where their patio used to be and they would help you set the traps instead of criticizing efforts to control the critters.

  • SweetB Dec 10, 2008

    Why do humans think they are sooooo superior? HOA -- YUCK! Humans need to stop HAVING TO HAVE and yes we should COEXIST! Save the animals humans and so on. If "we" did not have to have it all so perfect and Better and Bigger, the animals would still have THEIR homes and land. The HOA members wanting to kill them are KILLERS. ie: Just because the snake found its way into my house doesn't mean I killed it. I safely caught the snake and took it away to the woods. There is just no rhyme or reason for killing animals, unless it is for needed food.

  • BULLDOZER Dec 10, 2008

    I used to live on Sunset Lake in Holly Springs. Over the 5 years we were there the beavers impounded the water along the Middle Creek that serves the lake in over 20 areas, raising the water up almost 1' and into our backyard. We had no choice but to trap and kill these guys. Sorry to say, but as humans we have precedence over theirs. We could not coexist without my house and others from getting flooded.

  • ArkAngels Dec 9, 2008

    We have beavers on our property up in Warren County. Beavers do not destroy every tree they come across. We have watched them for years and there is a method to what they cut down and when they do it. They are very interesting to watch as a matter of fact.

    The ponds they keep up provide a good water source for the other wildlife that inhabit the 100 acres we own.

    At no time during this presentation on air did I see any damage that the beavers had done.

    If the traps are going to be set on land, the homeowners around there do have something to worry about... someone's pet or child will wind up getting caught in one of those things and that is not going to be a pretty sight... but neither is the beaver when he gets caught either.

    If I lived around there and did not want the traps to be set, I would be right behind the guy setting the traps tripping them.

  • sybenstorage Dec 9, 2008

    HAHAHA thank God they have to disclose HOAs before you buy a house. have never and will never submit my property to the rule of anyone but myself.

  • this is fdup Dec 9, 2008

    the lady was worried about her dogs getting into the traps? why are the dogs running loose in the first place?There is a leash law

  • dontbringdownthemonk Dec 9, 2008

    This reminds me of the story about a dam in Michigan and how the county sent a letter to the homeowner. Classic.

  • colliedave Dec 9, 2008

    I think this should be an issue for individual homeowners, though, and not an HOA -- if indeed beaver are doing any damage in this situation, which isn't clear from the article.

    It becomes an HOA issue when the beavers do damage to a common area. If the damage is confined to an individual homeowner, he/she must deal with the varmints.

  • bs101fly Dec 9, 2008

    anyone seen the Beaver?